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Free webinar “SEO: 10 tools to consider for your website audit”

February 27th, 2017 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Free webinar “SEO: 10 tools to consider for your website audit””

Most online businesses need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the SEO audit is the first step in having an optimized web site. When you do a SEO audit, you must use some external tools that will aid you in this process; some are simple to use, some require deeper knowledge.
This webinar will help you better understand the structure of a SEO audit and offer you insights about links auditing, on-page optimization, mobile friendliness and social media presence. We’ll reveal the mystery around tools like, Ahrefs, Majestic, XENU, Screaming Frog, GT Metrix, Facebook for Developers, Google Search Console, Google Analytics.
Main topics covered
• Links audit;
• On-page optimization;
• Mobile friendliness;
• Social media presence.

Key Learning Points: 
• Identify the most commonly used tools when doing an SEO audit;
• Understand how to properly use those tools for a good on-page optimization;
• Understand the basics of mobile friendliness;
• Learn how to use the right tools to boost your social media presence.

Presenter’s profile

Olivian Breda is a Digital Marketing Manager for The KPI Institute, co-founder of (series of events on SEO & PPC) and (Book on branding for MDs). He has done more than 150 SEO audits since 2009 and has experience in SEO of over 10 years.

Olivian’s professional background was enriched by his collaboration with professionals from various companies, such as Nursing Personnel, Webvertise, Lionbridge for Google, Cratima.
On a personal level, he likes self-development – events, sports, healthy living, volunteering, and reading.

Free Registration

It’s easy to join in – access the registration page and don’t forget to tune in on 1st March, at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT.  Can’t make it on time? Let us know and we are going to provide you with the full webinar recording, free of charge!

Webinar Recording

The webinar recording will be available on our eLearning platform.


Certified Data Analysis Professional Course is Now Available Online

February 24th, 2017 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Certified Data Analysis Professional Course is Now Available Online”

The Data Analysis Certification is an accreditation course that endorses you both for the knowledge and practical application of best practices used in analyzing statistical data.

C-DA News

The certification is the result of a complex, experiential learning program that has 3 sections: pre-course activities, core-course exercises and post-course assignments.

You will acquire the tools and skills needed to develop complex data analysis, useful for the processing and interpretation of data and relevant for your company’s profile.

Validate your expertise!

The online course is built around 12 modules, that feature 3.45 hours of video presentation, approximately 14 hours of practical assignments that will ensure you will gain a better understanding of Data Analysis and its processes by the end of the course, which will be rounded up with a 2-hour evaluation session. The course will be delivered in English, at the attendee’s own pace, at any time and with no prerequisites.


  • Achieve processes clarity and strategy optimization by implementing data analysis frameworks;
  • Optimize the performance reporting processes by closing the gaps found in the data analysis tools used within your own business;
  • Attain superior results by implementing data analysis procedures, which improve the achievement of your company’s objectives.

Target Audience

I. Professionals interested in Data Analysis

The course is designed for anyone who has basic mathematical training and basic competences in using Microsoft Excel. Statistical knowledge, intermediate or advanced knowledge of Excel, practical experience with data analysis and related duties are not necessary.

II. Management Representatives

The course is addressed to Managers, HR Representatives, Analysts, Auditors or Logistics and Acquisitions Experts, as well as to professionals from other business areas, who deal with data analysis.

III. Data Analysis Experts

The course is ideal for those interested in pursuing career opportunities in data analysis, data modelling and related activities (e.g. campaign management, data mining, statistics, risk management, reporting, data processing for survey analysis etc.)


“The course was very comprehensive, systematically and step by step detailed. The materials were structured and arranged in an organized flow to enable the understanding process in an easy manner.”

Yuvarajah S.Thiagarajah, Specific Resources Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur

“The course content was broad and the range of data analysis tools which can be used for various purposes were more than enough.”

