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Resource roundup: expert insights and tools for finance professionals

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The financial services sector has evolved significantly in recent years, driven by technological advancements and global socio-economic events. Recognizing the importance of staying ahead in this dynamic environment, The KPI Institute (TKI) is dedicated to providing leaders, professionals, and the broader business community with essential knowledge and resources.

Every month, TKI curates a collection of diverse learning materials and opportunities in strategy and performance management and adjacent fields. Some of these resources, while released years ago, remain highly relevant due to their timeless principles and adaptability to changing business dynamics, providing enduring value and insights for today’s challenges.

This month, TKI is pleased to present comprehensive, research-based resources focusing on finance.

Top 10 Finance Key Performance Indicators (FREE): Part of the Top 10 KPIs Series, this collection of posters provides an overview of how key performance indicators (KPIs) are measured in practice today, specifically in finance. Some of the KPIs profiled in this poster are % Capital acquisition ratio, #Labor multiplier, and $ Debt-adjusted cash flow.

Articles (FREE): Find practical insights related to the financial services industry from a variety of articles published on Performance Magazine, written by subject matter experts and research analysts.

The Finance KPI Dictionary: This dictionary provides valuable information on over 190 KPIs not only by defining them but also by presenting the calculation formula for each and every one of them. It is an innovative tool, essential for assessing and optimizing a company’s performance in the five main functions of a finance division within an organization: asset/portfolio management, financial stability, forecast and valuation, liquidity, and profitability.

The Top 25 Finance KPIs – 2020 Edition: This report features the most popular KPIs used in the finance sector. It offers a comprehensive practical learning opportunity with KPIs by including not just detailed documentation for each KPI but also engaging articles discussing optimal practices for selecting and documenting KPIs.

Certified Data Analysis: Professionals in the finance sector can benefit from attending this course because it equips them with essential skills in data analysis, allowing them to create accurate financial models, optimize investment strategies based on comprehensive market analysis, make informed decisions, and mitigate risks effectively. 

Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner: Professionals within the finance sector can gain considerable advantages from enrolling in this course. It is packed with indispensable knowledge and competencies needed for accurately measuring, assessing, and articulating financial performance metrics. With these skills, finance professionals can lead strategic initiatives, make informed decisions, and significantly contribute to improving the overall success and financial stability of their organizations.


Excerpt: Performance Magazine’s Employee Performance Edition highlights DEI metrics, initiatives

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In recent years, the global labor market has faced a challenging mix of health crises, economic turbulence, and geopolitical uncertainties, with vulnerable populations most severely affected. In response, companies are taking on greater roles in supporting vulnerable groups while championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The surge in companies adopting DEI programs underscores the growing recognition of DEI as a strategic imperative and a driver for improving work performance.

DEI is a framework that promotes fair treatment and equal opportunities for all employees across a spectrum of protected characteristics, including age, race, religion, gender, and more. The three components of DEI are deeply intertwined (see Figure 1). Each plays a role in establishing workplaces where all employees can thrive. They cannot be addressed as stand-alone criteria, requiring a collective approach to create a truly inclusive and equitable workplace.

The significant value and impact of DEI in various aspects of work make it a moral imperative and an essential strategic requirement that businesses must not underestimate or overlook.

For instance, the “2022 Global Inclusion and Diversity Transparency Report” by intelligent power management company Eaton emphasized the success of its Stretch Assignment Marketplace (SAM), where diverse teams of employees handled 86 business challenges across multiple areas. Employees can select projects that interest them, with up to six people per team allowed six months to finish each challenge. Notably, the company saw an 18% increase in the number of projects submitted compared to the previous year. One of Eaton’s notable achievements is its inclusion in Newsweek’s 2023 Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® list and certification by Great Place to Work® in 2023.



This is an excerpt from the cover story of Performance Magazine Issue No. 28 – Employee Performance Edition titled ”From good intentions to great results: developing initiatives and metrics for DEI success.” To read the full article, download a free digital copy of the magazine via TKI Marketplace or purchase a printed copy from Amazon.

2024 Global Trends Brief: exploring insights on business innovation and growth

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As we navigate through 2024, new developments and opportunities influence how businesses operate and manage their performance. The KPI Institute launched the 2024 Global Trends Brief to serve as a valuable source of insight and foresight into these trends, guiding organizations to become resilient and agile in disruptive times.

