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Certified KPI Professional Training Course in Lahore

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Facilitated by Raluca Vintila, Instructional Design & E-Learning Coordinator, this course was held in Lahore, Pakistan, between 10th and 12th of November 2016 in partnership with Clavum Consulting and is part of a series of certification courses dedicated to rigorous usage of KPIs in practice.


“This Program gave me a holistic view on taking up KPIs framework as a tool to measure performance in an organization. I believe this program has been very useful in updating my knowledge and transferring key concept related to KPI.” said Noman Faisal, Senior Manager and HR Administrator at Service Industries Limited.

In order to enable both the theoretical understanding and practical experience of using a variety performance management tools and techniques for deploying KPIs correctly across different industries and functional areas, some of the methods used throughout the course were:

  • Group discussions, exercises, simulations and case studies;
  • Explanation of the theory regarding performance measurement;
  • Presentation of the performance management templates as tools to support the integration of performance management practices in organizations;
  • Customized feedback regarding the present use and the future plans for implementing performance management systems;
  • Active involvement of all the participants in a collaborative learning environment where opinions and experiences are shared.

The course was attended by professionals from Pakistan having different backgrounds and areas of expertise in their working fields like Information technology, Retail, Finance and FMCG.

“An excellent course, incorporating important aspects that played paramount role in bringing success in modern businesses – Learned new, innovative ideas and skills which are ideal for those who want to take their professional knowledge into next level.” said Naveed Ishtiaq, Senior Manager HR at Techaccess Pakistan.

Before beginning the course, sharing challenges of previous experience in working with KPIs was encouraged and some of them were:

  • Creating alignment between Performance Management System across all organizational levels in order to ensure buy-in of employees in strategy execution;
  • Ensuring a common and aligned understanding within the organization on how to use KPIs;
  • Illustrate the benefits of the system at individual level (employee);
  • Getting the buy-in of employees in order to implement PMS.

Participants were invited to express some learning needs and they communicated the following expectations from the course:

  • Ensure alignment across company levels – employee and organizational level;
  • Buy-in of the employees, making it quantifiable;
  • Clear understanding on KPIs – how to use and develop;
  • Integrated approach across levels;
  • PMS Framework – manufacturing as well;
  • Best practices and examples;
  • Learning from examples on how it should be done.

If the opportunity of customized KPI training courses is of interest to you, email us at [email protected] and you will receive a tailored offer.

For more information contact one of our representatives:

Cosmin Chindris
[email protected]


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Training Program for Productivity & Quality Practitioners- Program Retrospective

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The KPI Institute is pleased to announce the successful completion of another complex project and collaboration in Mongolia that took place from 31st of October to 4th of November.


Starting from a common resolution, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and Mongolia Productivity Organization (MPO) outlined a program aiming every societal level that could potentially increase productivity and further on enhance overall performance throughout the Mongolian society.

Objectives and approach

The broad purpose of this project was increasing productivity in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and this is where The KPI Institute’s expertise intervened.  Within the Technical Expert Service (TES) Program on Development of Public & Service Measurement Systems, we developed a dual approach. Our objective was to strengthen the capability of Mongolian Productivity Organization (MPO) in selecting KPIs and training the participants how to set up and evaluate their performance management.

The KPI Institute’s Instructional Design & E-Learning Coordinator, Raluca Vintilă, worked with APO towards fulfilling these objectives. Our approach was providing our partners with the foundation of the organizational performance measurement system and guiding them toward understanding, establishing, activating, reporting and generating value by implementing KPIs in their organizations.

Project insights

MPO, Erdenet Mining Corporation, Thermal power plant, Munkhsiin useg LLC, Mon tsakhim LLC, New Pax LLC and the Institute of Finance and Economics staff members participated in The KPI Institute’s training sessions, beneficial to improving productivity and efficiency related issues. We aimed to upgrade their structural thinking and analytical competencies in alignment with the country’s need for productivity improvement.

Over the last years, due to its involvement in numerous such projects of a great amplitude, The KPI Institute has become highly trusted by worldwide organizations, regardless of their industry or activity field, when it comes to their performance related issues.


Cosmin Chindris, Business Development Manager at The KPI Institute
T: +40740963913
E: [email protected]

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The KPI Institute Launches Partnership Program

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Today, The KPI Institute, the global authority in certification programs on performance management and KPIs unveiled a new Partnership Program to help partner organizations generate new revenue streams and accelerate their growth.


The program is focused on providing partners with best in-class educational resources, technical and go-to-market support. The Partnership Program is designed to accelerate skills development and capability building in order to market, sell and deliver educational programs and advisory services on performance management.

Program Features

The KPI Institute’s Partner Program is organized into 3 partnership categories with benefits and elements defined by partner type and commitment: Reseller Partner, Delivery Partner, and Consulting Partner.

The KPI Institute created enablement programs to provide in-depth technical, marketing and sales training, designed to help partners develop and hone these skills. Additional on-demand training modules are available on Partner Portal, giving partners increased control over their training and development in order to build unrivalled expertise in performance management.