Haya Hashem, Shams Power Company, United Arab Emirates

“I believe this is a very good certification course and it will add value especially to those who are dealing with data analysis.”

Ali Al-Abandi, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Course Trainer

Adrian Oțoiu, Subject Matter Expert, The KPI Institute

Adrian Otoiu has gained more than 15 years of experience in statistical, economic and business analysis in various roles within the government, academic organizations and multinational corporations.

Throughout his experience, he has garnered work expertise and had undergone training in the following fields: labor market, health economics, migration, quantitative marketing – including online surveys, composite indicators, default and risk models, business analytics and business intelligence, data preparation and processing, teaching and coaching.

The work he has been performing includes doing statistical analysis by using the following main methods: regression analysis, including logistic analysis, panel data/hierarchical models, factor and PCA analysis, Bayesian regression analysis, cluster analysis, market basket analysis, decision trees, and natural language processing.

Adrian has supplemented his process portfolio by adding data analysis and reports targeted at specific needs, including industry and competition analyses, SWOT and SBP studies, government briefings and notes, and academic paper and conference proceedings, retrieval of specialized data from various sources, presentation of results to non-specialized audiences and fact-finding for high-level analyses.

These skills and abilities are supported by extensive experience and training in SAS and R, machine learning and modelling methods, backed by constant contact with the academia either in the form of hands-on research, continuous training offered by SAS and Johns Hopkins University Data Science program, and through teaching statistics and quantitative methods.


Lighthouse PM Consulting became The KPI Institute`s newest Delivery Partner

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We are pleased to announce that the Lighthouse PM Consulting became our Delivery Partner from Costa Rica, San Jose.

This partnership will be a key driver for the private and public companies from Costa Rica to access a culture of continuous learning, innovation and professional development. The purpose of this program is to enable our partners to deliver educational programs and advisory services on performance management, while complying to The KPI Institute’s global standards.


This delivery program is focused on providing partners with best in class educational resources, technical and go-to-market support and designed to accelerate skills development and capability building to market, sell and deliver educational programs and advisory services on performance management.

About Lighthouse PM Consulting

Lighthouse PM Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in performance management for both public and private organizations.

Through an approach to your reality and making use of our knowledge, experience and tools, we work together with your staff to substantially improve the performance of your organization.

The training courses delivered by Lighthouse PM Consulting are tailored to the particularities of your organization. First, we spend time understanding the need for training and then we elaborate a proposal that will suit your needs.

The topics covered by the training are those that cover the whole cycle of Performance Improvement of an organization.

About The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute is a research institute specialized in business performance. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance, and from customer service to innovation performance. Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications, subscriptions services, and through a knowledge platform available to registered members. Support in deploying these insights in practice is offered through training and advisory services.


Doina Maltev, Partnership Specialist at The KPI Institute

Email: [email protected]


Certified KPI Professional Training Course in Riyadh

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Facilitated by Ahmed GadelhakManagement Consultant, this in-house training course was delivered between the 14th and 16th of February 2017, in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for one of its leading cement companies.

8 large

“Highly recommended for all employees, especially for senior and executive level”, said Mr. Mohammed ALMalki, Supply Chain Manager.

The Certified KPI Professional Training Course is part of a series of certification courses dedicated to the rigorous usage of KPIs in practice.

The training course was attended by professionals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with diverse backgrounds and Manufacturing expertise.

We approached the following key topics:

  • KPI typology & taxonomy
  • KPI Documentation and Target Setting
  • Data Gathering and Visualization

To enable the theoretical understanding and practical experience of using the performance management tools and techniques, we integrated group discussions, exercises, simulations and case studies.

Participants were actively engaged in the collaborative learning environment, readily sharing opinions and experiences.

If you’re interested in joining a customized KPI training course, email us at [email protected] to receive a tailored offer.

For more information contact one of our representatives:

Alex Muntean, Head of Customer Engagement

[email protected]


The KPI Institute`s LinkedIn community has reached 22,000 members!

