The KPI Institute`s LinkedIn community has reached 22,000 members!

The KPI Institute`s PERFORMANCE LinkedIn group reached 22,000 members succeeding to break another record.

We are celebrating a community of PERFORMANCE in Measurement, Management, KPI, The Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence and Analytics – and we are happy to welcome new members every day.


Popular topics in our LinkedIn group:

  • Performance related events (courses and conferences);
  • Designing and implementing Performance Management frameworks;
  • Best practices in Performance Management and measurement;
  • Performance Management tools of the trade and how to employ them successfully;
  • General issues related to organizational, operational and individual performance management;
  • Recommendations of relevant resources.

We are not only celebrating a growing LinkedIn community, but we are also reaching and supporting professionals from various industries and functional areas by providing them with the opportunity to network, acquire industry insights and access a continuous flow of information and resources.

The generated discussions bring relevant insights to practitioners of all seniority levels and functions involved in various industries like:

  • Management Consulting;
  • Financial Services;
  • Human Resources;
  • Information Technology and Services;
  • Operations Management.

At The KPI Institute, we continue to strive for community growth, a process that allows members to further dive into the business actuality and connect with countless professionals worldwide.

Learn more about industry`s best practices today! Become a member of our LinkedIn community.

The KPI Institute February 23rd, 2017 Broad Topics