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It’s time for literal FaceTime – Relaunching our on-site certification courses!

January 26th, 2021 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “It’s time for literal FaceTime – Relaunching our on-site certification courses!”

Last year’s unfortunate turn of events certainly distanced us from one another, however, it did not manage to divide and conquer. Organizations around the globe managed to improvise, adapt, and overcome, turning a new page in their book.on-site courses

Some channeled their energy into the online environment, either creating e-shops or simply delivering their services through the Internet. Others invested in delivery services and partnerships, ensuring their products reach consumers anywhere they may be.

For us, at The KPI Institute, this meant completely rehauling the way we deliver courses. We focused on building new foundations, new processes, new tasks, goals, and objectives. The end result was a roaring success, as even with the outside world being battered, people in the safety of their abode joined our courses left, right, and center.

In 2020, we registered some of the highest numbers attendance-wise, a fact for which we are grateful to our amazing participants and partners, who continued to focus on their professional development with even more poise and focus.

We’re back in (on-site) business!

However, there’s still something missing. We miss that genuine human connection you get with someone when you can work on a project face to face. There’s nothing like the feeling of joy you get when you’re together with a group of people who share your values, passion, drive, and interests. Therefore, in 2021, we’re relaunching our face-to-face, on-site certification courses, in Malaysia only, for the moment.

This decision came as a result of Malaysia experiencing less duress under the COVID-19 pandemic and relaxing its regulatory measures, allowing for greater engagement and interaction between individuals.

That being said, it goes without saying that we’ll take all the precautionary measures we have to for each course we organize, in order to ensure our participants are kept in utmost safety. When you join a TKI course, you have nothing to worry for, as we will take care of all aspects that pertain to personal safety and health.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of certification courses you will be able to sign up for:

  • Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional
  • Certified OKR Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Performance Management Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Employee Performance Management Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Innovation Performance Professional
  • Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional
  • Certified Data Analysis Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Data Visualization Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Benchmarking Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Supplier Performance Professional
  • Certified Performance Audit Professional (CPD eligible)

All of these Malaysia-based courses are 100% HRDF-deductible! Furthermore, by completing many of our courses, you will be able to earn 40 CPD credits, for your CPD record, per course!

Our face to face, on-site courses were always vibrant and full of energy. The level of emotion, passion, and dedication that people exhibited was wonderful. We’re hyped for this relaunch, and we hope you’ll be as well, bringing the same degree of enthusiasm and spirit that we know and love to see from every single one of you!

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