The KPI Institute releases the 2017 Courses Agenda

In 2017 we expanded our offer of products, services and tailored training courses, to help professionals worldwide gain valuable knowledge and the ability to translate it into best practices.


Over the last years, we had the chance to analyze the business architecture of over 50.000+ organizations and their road towards success. One of the most important factors guiding them towards achieving performance was always people excellence and their capabilities when it comes to understanding organizational performance.

About our courses

This year represents a milestone for The KPI Institute, since we are delivering worldwide more than 130 training courses in 28 countries, over 6 continents.

Our training team is customizing the courses for specific areas and is therefore elaborating multilingual material. From the distinguished KPI courses, to Team and Cross-Cultural Management, KPI, Dashboard and Scorecard in various industries and functional areas, Supply Chain Management to Data Analysis and Visualization, Benchmarking and Performance Improvement, these programs are based on rigorous research and highly demanding standards.

Start training for performance! Understand the benefits and access our latest development programs.

Business Growth
 Best practice techniques to KPI selection;
 Enhance the KPI activation and data gathering process;
 Network within the international Certified KPI Professionals Community;
 Engage in understanding KPI selection in different contexts;
 Form KPIs in a standardized template;
 Implement a Performance Management System;
 Tell the difference between objectives, KPIs and initiatives.

We invite you to choose the educational solutions that best represent your professional interests!

The courses scheduled for 2017 can be found on our Marketplace, where you can refine your search per location, date and subject.

The KPI Institute January 24th, 2017 Broad Topics