February 23rd, 2017 Posted by Broad Topics 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute`s LinkedIn community has reached 22,000 members!”

The KPI Institute`s PERFORMANCE LinkedIn group reached 22,000 members succeeding to break another record.

We are celebrating a community of PERFORMANCE in Measurement, Management, KPI, The Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence and Analytics – and we are happy to welcome new members every day.


Popular topics in our LinkedIn group:

  • Performance related events (courses and conferences);
  • Designing and implementing Performance Management frameworks;
  • Best practices in Performance Management and measurement;
  • Performance Management tools of the trade and how to employ them successfully;
  • General issues related to organizational, operational and individual performance management;
  • Recommendations of relevant resources.

We are not only celebrating a growing LinkedIn community, but we are also reaching and supporting professionals from various industries and functional areas by providing them with the opportunity to network, acquire industry insights and access a continuous flow of information and resources.

The generated discussions bring relevant insights to practitioners of all seniority levels and functions involved in various industries like:

  • Management Consulting;
  • Financial Services;
  • Human Resources;
  • Information Technology and Services;
  • Operations Management.

At The KPI Institute, we continue to strive for community growth, a process that allows members to further dive into the business actuality and connect with countless professionals worldwide.

Learn more about industry`s best practices today! Become a member of our LinkedIn community.

launch news

World’s First Integrated Strategy and Performance Audit Platform is Online!

February 21st, 2017 Posted by Broad Topics 0 thoughts on “World’s First Integrated Strategy and Performance Audit Platform is Online!”

The KPI Institute is launching a dedicated online platform for its audit division, Global Performance Audit Unit (GPA Unit). User-friendly and interactive, the is the go-to-place for making the most out of your initiatives to improve and mature the organizational performance management system!

GPA-Launch News

Explore for a superior user experience and enjoy integrated features in five PRACTICE DOMAINS that cover key areas of an organizational performance management capability:

  • SELF – ASSESSMENT SURVEYS that help you gain a clear perspective on performance maturity assessments
  • PERFORMANCE AUDIT SERVICES provided by GPA Unit experts to maximize the added value generated by performance management systems
  • TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS for auditing the maturity of performance management systems and being recognized as Certified Performance Audit Professional & Practitioner
  • CERTIFICATES OF RECOGNITION for audited organizations reflecting the achieved maturity level of their performance management system

Don’t take our word for it, see what GPA Unit partners & customers have to say about:

 “Assessing our performance management capability by using the performance maturity model framework provided to us, by the GPA Unit, with their detailed insights regarding our current maturity level has helped our organization to understand its gaps and build a roadmap for continuous improvement. It will most certainly allow us to review and discuss our progress, during the next few months, which we are sure will elevate our performance management system’s maturity from the current level to the next one.” Insights from Mr. Udoy Chatterjee, Chief Operating Officer – MEFIC Capital

Learn more about the work performed by exploring some of our latest success stories from organizations assisted across the globe, such as: Nordea IT Group (Stockholm, Sweden); Financial Audit Unit, (Dubai Government, UAE), Tesena (Jakarta, Indonesia) or MEFIC Capital (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

About GPA Unit

The Global Performance Audit Unit (GPA Unit) is the audit division of The KPI Institute. Designed to empower professionals worldwide to achieve performance excellence, is the only online platform that supports the delivery of integrated performance maturity assessment services.

“At GPA Unit we strive to provide integrated performance audit solutions through rigorous research, education and diagnosis using the proprietary Performance Maturity Model Frameworks and a network of accredited partners for global knowledge dissemination.” – Adrian Brudan, General Manager of GPA Unit & The KPI Institute EMEA

About The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute is a research institute specialized in business performance. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance and from customer service to innovation performance. Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications, subscriptions services and through a knowledge platform available to registered members. Support in deploying these insights in practice is offered globally through training and advisory services.


