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Webinar: Data Analysis, Sampling and Hypothesis Testing

February 17th, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Webinar: Data Analysis, Sampling and Hypothesis Testing”

There’s a saying – you can’t improve what you can’t measure. This has never been truer than in the case of businesses, which collect data from different sources, to measure different aspects of their performance and to understand what is happening, in different areas of operations.analysis

However, collecting data on its own is not enough to give you a serious grasp over business processes, as the data itself is facts and figures. It should first be analyzed, using different tools and techniques, to get a better understanding of the operations, market, and customers.

Data Analysis helps businesses organize, prepare, interpret and get useful information that help decision-makers take actions based on measurable facts and information. To give you just a few examples, you can use data to explore and describe past performance, measure specific KPIs, research a topic of interest and/or predict future outcomes.

Main topics covered

  • Data Analysis – Key Concepts
  • Relevant Data Analysis Techniques
  • The process and importance of Sampling
  • Hypothesis testing using different methods
  • The impact of data analysis on the decision-making process

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the need for Data Analysis in Business
  • Understand how we can get benefit from the data to help in decision-making process
  • Use Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis tool
  • Learn about hypothesis testing procedure using different hypothesis tests
  • How to interpret the results you get from the survey

Presenter’s profile

Fadi Fuad Al-Jafari is a Management Consultant at The KPI Institute with Specialties in Data Surveying and Data Visualization. He delivered multiple training courses in 4 countries in Data Analysis and Visualization.

Fadi has several certifications in Statistics Foundation, Data Analysis using Excel, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel, Working with Real-Time Data in Excel, Excel Macros in Depth, Predictive Analytics using BigML and he has been part of several projects in the last years.

Raluca vintila

The KPI Institute’s first webinar of the year – KPIs that never get old

February 11th, 2020 Posted by Webinar 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute’s first webinar of the year – KPIs that never get old”

New year, new me, right? What better time of the year than the early few months to get ahead of everyone else, by tuning in to the first webinar episode of the year. After several weeks of deliberation, we’ve finally decided that the best way to start off 2020 is by introducing our viewers to something traditional, akin to our namesake.kpis

Now, we do understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and as a result, KPIs appear in the organizational world in accordance with strategic intentions. Therefore, there’s no preformatted recipe for them.

Nevertheless, among them, there are some which will indefinitely keep their value over time. In the performance management and business strategy field, KPIs are some of the main tools at hand.

In this webinar, we will be exploring KPI examples that are popular, rarely get out of use and will be reflected in the KPIs Architecture, one way or another. They will be addressed based
on the traditional Balanced Scorecard perspectives: Financial, Customers, Internal Processes, People Learning and Growth.

Main topics covered

• What are KPIs and how do they make a difference?
• KPIs examples that rarely lose importance
• KPIs Lifecycle: Evolution stage
• Tools for KPIs utilization

What you will learn?

• The definition, purpose, calculation and collection method for popular KPI examples;
• What happens with KPIs in the long run, as possible scenarios of their Evolution stage;
• An exposure of tools where KPIs make their appearance.

Presenter’s profile

Raluca Vintila is a Performance Management Consultant, at The KPI Institute, dedicated to the PMS Architecture at the Organizational, Divisional and Individual level, as well as a facilitator of the flagship program, Certified KPI Professional.

Some of the most significant consultancy projects she has been involved in include the following: Performance Management System Architecture Design (Organizational, Divisional and Individual level) and Organizational KPI Selection for organizations operating in the oil & gas, transportation, telecommunication and education industries.

So far, Raluca’s training and advisory sessions count has reached 22 countries, on 4 continents and 3,500 participants.

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