Partner Quotes                                                             

“Being in partnership with The KPI Institute in the past year was of the most valuable strategic decisions for Parsian Strategy. The KPI Institute’s staff are very supportive when to tailor-made in-house training and consultancy proposal to meet clients’ needs and will assist to design the best program possible for the client. Being in Partnership with TKI’s will add value to your business due to their worldwide reputation and will help to grow your network globally and locally.” said Reza Sharif, Parsian Strategy, Iran

“IMEC Centre became a pioneer in the field of KPIs aided by The KPI Institute. The main thing that makes TKI unique is the accurate scientific base they own and the stunning promptness of the team in addressing clarifications or requests. After attending the Certified KPI Professional Certification program, one doesn’t need any extra information about KPIs.” Mashair Ahmed, IMEC Centre, Sudan

“The KPI Institute is an international organization enabling individuals and corporates in the areas of performance management and KPIs. We, at Clavum, find The KPI Institute’s programs’ content highly specialized, unique and very effective. Their contribution in afore-mentioned domains and successful journey in a short span of is commendable and speaks volumes of their dedication and commitment to bring in excellence in the chosen areas. “ Ali Yaqoob, Clavum Consulting, Pakistan

About The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute is a leading research institute, specialized in business performance, catering to customers worldwide, working with more than 5,000 client organisations in 35 countries, on 6 continents. The KPI Institute sets an industry standard by offering professionals the world’s first professional certification to validate performance management an KPIs expertise.


Cosmin Chindris, Director of Global Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

T: +61 3 9028 2223

[email protected]


Free webinar “Excellence Journey Fundamentals, KPIs & Benchmarking”

November 21st, 2016 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Free webinar “Excellence Journey Fundamentals, KPIs & Benchmarking””

— This webinar will be delivered in Arabic —
Excellence Models are widely used around the world. Many countries still prefer using existing models, while others invest in developing their own models, so that it best fits their purposes and context.
In this webinar, we will look over a series of excellence fundamentals, while understanding the characteristics and details of Key Performance Indicators, in addition to explaining and analyzing the readiness to conduct benchmarking in a business context.


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Strategy Formulation & Execution using the Balanced Scorecard

November 17th, 2016 Posted by Broad Topics, Press release 0 thoughts on “Strategy Formulation & Execution using the Balanced Scorecard”

With the release of the courageous Vision for Saudi Arabia 2030, performance management and measurement has become a top priority of the National Transformation Program (NTP) for both public and private organizations.

Achieving the Vision for Saudi Arabia is an initiative that we wish to support by organising the Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional program available to all Saudi organizations that want to build experience in strategy execution and performance management systems implementation.


This course was designed to provide professionals with insights on how to develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard System and leverage on its benefits to advance strategy execution. The KPI Institute developed this performance management system, originated by Dr. Kaplan and Norton in a training experience based on four key dimensions:

  • Translate Vision – create a consensus regarding the strategy of your company and transpose it into key enablers for local level actions.
  • Communicate & Link – communicate strategy at every organizational level and link it to unit or individual goals.
  • Business Planning – integrate business plans within your financial projections.
  • Feedback & Learn – learn strategically, gather insightful feedback, test different strategy hypothesis and make the necessary adjustments.

The first Riyadh edition of this course took place on 25 – 27 of September being based on 15 years of research, advisory and educational programs delivered in 35 countries all around the world. The Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional provides a strong foundation to designing, planning and deploying a performance management systems using the Balanced Scorecard Framework within public or private organizations.


  • Get access to a deeper understanding of the value added and functionality of the Balanced Scorecard Management System;
  • Develop and implement a standardized Balanced Scorecard Management Architecture;
  • Overcome challenges of strategy execution by implementing the Balanced Scorecard Management System;
  • Improve strategy communication by using the Balanced Scorecard Management System;
  • Obtain recognition as a Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional by completing a unique international learning program.


“The training honestly has been very profitable for our company and for linking many concepts of our organization. It has been very well prepared and exposed to all our organization. I hardly recommend it to other companies who want to implement the BSC in his organization.” Jaume Alonso – GAM Rentals.

“The course was an amazing learning experience and the method of delivery achieved capability building at maximum levels.” Ahmad Mahfouz – IGTC


Please do not hesitate to contact us if this course represents an interest for you. We are always open for discussion if you would like to attend the Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional or become a local organizing partner.

For inquiries please contact:

Cosmin Chindris, Business Development Manager

Email: [email protected]


Reaching 21,000 members – a growing LinkedIn performance community

November 16th, 2016 Posted by Broad Topics 0 thoughts on “Reaching 21,000 members – a growing LinkedIn performance community”

We are glad to announce that The KPI Institute celebrates another milestone – our LinkedIn group now reached 21,000 members and we are still counting.

We are celebrating a community of PERFORMANCE in Measurement, Management, KPI, The Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence and Analytics – and we are happy to welcome new members every day.



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Certified Data Analysis Professional Training Course in Kuala Lumpur

November 14th, 2016 Posted by Events 0 thoughts on “Certified Data Analysis Professional Training Course in Kuala Lumpur”

Facilitated by Adriana Brudan, this course was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 2nd and 4th of November 2016 and is part of a series of certification courses dedicated to data analysis field.




Free webinar “Living Business Models for Strategic and Operational Performance”

November 10th, 2016 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Free webinar “Living Business Models for Strategic and Operational Performance””

Balanced Scorecards and rigorous KPIs have helped organizations achieve stronger and more stable performance. We can now go further and create working, quantified business models, to capture far greater potential. These are easier, faster and more reliable than anything possible with other tools, and enable management to bench-test their strategies and initiatives, then manage implementation.



Certified KPI Professional Training Course in Cairo

November 9th, 2016 Posted by Events 0 thoughts on “Certified KPI Professional Training Course in Cairo”

Facilitated by Augustina Anghel, Management Consultant this course was held in Cairo, Egypt, between 6th and 8th of November 2016 and is part of a series of certification courses dedicated to rigorous usage of KPIs in practice.



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The KPI Institute Releases “Performance Management in 2015: North America”

November 8th, 2016 Posted by Research 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute Releases “Performance Management in 2015: North America””

The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education, announces the launch of ”Performance Management in 2015: North America Special Edition”, its the forth edition, in a series of annual publications that provide an overview on the state of the discipline. released in 2016.



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