Certified KPI Professional Training Course in Lahore

Facilitated by Raluca Vintila, Instructional Design & E-Learning Coordinator, this course was held in Lahore, Pakistan, between 10th and 12th of November 2016 in partnership with Clavum Consulting and is part of a series of certification courses dedicated to rigorous usage of KPIs in practice.


“This Program gave me a holistic view on taking up KPIs framework as a tool to measure performance in an organization. I believe this program has been very useful in updating my knowledge and transferring key concept related to KPI.” said Noman Faisal, Senior Manager and HR Administrator at Service Industries Limited.

In order to enable both the theoretical understanding and practical experience of using a variety performance management tools and techniques for deploying KPIs correctly across different industries and functional areas, some of the methods used throughout the course were:

  • Group discussions, exercises, simulations and case studies;
  • Explanation of the theory regarding performance measurement;
  • Presentation of the performance management templates as tools to support the integration of performance management practices in organizations;
  • Customized feedback regarding the present use and the future plans for implementing performance management systems;
  • Active involvement of all the participants in a collaborative learning environment where opinions and experiences are shared.

The course was attended by professionals from Pakistan having different backgrounds and areas of expertise in their working fields like Information technology, Retail, Finance and FMCG.

“An excellent course, incorporating important aspects that played paramount role in bringing success in modern businesses – Learned new, innovative ideas and skills which are ideal for those who want to take their professional knowledge into next level.” said Naveed Ishtiaq, Senior Manager HR at Techaccess Pakistan.

Before beginning the course, sharing challenges of previous experience in working with KPIs was encouraged and some of them were:

  • Creating alignment between Performance Management System across all organizational levels in order to ensure buy-in of employees in strategy execution;
  • Ensuring a common and aligned understanding within the organization on how to use KPIs;
  • Illustrate the benefits of the system at individual level (employee);
  • Getting the buy-in of employees in order to implement PMS.

Participants were invited to express some learning needs and they communicated the following expectations from the course:

  • Ensure alignment across company levels – employee and organizational level;
  • Buy-in of the employees, making it quantifiable;
  • Clear understanding on KPIs – how to use and develop;
  • Integrated approach across levels;
  • PMS Framework – manufacturing as well;
  • Best practices and examples;
  • Learning from examples on how it should be done.

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