The KPI Institute at Transformation Through Strategy Execution & Innovation Conference

February 20th, 2017 Posted by Events, Press release 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute at Transformation Through Strategy Execution & Innovation Conference”

The KPI Institute and Tanfidh Management Consultants share the common goal of offering you the methods to succeed in the modern market, where you must constantly assess your progress and adapt on the fly.

Tanfidh Conference

We are proud to be strategic partners and sponsors at the Conference “Transformation Through Strategy Execution & Innovation” and Post Conference Workshops, organized from 27th to 30th March 2017 in Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman.

About the Conference

The conference focuses on approaching strategy in a multilateral perspective, starting with the insights, solutions and best practices on how to strategically plan, execute, monitor, transform and evaluate organizational healthiness.

To find out more about the Conference and Post Conference Workshops click here.

Keynote Speakers

The conference features very knowledgeable speakers, like:

  • Paul Niven, Management Consultant, Author, and noted Speaker about Strategy, Strategy Execution, Balanced Scorecard, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).
  • Peter B. Watson, Senior Partner at pm2 Peter. He contributed to the development and delivery of over 2000 scorecard projects in Canada, US, Europe and Asia in both the public and private sectors.
  • Tero Aspinen, Vice President and Strategy Management at QPR Software Plc. His skills and areas of expertise: Business development, Strategy Execution and Balanced Scorecard, Performance Management, Enterprise Architecture, Process Mining and Automated Business Process Discovery.

Furthermore, The KPI Institute will also become actively involved, through our representative: Mihai Toma, Head of Professional Practice MENA, who will be delivering an insightful presentation on behalf of the Institute.

About Tanfidh Management Consultants
Tanfidh Management Consultants is an Omani based Consulting firm, that mainly focuses on Strategy and Strategy Execution using the proven methodologies like the Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecard and OKRs.

As noted earlier, the conference and post conference workshops will last four days, and as such, we will publish articles covering the presentations.


We hope this opportunity represents an interest for you. Please do not hesitate to register or contact our partners at [email protected], or by phone: T: +968 24 499 049 / +968 99 355 438.


Free webinar “The KPI Selection Process”

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Your organization is planning to develop effective Performance Scorecards, with the right KPIs but there is no structured process to follow. As such, it is crucial when starting the KPIs selection process to plan it out ahead, by clarifying the scope and having the list of relevant and clustered KPIs. In addition to these, facilitation of selection could be performed by taking into account various other processes, like Value Flow Analysis and KPIs Balancing, followed by KPI Documentation and Performance review meetings, which enhance and strengthen the core selection process.
Webinar-News (1)
The KPI selection process does not only guide you through the selection steps you need to follow in order to have a rigorous Performance Scorecard, it also ensures the selection of the right KPIs, which brings value to the Performance Management System and organization in general.

Main topics covered
• Preparation for KPI Selection
– Scope clarification
– KPI expo
– KPI clustering
• Facilitate KPI Selection
– KPI selection workshop
– Relevant questions framing
– Value flow analysis
– KPI balancing
• Follow up on KPI selection
– KPI Documentation
– First Performance Review Meeting

Key Learning Points: 
• Design a well-structured KPI selection process;
• Recognize useful KPI selection sources;
• Deploy KPI selection techniques.
• Understand the Value Flow Analysis
• Perform KPI Clustering & Balancing

Presenter’s profile

Alfarazdag Abdallah is the Business Planning Manager of White Nile Company. As a professional, he gained solid background regarding Performance Management Systems, due to facilitating the implementation of a Performance Measurement System and the cascading of KPIs from the organizational level to the departmental & sectional levels for the ASAWER Oil & Gas Services, part of the National Upstream Solutions Oil Services Company.

Free Registration

It’s easy to join in – access the registration page and don’t forget to tune in on 22nd February, at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT.  Can’t make it on time? Let us know and we are going to provide you with the full webinar recording, free of charge!

