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Back-to-back releases for 2024: Performance Magazine highlights strategy, performance excellence

April 2nd, 2024 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “Back-to-back releases for 2024: Performance Magazine highlights strategy, performance excellence”

What distinguishes a successful company in today’s business environment is its capacity to adapt, innovate, and strategically tackle emerging challenges and opportunities. With change being constant and disruption becoming the norm, organizations must equip themselves with the right knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the curve. This is where Performance Magazine’s back-to-back releases for the first quarter of 2024 come into play: the Employee Performance Edition and the Strategy Management Edition.

The Employee Performance Edition delves deep into redefining employee performance management in the modern workplace. At the heart of this edition lies the cover story, which discusses the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in talent management. It recognizes that equitable treatment and unbiased opportunities not only drive individual performance but also foster a culture of innovation and organizational excellence. Other key topics include democratizing strategy planning, optimizing employee engagement for effective strategy execution, implementing a hybrid performance management system, and nurturing holistic performance management. Download the digital copy from TKI Marketplace or purchase the printed edition on Amazon.

Complementing that focus on employee performance, the Strategy Management Edition offers insights into strategic leadership in disruptive times. Interventions aligned with executing accessible strategies, particularly those that support an adaptive organizational culture and address change resistance, can be found in the cover story. Readers will also learn how to incorporate diverse viewpoints into strategy implementation, empower employees for effective change management, and ensure data accuracy for informed decision-making. Drawing on global insights and innovative approaches to strategy planning and execution, this edition provides organizations with the principles and frameworks necessary to navigate uncertainty and seize opportunities for growth and success. Get the digital copy from TKI Marketplace or order the printed edition on Amazon.

With actionable insights, best practices, and global analyses from industry leaders and experts, Performance Magazine’s back-to-back releases for 2024 provide businesses and professionals with the information and insights they need to stay competitive, resilient, and future-ready. 

Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition unveils global insights, innovative approaches

April 1st, 2024 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition unveils global insights, innovative approaches”

According to The KPI Institute’s State of Strategy Management Practice Global Report – 2023, 34% of professionals believe that ineffective change management is a major factor in strategic failure. As the world undergoes dramatic transformations and disruptions, underestimating impactful strategic leadership is no longer an option.

The latest issue of Performance Magazine – Print Edition reveals what lies beneath strategic success in disruptive times, from managing stakeholder engagement to adopting breakthrough technologies to cultivating strategic foresight. To navigate new paradigms of work, organizations delve deep, exploring various perspectives, scrutinizing data, and analyzing risks while taking into account the influence of culture and communication.

As emphasized by one of the experts interviewed in this edition, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink of Strategy Inc., executing a strategy requires organizations to consistently manage relevance, progress, and morale “so that the strategy remains up to date, implementation stays on track, and people remain on board.” Interventions aligned with this approach, particularly those that support an adaptive organizational culture and address change resistance, can be found in the cover story.

For those who want to dive deep into the intricate processes of organizational strategy, this special edition offers nuanced perspectives on planning, development, and execution, all woven with best practices, case analyses, and data-driven discussions. Specifically, readers will find the knowledge and tools necessary to incorporate diverse viewpoints into strategy implementation, empower employees for effective change management, and ensure data accuracy for informed decision-making. Moreover, readers can access a curated collection of multimedia resources tailored for professionals specializing in strategy.

Featuring contributions from expert voices representing diverse backgrounds, including the Netherlands, England, Hungary, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition provides unparalleled insights into modern strategic management challenges. These experts not only offer their unique thoughts but also present actionable recommendations and solutions grounded in their specialized knowledge, extensive experiences, and notable achievements in the field.

Unlock the strategies for success in uncertain times with Performance Magazine Issue No. 29, 2024 – Strategy Management Edition. Grab a digital copy from TKI Marketplace or order the printed edition on Amazon.

