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The KPI Institute’s Partners All Set for Face-to-Face Course Delivery in 2022

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As the world opens up, companies are trying to find their pace and place in an economy that is different from what it was two years ago. While the global health crisis changed the way organizations work, connect, and learn, it has not deterred everyone from seeking growth, connection, and new possibilities.

The KPI Institute, having conducted hundreds of training programs on strategy and performance management worldwide, remains committed to providing online and face-to-face learning opportunities that promote open communication, shared expectations, and productive interactions while aiming for safety and ease for everyone.

Together with its partners, The KPI Institute is bringing back the face-to-face delivery of its select courses in 2022. The partners that will make this possible are Vision Strategy Management, Soft Skills Consultants, and FIG Polska.

Participants will get to physically participate in the following courses:

Here are the dates for the face-to-face and live online courses to be delivered by The KPI Institute’s partners in 2022:

For more information on The KPI Institute’s partnerships and the courses to be delivered by partners for 2022, contact Cosmin Chindris, Director of Global Partnerships at The KPI Institute, via email [email protected] or mobile (WhatsApp) +40 740 963 913.

The Six Pillars of a Performance Improvement System According to Experts

November 30th, 2021 Posted by Certification, Courses, E-learning 0 thoughts on “The Six Pillars of a Performance Improvement System According to Experts”

Fast trends and flashes of disruptions in the business world can press more demands on a company’s performance. Having the right strategy, processes, and tools is how one can win — and stay — in the game.

To help organizations manage their performance at all levels, The KPI Institute’s Live Certified Performance Management Professional course will present the six pillars for performance improvement: data analysis and reporting, decision making and initiative management, and learning and building a performance culture.

Andrea Minelli, a management consultant at The KPI Institute and the course facilitator, will walk professionals through 12 different scenarios where the six pillars can be applied. He has done consultancy projects in performance management system implementation at the corporate, departmental, function, and individual level as well as agile employee performance appraisals. He has also delivered several training programs to clients from various industries, from open format to in-house training courses.

During the live session, participants will get a comprehensive view of the Performance Management System architecture as well as techniques for recalibrating it. They will learn the best practices in reporting key performance indicators (KPIs), the data analysis process, and performance review meetings.

By participating in the 40-hour course, attendees can obtain 40 CPD credits to include in their CPD records for their professional body, institute, regulator, or employer.

The final stretch of the Live Certified Performance Management Professional course this year is happening on 15 – 19 December 2021, 18:00 – 22:00 GST for EMEA and 09:00 – 13:00 CST (US) for ASEAN.

Fill out the form here to secure your slot. You may also contact the following for your inquiries:

Middle-East Advisor

Teodora Gorski

Managing Director MENA

E: [email protected]

M: +971 55 787 6427

Asia-Pacific Advisor

Sasikala Annamalai

Senior Business Development Manager

E: [email protected]

M: +60 12 591 1366

Year-end Recap: The KPI Institute Identifies the Most Popular KPIs in 2021

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most popular KPIs

The wave of changes in the past two years has compelled businesses to review their performance and realign their strategies to the times. The losses, leaps, and lessons vary in different industries, but organizations, from multinational companies to brick-and-mortar stores, have to answer the same question: What is the best “new normal” for us?

As businesses adapt to a rapidly changing environment and figure out what works for them, key performance indicators (KPIs) are more important than ever. KPIs can serve as the order beneath the chaos, helping organizations achieve and monitor a desired level of results for their activities.

The KPI Institute, carrying over 17 years of experience in the field, continues to share its expertise and knowledge on KPI best practices through the Top KPI reports. As the year comes to a close, we’ve bundled up the most popular KPIs released in 2021. The results are based on the data from, the world’s largest database of documented KPIs. 

This series of reports provides companies, practitioners, consultants, and professionals with updates and resources on how to select and use KPIs in their respective industries or functional areas. Each report features the profile of every KPI, analysis, notes on KPI reporting, and other information related to the performance management discipline.

2021 Top 25 KPIs

The Top 25 KPI reports present the most popular KPIs in various industries and functional areas, such as procurement/purchasing, marketing, production, human resources, customer service, hotels, restaurants, finance, and real estate development and transactions.

2021 Top 10 KPIs

Download the Top 10 KPI reports for different industries for a more compact version of the KPIs’ profiles, analysis, and in practice recommendations.

2021 KPI of the Month

Discover the most popular KPIs in their respective industries or areas through the KPI of the Month poster collection.

For more information on the research reports of The KPI Institute, get in touch with Cristina Mihăiloaie, Business Unit Manager – Research Division: [email protected] | +61 (390) 282 223 | +40 (749) 424 517.

Powering the Nonprofit Sector through Agile Strategy Execution

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Innovation and social value creation are driving the nonprofit sector’s role in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. To help them adapt and generate momentum, The KPI Institute and the Third Sector Center for Training and Management Consultancy in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia have partnered to offer nonprofit sector professionals a premier learning experience focused on strategic planning and institutional performance. 