The 2024 Global Trends Brief is a carefully crafted analysis supported and based on a thorough examination of more than 80 reports and articles from December 2023 to February 2024. The report identifies six pivotal drivers of change–Geopolitical, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Environmental, and Legal–offering a panoramic view to inform strategic decision-making processes.

The geopolitical sphere is characterized by national elections and disruptive supply chain dynamics. Meanwhile, in the economic realm, the fluctuations in unemployment and inflation rates wield significant influence. Moreover, the report delves deep into socio-cultural trends that ripple through workforce dynamics, and sustainability trends that emphasize environmental stewardship that reshapes industry paradigms. The report also touches on technological and legal trends in artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting the need to invest in AI governance and Generative AI (GenAI) as an essential influence in the media industry that redefines business strategies.

Learn more about the impact of today’s trends and seize the opportunities in the evolving business environment. Get a free copy of the 2024 Global Trends Brief from the TKI Marketplace.

Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional: a pathway to strategic success

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At a certain point, all companies will inevitably face challenges in achieving strategic objectives and improving performance. Growing a business— irrespective of scale—is no simple feat.  

If you’re seeking a starting point, this certification could be the perfect first step. 

Course overview

The KPI Institute’s Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional course accredits practitioners for their knowledge in developing a Performance Management System (PMS) using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology and implementing the framework across the entire organization.

Participants will learn how to implement a Balanced Scorecard Management System and master the strategic planning process while reaching the course’s learning objectives:

  • Grasp PMS fundamentals
  • Transpose the organizational strategy into a Balanced Scorecard Management System
  • Integrate components of Balanced Scorecard Architecture
  • Differentiate between objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs), and initiatives

Benefits and importance

In this training program, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully implement a Balanced Scorecard Management System, unleashing the potential to drive business performance. Additionally, you will gain a range of benefits, including:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the value and functionality of the Balanced Scorecard Management System
  • Develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard Management Architecture in a standardized manner
  • Overcome challenges in strategy execution by implementing the Balanced Scorecard Management System
  • Improve strategy communication using the Balanced Scorecard Management System

Course structure and methodology

The course encompasses a three-stage educational process with an expected duration of 40 hours:

  1. Pre-course stage: After completing the needs assessment and a brief knowledge quiz, participants will engage with peers through an interactive online forum and peruse relevant documents to deepen their understanding of the core course content.
  2. Core-course stage: Participants may select between taking live online training sessions or interacting in person. They will engage in immersive learning and interactive activities, progress through their Individual Learning Maps, then complete the certification assessment.
  3. After-course stage: Participants will be immersed in stimulating forum discussions alongside additional readings. Upon completion of their learning journey, participants will be able to create a tailored and actionable plan that addresses the unique needs of their organization.

Course syllabus

The core course comprises 10 learning modules:

  • BSC – performance management tool 
  • BSC governance and performance leadership 
  • Organizational assessment 
  • Strategy formulation and integration 
  • Setting organizational objectives 
  • Working with KPIs  
  • Initiative management 
  • Aligning the BSC across organizational levels 
  • Managing the BSC system 
  • Nurturing a performance culture 

Flexible learning options

The course is provided in numerous languages (English, Arabic, Bahasa) and locations to cater to a diverse array of schedules and preferences. 

Certification and recognition

Participants will receive the following certificates (soft copy) upon completion of the program:

  • Certificate of Attendance: after participating in the five-day live session course
  • Certificate of Completion: after completing the pre-course activities and passing the Certification Exam
  • Certified Professional Diploma: awarded upon successful completion of all three stages and full payment
  • CPD Certificate of Attendance: provided once you achieve Professional Status

Take a brave step forward and unlock your organization’s full potential! Enroll today and become a Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional!

Back-to-back releases for 2024: Performance Magazine highlights strategy, performance excellence

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What distinguishes a successful company in today’s business environment is its capacity to adapt, innovate, and strategically tackle emerging challenges and opportunities. With change being constant and disruption becoming the norm, organizations must equip themselves with the right knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the curve. This is where Performance Magazine’s back-to-back releases for the first quarter of 2024 come into play: the Employee Performance Edition and the Strategy Management Edition.