Performance Magazine: redefining employee performance management in the modern workplace

March 20th, 2024 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “Performance Magazine: redefining employee performance management in the modern workplace”

Gone are the days when employee performance management simply meant annual reviews and rigid goal-setting processes. Today’s workplaces require a dynamic, agile approach that meets the diverse needs of employees. With remote work, the gig economy, and a focus on work-life balance and well-being, it is essential that leaders and employees hone their ability to demonstrate adaptability and operate within a tailored system that responds to the changing times.

With The KPI Insitute’s first release of the Performance Magazine – Print Edition in 2024, organizations can explore the newest advancements in employee performance management, discover how to harmonize individual objectives with organizational goals and use cutting-edge technologies to streamline relevant processes.

The cover story delves into the profound influence of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on performance assessment and talent management. DEI, which serves as a guiding framework advocating for equitable treatment and unbiased opportunities for all employees, is also recognized as key to better organizational performance and wider opportunities for innovation. 

Moreover, key topics shaping employee performance management were covered in the In-depth section, from democratizing strategy planning to optimizing employee engagement for effective strategy execution. The magazine also presents best practices for holistic performance management and implementing a hybrid performance management system.

Readers can access first-hand insights from top leaders of major organizations. One of them is Dr. Malika Viltz-Emerson, Senior Global Human Resource Leader at Microsoft, who discussed the advantages of involving employees in managing and improving their performance. 

Additionally, seasoned experts from The KPI Institute provided valuable insights regarding principles governing performance evaluation, the importance of employee experience in driving performance, and employee well-being and mental health.

Stay ahead of the game in the realm of employee performance management. Get a copy of the Performance Magazine Issue No. 28 – Employee Performance Edition. The magazine is available for digital download via the TKI Marketplace and a print copy can be purchased through Amazon

The KPI Institute’s latest Government Services Index is here!

March 13th, 2024 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute’s latest Government Services Index is here!”

The KPI Institute (TKI) released the Government Services Index (GSI) 2023, a comprehensive compilation of indicators designed to evaluate government service performance based on five key dimensions: Future Readiness, Digitalization, Governance, Society Welfare, and Citizen Experience, which are aligned with the collected data from 30 indicators.

The GSI 2023 report is the result of extensive research and analysis, drawing upon a diverse array of sources. Over 100 scholarly articles and 40 global indexes were reviewed to identify pertinent areas for assessing government service quality and the availability of global data. This rigorous process ensured that the report reflects the most relevant and up-to-date insights into the state of government services across different regions and sectors.

The GSI 2023 report has major implications for governance stakeholders worldwide. Policymakers can get insights into service delivery strengths and weaknesses, guiding them to better decision-making, while researchers may benefit from comprehensive data for further studies. Moreover, citizens might gain a better understanding of government service quality, empowering advocacy for positive change.

By examining data from 107 countries and five world regions, this report has identified the top performers in each dimension, shedding light on best practices and areas for improvement. In the GSI 2022, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) dominated the overall GSI ranking. The country placed first in Adaptability and Talent, third in Impact, and fourth in Governance and Digitalization. 

Has the UAE been able to maintain its position in 2023? Which countries are currently leading in each dimension?  Grab a copy now of the Government Services Index 2023 report and find out. For more information, visit

Resource roundup: insights and tools for human resource and employee performance management

February 28th, 2024 Posted by Courses, KPIs, Publications, Research 0 thoughts on “Resource roundup: insights and tools for human resource and employee performance management”

Success in today’s ever-evolving world hinges upon the commitment to ongoing learning. The KPI Institute (TKI) is dedicated to ensuring that leaders, professionals, and the rest of the business community are equipped with the right knowledge and tools.

Every month, TKI curates a collection of diverse learning materials and opportunities in strategy and performance management. Some of these resources, while released years ago, remain highly relevant due to their timeless principles and adaptability to changing business dynamics, providing enduring value and insights for today’s challenges.

This month, TKI is pleased to present comprehensive, research-based resources focusing on human resources (HR).

Top 10 Human Resources Key Performance Indicators (FREE): Part of the Top 10 KPIs Series, this collection of posters provides an overview of how key performance indicators (KPIs) are measured in practice today, specifically in HR. It combines insights from the community with research and analysis from TKI’s Publications team.

