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Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional

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Whether you like or dislike the Balanced Scorecard, the truth of the matter is that nowadays, it has become the cornerstone of a plethora of business tools. Moreover, the BSC has inspired numerous management models over the years, giving birth to innovative methods of measuring performance, aggregating & analysing results and then using these to improve results across the board.

We at The KPI Institute believe that the Balanced Scorecard should represent a basic knowledge element in every professional and practitioner’s handbook, which is why we’ve developed the Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional course.

From performance measurement experts – PMOs, Performance Architects or Strategy Managers, to top/middle/lower level executives or seasoned professionals interested in enriching their performance measurement know-how, everyone can find something new to learn within the confines of this training course.


Goals & Benefits

If you’re wondering why choose this course over many others, here’s a brief list of the 4 fundamental learning objectives:

  • Comprehend the fundamentals of a Performance Management System
  • Transpose your organization’s strategy into a Balanced Scorecard Management System
  • Learn how to integrate the components of a Balanced Scorecard Architecture
  • Differentiate between objectives, KPIs and initiatives

However, that’s not all. During the 3-day experiential learning event, you’ll focus on several focal points aimed at ensuring you finish the course fully capable of taking everything you’ve learnt back to your company and successfully implementing it.


Day 1 – Performance Management System

We’ll be concentrating on what is the BSC, its role and founding elements, as well as how to clarify a mandate for improvement, enlist leadership support, and then dive into PM auditing and formulating organisational strategies.


Day 2 – Understanding the BSC Management System

Picking up where we left previously, we’ll now be looking to structure our organizational strategies, integrate them into our organizational system – from project, innovation, process and quality management, to human capital, budgeting, risk and stakeholder management, and finalize with strategy implementation.


Day 3 – Implementing and using a BSC

The final day will ensure you possess the necessary competency to gauge capabilities maturity, focusing on your business acumen improvement. Moreover, we’ll learn how to recalibrate our system, through insights generation, action items implementation & monitoring and remodelling our strategy based on the information we have garnered thus far.

At the end, we’ll go over the most crucial elements of nurturing a performance culture – communication, education, engagement, gamification and compensation.

For those familiar with our courses, they already know we structure them into modules. Therefore, if you’re looking for a modular explanation of what you’ll be able to discern throughout the 3-day Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional course, here’s a quick debrief:

1.Balanced Scorecard Performance Management System Architecture

  • The Evolution of the Balanced Scorecard PMS and emerging trends
  • Performance management system main components

2. Translating the strategy

  • Formulate the main elements of the BSC management System such as vision, mission, objectives and initiatives
  • Against what is an organization benchmarked?

3. Developing the Balanced Scorecard Management System Architecture

  • Design the BSC Management System main elements based on business game
  • Translate the elements into the BSC Management System Architecture

4. Implementing the Balanced Scorecard Framework

  • Planning and deploying the implementation process
  • Performance reporting with the Balanced Scorecard


Over time, we’ve organized roughly 20 editions of this course, with over 300 participants. Our most recent ones speak for themselves: Saudi Arabia – 8 courses, 132 participants, Bahrain, 1 course, 20 participants, UAE – 3 courses, 50 participants. From newcomers to repeat attendees, we’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals coming from a myriad of backgrounds – from the oil industry, to healthcare, education, construction or finance, all eager to learn how their organization can make use of a BSC Management System.


Through the C-BSC course, we provide you with the tools and resources required for an immediate implementation of a Balanced Scorecard Management System in your own organization. Toolkits, templates, case studies, good practice examples from some of the most successful organizations worldwide, as well as thought-provoking exercises – all bundled together in an open-discussion format training session, where queries and debates are more than welcomed.


Differentiate yourself and gain respect among your peers, by demonstrating an unwavering commitment to continuous professional development and getting a clearer understanding of the marketplace conditions that forge your industry.


Become the beacon that your company needs and shine its way through what may be the darkness of unknown. We’ve all been there – no one knows why operations aren’t moving along swiftly, why employee turnover is increasing and why end results don’t even match 50% of our desired target. Through the knowledge gained through our C-BSC course, you’ll be able to finally provide an answer, as well as possible solutions.

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