Webinar Recording

The webinar recording will be available on our eLearning platform.


Meet Doina, Our January Employee of the Month!

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At The KPI Institute, our mission is to pursue performance, in all its facets, and bring this knowledge to others who wish to improve both on an individual level and an organizational one. Outstanding employees that strive to lift their company to new heights, maximize its potential and strengthen its development, so that it becomes the best of the best, all the while harnessing this knowledge to better themselves as professionals – these are the people that inspire us.

Employee Doina

Join us in our journey of interviewing some of the most extraordinary individuals that continue to make The KPI Institute a role-model for others to follow. In today’s edition, we will be featuring January’s Employee of the Month, Doina Malțev.

1. What is your role at The KPI Institute and what makes it special?

I am a Partnership Manager at The KPI Institute and since I joined the team, I met very talented people, committed to their work and full of joy.

My job is to find training and consultancy companies interested in developing their knowledge and competencies in working with KPIs and implementing a performance management system within their organizations. I give them the opportunity to do this by signing partnership agreements and therefore, offering them access to our know-how and resources, to our educational programs and encouraging them to deliver training courses and advisory services on our behalf, which of course meet The KPI Institute standards.

2. How did it feel to be nominated and selected as Employee of the Month?

I was very happy when Aurel Brudan, our CEO, pronounced my name. This has only served to motivate me to continue working with great passion and dedication and gave me the certainty that what I do is important and valuable.

3. What do you find most challenging at The KPI Institute?

The most challenging aspect in working at The KPI Institute is realizing that you never know enough, that you have to learn every day something new and you discover that there are always things to improve.

4. What would be the three main career lessons that you have learnt thus far?

The first thing would be modesty. I believe that only someone who is aware of his limits will be able to overcome and reach the intended results.

The second one is to try to work with joy, pleasure and passion, so that you can compensate those difficult and stressful moments we all have.

The third career lesson would be having a vision of the future, a desire for self-improvement and for which you have to work constantly to fulfill your dreams.

5. If you could interview one person, either from the past or present, who would it be and why?

I was always attracted by historical personalities, people who have managed to change their destiny and influence history. Some names that come to mind are Isabel de Castilla, Jeanne d’Arc, but also Queen Mary of Romania – strong women, who were unwavering in their ideals.


Latest report: Top 25 NGO KPIs – 2016 Extended

February 15th, 2017 Posted by Research 0 thoughts on “Latest report: Top 25 NGO KPIs – 2016 Extended”

Are you using a new and improved collection of the most popular NGO KPIs ? The Top 25 NGO KPIs – 2016 Extended Edition brings you a selection of KPIs, researched and refined, that can help you strengthen your performance measurement and management framework.


Specifically developed to take the reader one step closer to an efficient KPI monitoring and reporting process, the Top 25 NGO KPIs – 2016 Extended Edition makes for a valuable addition to any KPI Library used by professionals in the NGO industry.

Highlights from the Report

  • Complete hands-on experience in working with KPIs
  • Detailed documentation for each KPI
  • Complex articles on best practices in terms of KPI selection and documentation.

By emphasizing the use of KPIs today, the Top 25 NGO KPIs – 2016 Extended Edition is a useful resource for any professional looking to refresh an existing performance measurement system or to promote the use of KPIs in the organization.

According to Aurel Brudan, The KPI Institute’s CEO, ‘Top 25 NGO KPIs – 2016 Extended Edition is a synthesis of what is all about: it provides an overview of how NGO KPIs are used in practice today, by combining input from the online community with analysis and insights from our research team.”

About is the result of a wide research program conducted by The KPI Institute dedicated to documenting and cataloguing how KPIs are used in practice. It is an online platform for performance measurement, it offers high quality resources and collaboration functionality for the community of registered members, enabling them to make smart decisions regarding their performance management initiatives.

Get your brand new Top 25 NGO KPIs – 2016 Extended Edition and start implementing the knowledge now!

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