Articles (FREE): Find practical insights related to HR and employee performance management from a variety of articles published on Performance Magazine, written by subject matter experts and research analysts.

The Human Resources KPI Dictionary: Get access to valuable information on over 370 KPIs with calculation formulas for every one of them. It is an innovative tool, essential for assessing and optimizing your performance in eight main functions of the Human Resources division within an organization, including compensation and benefits, talent development, and working environment.

The Top 25 Human Resources KPIs – 2020 Extended Edition: Browse the most popular 25 KPIs used by Human Resources divisions throughout 2016 and 2020. It provides a complete hands-on experience in working with KPIs as it contains not only two pages of detailed documentation for each KPI, but also interesting articles on best practices in terms of KPI selection and documentation.

HR Performance Management System Toolkit: Explore a ready-to-use collection of pre-populated templates for managing the performance of the HR department and monitoring its contribution to the overall organizational performance. Customers can customize the templates in the toolkit for internal use within their organization.

HR Scorecard: Monitor the alignment of departmental objectives with KPIs and the application of the Balanced Scorecard concept at the operational level with this ready-to-use tool. This is pre-populated with KPIs grouped by objectives and Balanced Scorecard perspectives and developed through the review of hundreds of best practice performance reports and the documentation of thousands of KPIs.

HR Dashboard: Manage and measure the contribution of the Human Resources function to the overall organizational performance by using this tool. Discover a repository of the most relevant and widely spread HR KPIs used to track the HR services’ effectiveness and performance at the organizational level.

Certified Employee Performance Professional – Online Course: Grab this opportunity to access the best practices in the field of employees’ performance. Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create an environment where employees can thrive and successfully contribute to organizational performance by linking their activities to strategic objectives and reflecting their contribution against the company’s strategy.

Employee Performance Management System Implementation – Consulting: Find and build the essential bridge to link performance efforts across all organizational levels. By adopting a structured and robust employee performance framework, we emphasize on objectivity in measuring the results against expectations with the help of individual KPIs. This intervention relies on the analysis of key internal documents, delivery of awareness sessions with primary stakeholders, KPIs selection workshops, and post-implementation support.

A year in print: TKI releases four special editions of Performance Magazine

January 15th, 2024 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “A year in print: TKI releases four special editions of Performance Magazine”

Performance Magazine, a trusted professional resource for industry updates, expert analysis, case studies, and trends in strategy and performance management, marked a successful year in 2023 with the release of four special editions. Performance Magazine – Print Edition is published quarterly by The KPI Institute (TKI), a leading global research institute dedicated to defining standards and advancing the field of strategy and performance management.

The four editions covered themes of the public sector, sustainability, data analytics, and government. Each edition showcases insights from guest experts in their respective fields. The magazines also present real-world examples, dissect frameworks, and offer practical recommendations for professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of performance standards.

The Public Sector Edition highlights TKI’s Government Service Index Report 2022, which documents the performance of governments worldwide in key public service areas. The data were analyzed using five dimensions: adaptability, talent, digitalization, governance, and impact. The digital copy of this edition can be downloaded directly from TKI Marketplace while the print copy is available for purchase on Amazon.

The Sustainability Edition offers valuable information and analysis on how to effectively apply sustainable practices to business operations and strategy, as well as measuring and evaluating the impact of such efforts on the growth of the business and the wider society. Readers can grab a copy on TKI Marketplace or Amazon.

The Data Analytics Edition provides insights into applying data analytics to transform business operations, develop robust strategies, improve decision-making, and enhance performance management. This edition can be accessed through TKI Marketplace or Amazon.

The Government Edition explores the public sector’s multifaceted approach to strategy and performance management and reviews standards and concepts behind the tools and techniques governments use in planning strategies and measuring performance. Those interested can secure a copy via TKI Marketplace or Amazon.

For the first quarter of 2024, readers can look forward to editions covering employee performance and strategy management. Stay updated and be the first to access them by following TKI’s LinkedIn page.