As part of the Third Sector’s (ADAA) Program for building experts and strategic competencies in the field of strategic planning and institutional performance of the Saudi Arabian NGOs. The KPI Institute will deliver two editions of the Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional Course and two editions of the Certified Agile Strategy Execution Practitioner Course. The first edition will take place on December 5-9, 2021.

The courses support the three levels of (ADAA) Program, and each level has a different number of training hours: the Professional Level, the Practitioner Level, and the Expert Level. The KPI Institute’s performance management specialists will equip participants with practical knowledge, comprehensive toolkits, and a step-by-step model for improving their strategy execution framework. 

They will learn to build a robust strategy execution architecture, create a solid performance reporting system, and apply agile methodologies to managing strategic initiatives. They also have the opportunity to network with industry leaders and join a community of certified agile strategy professionals.

Some of the registered participants to date are the Charitable Foundation for Orphan Care, the Alfaisalya Women Welfare Society, the Ibtsm Association for Voluntary Dental Services, the Assem Association for Rehabilitation and Training of Orphans, the Albirr Charitable Society, and The Makkah Guests Charity.

“The (ADAA) Program is established according to the real needs and priorities of the nonprofit sector in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It is designed to help them formulate solutions, identify strategic opportunities, and create positive outcomes,” said Eng. Saad Abdullah Al-Qurashi, the founder of  (ADAA) Program who has over 30 years of experience in management and planning.

The Third Sector’s partnership with The KPI Institute leverages expertise and leadership in their respective fields, stellar business research and analysis, and top-tier client networks.

“Through our partnership, the program participants will be able to turn concepts into impactful, innovative opportunities while developing an agile culture for their organizations,” said Cosmin Chindris, Director of Global Partnerships at The KPI Institute.


About the Third Sector Center for Training and Management Consultancy ( Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, Third Sector is a consultancy firm with an extensive experience in providing services for nonprofit institutions and solutions delivered by seasoned consultants and field experts. 

About The KPI Institute ( – The KPI Institute is a global leader in performance management and KPIs training and certification. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, disseminates industry insights through publications and knowledge platforms, and provides support in deploying those insights through training and advisory services.



The KPI Institute
Cosmin Chindris, Director of Global Partnerships at The KPI Institute

Email: [email protected] | Mobile/WhatsApp: +40 740 963 913


Third Sector

Hatem Hamdy, Projects Manager at Third Sector Center 

Email: | Mobile/ WhatsApp : +966 56 264 8206

TKI People Awards: The KPI Institute Announces the Employee of the Month

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The KPI Institute has announced Deofelyn Cristobal as the employee of the month for September.

The TKI People Awards series features the employees and teams recognized by The KPI Institute for going above and beyond expectations, excelling as team players, and creating a tremendous impact on the company.

Deofelyn, or Len, is the Head of Publishing at TKI. She oversees the publishing department’s operations as well as the development, production, and editing of content for publications, newsletters, and reports.

“As her being Head of Publishing, she helped a lot in developing new series for the Performance Magazine, and it was very helpful in promoting our employees. Also, she helped in developing new concepts – ContentDrive21 in such a short time. She continues to be super dedicated to what team work means, so that each project/task is completed successfully and flawlessly,” said Iulia Tutulan, Business Development Specialist at TKI.

What does receiving the Employee of the Month award mean to you?

Len: It means that as an employee, I have colleagues who make my job easy because they are generous with their time and they pour in their incredible talent each time we have a project or a task to accomplish.  It means I’m able to fulfill my responsibilities as a publishing coordinator of ContentDrive21 because Daniel Ordonez, ILMS’ head of publishing and also my co-editor in the initiative, is reliable and approaches her work with a blend of professionalism and empathy.

Daniela Vuta, Agnes Ilyes, Iulia Tutulan, Andrei Costea, Dragos Anton, and Ashwin Jeebun inspire me with their amazing ideas, creativity, and work style. I’m also grateful for our business unit manager Cristina Mihăiloaie, who doesn’t run out of insights and strategies to share with me.

What’s your favorite accomplishment so far at TKI?

Len: Coming up with new ideas and executing them — whether they’re for operations or content development — is what I like most about my job.

When you’re faced with a challenge at work, how do you find a solution?

Len: Look at the problem from different perspectives. Filter what you’ll glean from them, focus on what you need, and make a decision that will help you achieve the best result. I also believe in strengthening your most useful asset that you can use in all types of situation. It means working on yourself more than simply dwelling on the problem. Challenges at work and in life will come and go, so it’s good to have principles and skills that will keep you grounded and undeterred.

What would be the three main career lessons that you have learnt thus far?

Len: The big ones have been said many times already. But sometimes, it’s the simplest ones that help make a difference. Keep all the ideas that come your way in a folder even if they sound impossible or silly at the moment; you’ll never know when you’ll need them. How you treat your colleagues says more about you than them. Lastly, try to be comfortable with not being comfortable with yourself because that type of discomfort means you may make mistakes and learn new things at the same time.

Learning new things could be achieved through attending courses, research and reading activities, joining a community, or experiencing new challenges.

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