Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition unveils global insights, innovative approaches

According to The KPI Institute’s State of Strategy Management Practice Global Report – 2023, 34% of professionals believe that ineffective change management is a major factor in strategic failure. As the world undergoes dramatic transformations and disruptions, underestimating impactful strategic leadership is no longer an option.

The latest issue of Performance Magazine – Print Edition reveals what lies beneath strategic success in disruptive times, from managing stakeholder engagement to adopting breakthrough technologies to cultivating strategic foresight. To navigate new paradigms of work, organizations delve deep, exploring various perspectives, scrutinizing data, and analyzing risks while taking into account the influence of culture and communication.

As emphasized by one of the experts interviewed in this edition, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink of Strategy Inc., executing a strategy requires organizations to consistently manage relevance, progress, and morale “so that the strategy remains up to date, implementation stays on track, and people remain on board.” Interventions aligned with this approach, particularly those that support an adaptive organizational culture and address change resistance, can be found in the cover story.

For those who want to dive deep into the intricate processes of organizational strategy, this special edition offers nuanced perspectives on planning, development, and execution, all woven with best practices, case analyses, and data-driven discussions. Specifically, readers will find the knowledge and tools necessary to incorporate diverse viewpoints into strategy implementation, empower employees for effective change management, and ensure data accuracy for informed decision-making. Moreover, readers can access a curated collection of multimedia resources tailored for professionals specializing in strategy.

Featuring contributions from expert voices representing diverse backgrounds, including the Netherlands, England, Hungary, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition provides unparalleled insights into modern strategic management challenges. These experts not only offer their unique thoughts but also present actionable recommendations and solutions grounded in their specialized knowledge, extensive experiences, and notable achievements in the field.

Unlock the strategies for success in uncertain times with Performance Magazine Issue No. 29, 2024 – Strategy Management Edition. Grab a digital copy from TKI Marketplace or order the printed edition on Amazon.

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