Elevating government performance: an exclusive interview with Michael Jacobson

January 15th, 2024 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “Elevating government performance: an exclusive interview with Michael Jacobson”

In the PERFORMANCE Magazine Issue No. 27, 2023 – Government Edition, The KPI Institute was given the opportunity to connect with Michael Jacobson, Deputy Director for Performance and Strategy in King County’s Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget, through a written interview and discuss government strategy and performance management, focusing on people, processes, and public service.

TKI: What key trends have shaped the public sector in recent years, and how have they influenced governmental practices and policies?

Jacobson: Increasing complexity and cross-sectoral issues: the hardest problems to solve are not technical or even financial but cut across multiple sectors and social dimensions. They also require political agreement or at least alignment. The public sector cannot solve issues like homelessness, climate change, or poverty alone. The need for cross-sectoral collaboration is required.

Demographics: this applies to the increasing diversity of the populations we serve and the changing expectations of new generations and their relationship to work, especially if they want to work in the public sector. This requires a more racially diverse workforce and a more responsive stance as an employer to adapt to changing market conditions. This has also reinforced the need for governments to improve equity in services and policies (process, distributional, and results).

Accountability and limited resources: increased public accountability and constrained resources have required governments to focus on management systems, including performance management and Lean, to deliver results.

TKI: In your observations in general, what do you think about how well governments manage their performance in terms of strategy planning and performance monitoring?

Jacobson: Some are doing a fantastic job developing strategic plans, cascading strategy down to the organization, and tracking performance to targets. Some are doing little of these things and primarily reacting to issues. The majority are doing one or two major planning and monitoring efforts, maybe inconsistently or in specific departments only and not at an enterprise scale.

A complete strategic planning-monitoring-improvement cycle (or a complete Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle) is not a small thing. It has taken us years to have the key elements in place at the enterprise level in King County. There are still many opportunities to improve, whether using targets more consistently or being more results-focused when performance differs from where it needs to be.

Dive deeper into Jacobson’s perspectives on the latest trends in strategy and performance management in the government sector today. Check out the cover story of the newest issue of PERFORMANCE Magazine. Visit the TKI Marketplace for a free digital copy and Amazon for an additional printed version of the magazine. 

Performance Magazine: government strategy and performance management in focus

December 12th, 2023 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “Performance Magazine: government strategy and performance management in focus”

Effective governance not only sets rules but also steers a nation toward a shared vision.  This is accomplished by creating a strategy aligned with citizens’ welfare and aspirations and ensuring progress at every step. Therefore, performance management plays a crucial role in measuring, evaluating, and improving the effectiveness of government initiatives and policies. 

The latest PERFORMANCE Magazine Print Edition, published by The KPI Institute (TKI), explores innovative ideas, best practices, case studies, agile approaches, and viewpoints about the use of key performance indicators, benchmarking, strategic planning and execution, and data analysis in the government sector. 

The magazine offers exclusive insights from interviews with performance management practitioners and experts in the government, addressing issues affecting government employees and citizens, like job loss and digital inequality. TKI’s consultants also share their perspectives on other performance management challenges, data empowerment, and digitalization. 

In the cover story, Michael Jacobson, the Deputy Director for Performance and Strategy at the King County Office of Performance, Strategy, and Budget in the United States, dives deeper into government strategy and performance management, highlighting the roles of people, processes, and leadership in ensuring efficient and successful public service.

Furthermore, the In-depth section of the magazine delves into crucial aspects of organizational management, covering the newest trends and practices in how organizations formulate and execute strategies, enhance workforce performance, and leverage data for informed decision-making.

One of the edition’s highlights is the coverage of the performance management system maturity assessment conducted by the Global Performance Audit (GPA) Unit of The KPI Institute for the Talent and Performance Management Department of Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Development Fund (TDF).

PERFORMANCE Magazine’s Career Insights section presents stories and insights from seasoned performance management professionals in the government who shared their experiences in pursuing careers in public service. Additionally, the magazine shares valuable resources such as statistics, books, software, podcasts, and webinars.