The Employee Performance Edition delves deep into redefining employee performance management in the modern workplace. At the heart of this edition lies the cover story, which discusses the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in talent management. It recognizes that equitable treatment and unbiased opportunities not only drive individual performance but also foster a culture of innovation and organizational excellence. Other key topics include democratizing strategy planning, optimizing employee engagement for effective strategy execution, implementing a hybrid performance management system, and nurturing holistic performance management. Download the digital copy from TKI Marketplace or purchase the printed edition on Amazon.

Complementing that focus on employee performance, the Strategy Management Edition offers insights into strategic leadership in disruptive times. Interventions aligned with executing accessible strategies, particularly those that support an adaptive organizational culture and address change resistance, can be found in the cover story. Readers will also learn how to incorporate diverse viewpoints into strategy implementation, empower employees for effective change management, and ensure data accuracy for informed decision-making. Drawing on global insights and innovative approaches to strategy planning and execution, this edition provides organizations with the principles and frameworks necessary to navigate uncertainty and seize opportunities for growth and success. Get the digital copy from TKI Marketplace or order the printed edition on Amazon.

With actionable insights, best practices, and global analyses from industry leaders and experts, Performance Magazine’s back-to-back releases for 2024 provide businesses and professionals with the information and insights they need to stay competitive, resilient, and future-ready. 

Take part in the State of Strategy Management Practice – 2024 survey

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From geopolitical turmoil to technological innovation, the modern world is characterized by constant, rapid change. Thus, organizations must take regular stock of strategy management practices to determine whether they are adapting to the sudden dynamism. To aid in this endeavor, The KPI Institute is preparing the State of Strategy Management Practice – 2024, a comprehensive report that examines the most current issues, trends, and challenges affecting strategy planning,  strategy execution, and key performance indicator (KPI) implementation. 

The report gathers data through a survey that covers recent developments in strategy planning, performance measurement, and strategy execution within organizational contexts. Questions will delve into the latest worldwide viewpoints to highlight the varied strategies and performance management methodologies implemented across diverse industries around the globe. 

Professionals participating in strategy planning and execution are encouraged to answer the survey and share their pragmatic insights, recommendations, and best practices. Respondents will receive the following rewards for their participation:

If you are interested, click here to answer the survey. 


About The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute is a leading global research institute specializing in business performance. It operates research programs in practice domains revolving around strategy and performance management in various contexts such as organizational, governmental, global, or at the personal level.

Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications and subscription services as well as a knowledge platform available to registered members. The KPI Institute generates genuine, forward-thinking ideas to address modern business challenges while promoting best practices and structural and strategic approaches.

Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition unveils global insights, innovative approaches

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According to The KPI Institute’s State of Strategy Management Practice Global Report – 2023, 34% of professionals believe that ineffective change management is a major factor in strategic failure. As the world undergoes dramatic transformations and disruptions, underestimating impactful strategic leadership is no longer an option.

The latest issue of Performance Magazine – Print Edition reveals what lies beneath strategic success in disruptive times, from managing stakeholder engagement to adopting breakthrough technologies to cultivating strategic foresight. To navigate new paradigms of work, organizations delve deep, exploring various perspectives, scrutinizing data, and analyzing risks while taking into account the influence of culture and communication.

As emphasized by one of the experts interviewed in this edition, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink of Strategy Inc., executing a strategy requires organizations to consistently manage relevance, progress, and morale “so that the strategy remains up to date, implementation stays on track, and people remain on board.” Interventions aligned with this approach, particularly those that support an adaptive organizational culture and address change resistance, can be found in the cover story.

For those who want to dive deep into the intricate processes of organizational strategy, this special edition offers nuanced perspectives on planning, development, and execution, all woven with best practices, case analyses, and data-driven discussions. Specifically, readers will find the knowledge and tools necessary to incorporate diverse viewpoints into strategy implementation, empower employees for effective change management, and ensure data accuracy for informed decision-making. Moreover, readers can access a curated collection of multimedia resources tailored for professionals specializing in strategy.

Featuring contributions from expert voices representing diverse backgrounds, including the Netherlands, England, Hungary, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition provides unparalleled insights into modern strategic management challenges. These experts not only offer their unique thoughts but also present actionable recommendations and solutions grounded in their specialized knowledge, extensive experiences, and notable achievements in the field.

Unlock the strategies for success in uncertain times with Performance Magazine Issue No. 29, 2024 – Strategy Management Edition. Grab a digital copy from TKI Marketplace or order the printed edition on Amazon.

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