Seize this opportunity to understand how strategy and performance management work in the government sector and gain lessons on leadership, strategic thinking, and adaptability. Grab a digital copy today of the PERFORMANCE Magazine Issue No. 27, 2023 – Government Edition through TKI Marketplace. You can also purchase the printed edition via Amazon


Global insights: The KPI Institute unveils the current landscape of strategy management

November 7th, 2023 Posted by Press release, Publications, Research 0 thoughts on “Global insights: The KPI Institute unveils the current landscape of strategy management”

The KPI Institute (TKI) has released the “STATE OF STRATEGY MANAGEMENT PRACTICE – 2023 GLOBAL REPORT”, which offers an analysis of the factors influencing strategy planning and provides recommendations on how companies can effectively address gaps in the process. 

TKI, a leading global research institute specializing in business performance, conducted the study with 346 respondents representing 69 countries from April to June 2023. This extensive report encompasses key subjects in strategy and performance management, organized into three sections: planning, measurement, and execution. The report also presents suggestions for optimizing strategic approaches and achieving organizational excellence.

One notable finding from the study indicates that gathering insights on value drivers for customers serves as the foremost enabler of strategic planning in organizations. According to the report, “[The result] underscores how respondents perceive the impact of understanding and meeting client needs on driving successful strategies and highlights the importance of customer centricity.”  

The strategy measurement section revealed that key performance indicators are employed equally in corporate performance evaluations and employee performance reviews. The results also show that the Balanced Scorecard and Objectives and Key Results are respondents’ most frequently utilized performance management frameworks.

In the execution section, it is emphasized that enhancing the frequency of performance reporting enables professionals to take proactive measures in response to emerging trends and issues. The majority of the respondents preferred monthly evaluations, followed by quarterly and annual reviews. 

For more insights, visit the TKI Marketplace and download the “STATE OF STRATEGY MANAGEMENT PRACTICE GLOBAL REPORT – 2023.”

Groundwork for success: new report shows how to overcome KPI selection challenges

October 12th, 2023 Posted by Publications, Research 0 thoughts on “Groundwork for success: new report shows how to overcome KPI selection challenges”

Key performance indicator (KPI) selection is similar to laying the groundwork for a strong structure. KPIs are the building blocks of performance measurement, enabling informed decision-making for organizations.

In the same way that building foundations are tailored to the terrain, KPIs ensure companies stay on track toward their goals. It is possible to develop misguided strategies if KPIs are selected incorrectly. However, KPI selection is not easy. In fact, one of the top three issues in strategic planning is identifying the appropriate KPIs, as indicated by the State of Strategy Management Practice in 2022, an international research study by The KPI Institute (TKI).

According to Aurel Brudan, CEO of TKI, choosing the right KPIs is a multifaceted undertaking due to the interdependencies inherent in the process. He explains that the process requires, among other things, extensive research for internal and external documents, the participation of internal stakeholders, and the adaptability to shifting environments or business priorities.

On top of those challenges is the need to determine the quality and attributes of KPIs a company should select. Mihai Toma, TKI’s Managing Director of Consulting Services, recommends that organizations choose KPIs that are useful, reflecting quantitative expressions for achieving key goals. KPIs should also be specified properly, with no jargon or complex concepts. Furthermore, balance is critical, with two KPIs for each target preferably monitored to avoid potential imbalances and enable a full performance review.

Given these challenging requisites, how should organizations approach KPI selection? Similar to how engineers analyze the structural requirements and complexities of a building, organizations must meticulously evaluate their unique needs and objectives when selecting KPIs. The whitepaper titled “TOP 10 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 2023: Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Metrics” details the structured method designed by TKI for choosing KPIs and provides strategies for overcoming the most common obstacles in the process. Moreover, the report highlights the most popular KPIs in 2023 on, the largest repository of documented KPIs.

Download the free whitepaper now, and do not miss the upcoming “Top 10 KPIs – 2023 Extended Edition” for deeper industry insights. Follow the  TKI’s LinkedIn page to stay updated!

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