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Inside Performance Magazine: How performance measurement benefits the auto industry

August 3rd, 2021 Posted by Press release 0 thoughts on “Inside Performance Magazine: How performance measurement benefits the auto industry”

Magazine cover of Performance Magazine

There is no one standard performance measurement system that would perfectly fit all organizations. Just ask Fabian Stigler, who graces the cover of the July 2021 issue of the PERFORMANCE Magazine – Printed Edition.

Stigler, a project engineer at IQ Intelligentes Ingenieur Management GmbH, specializes in project management, business intelligence, and business analytics.

One of his accomplishments as a performance analyst is developing a KPI system (KPI Performance Measurement System) that simplified multiple KPIs into an overall statement. 

He has also designed a data visualization guideline that makes reporting easier to understand and presentations clearly structured. “This system is methodical and universally applicable and can therefore be used in many departments and companies/industries,” he explains. 

With over six years of experience in the international automotive industry, Stigler tells PERFORMANCE Magazine that performance measurement systems play a significant role in decision-making nowadays. He attributes this change to “the advent of digitization in the automotive industry and the ever-increasing influence of data.”

According to Stigler, technology is important in building a robust performance measurement system. To achieve that, he emphasizes the need for powerful IT instruments, such as data lakes, powerful servers, and software.

Read Stigler’s complete interview in the July 2021 issue of the PERFORMANCE Magazine – Printed Edition. He shares his insights on the usage of KPIs, his advice to professionals in his field, and his views on work-life balance. 

The latest issue discusses the employee performance management cycle and the role of departmental values in achieving a corporate vision. Readers will learn more about the OKR system being implemented in brands like Google, Accenture, Twitter, and LinkedIn and the magazine’s recommended reading list for 2021.

Sharing your views, experiences, and strategies in managing performance is a great way to make connections and strengthen your professional brand as a business leader. 

If you would like to be considered as a contributor or an interviewee to be featured in PERFORMANCE Magazine or to send advertising inquiries, contact the editor at

Launching our 1st grad & postgrad diploma course – the Executive Education Program experience

May 4th, 2021 Posted by Press release 0 thoughts on “Launching our 1st grad & postgrad diploma course – the Executive Education Program experience”

Promoting excellence and improving performance happens at all levels. We oftentimes focus on employees, managers, and heads of departments, but we mustn’t forget about the upper echelon – directors, and executives. They represent the starting point for an organization’s vision, mission, and overarching goals.executive

If we were to take a look at many companies, a large percentage of the reason they became and remained successful is their leadership, specifically, the people positioned at the highest ranks 

However, a number of organizations also failed precisely because the individuals at the helm did not know how to steer them in the proper direction, oftentimes swaying too much to one side or going completely off-course. 

Here at The KPI Institute, our belief is that no business should ever fail or steer off-course if it benefits from proper management. Many of our courses focus on ensuring mid-tier level or intermediate-level leaders receive the knowledge they need in order to stabilize, improve, or maximize the performance of their organization. With that said, we felt it was high time we also focused on a business’s zenith, namely its uppermost executives. 

The Executive Program in Strategy and Performance 

The Executive Program in Strategy and Performance is the most complex educational program in The KPI Institute’s portfolio.

It is designed for business leaders who are interested in strengthening their skills in strategic planning, performance measurement based on Key Performance Indicators, data analysis, and reporting, strategy execution in dynamic markets. 

The Executive Education Program is split into two parts: a postgraduate diploma course and a graduate certificate course.  

  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Performance spans over the course of 3 semesters, or 18 months, and covers 8 specialized learning experiences. Once you’ve finished all your studies, you are required to put together a practitioner portfolio that will focus on 40 assignments. This course also awards you 280 CPD points, for your CPD development portfolio.

  • The Graduate Certificate in Strategy and Performance only lasts 2 semesters, over a period of 12 months, requiring its learners to complete 4 specialized courses and put together a practitioner portfolio that will focus on only 20 assignments. This course also awards you 140 CPD points, for your CPD development portfolio. 

Out of the 8 specialized learning experiences, 6 are mandatory, while 2 are elective. The 6 mandatory ones are Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, Performance Management, Strategy Execution, Performance Management System Audit, and Employee Performance Management. 

The final two are up to preference. You can choose whichever two options you wish, out of the following: the Balanced Scorecard, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Innovation Management Framework, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, or Benchmarking. 

Admission process 

The admission process for Executive Education Program is straightforward and only has 4 steps: 

  1. You schedule an initial discussion with us, expressing your interest in this program 
  2. You submit an admission file, which will contain your letter of intent (200-500 word), your CV, and all diplomas that reflect your educational background 
  3. We will review your admission file 
  4. We will schedule an interview with you 

After the interview is concluded, we’ll look to submit a final answer on your application process in up to 3 days’ time. 

Participant profile 

This course is primarily aimed at mid-tier and high-level leaders, from sales managers, chief accountants, production supervisors, and facilities managers, to directors, presidents, vice-presidents, and CEOs.  

Our intention is to focus on business leaders who wish to better their ability to plan ahead and strategize for the future, based on present data. We cover all aspects related to business improvement, from strategy execution, data analysis, and KPI measurement, to systems thinking, project management, and performance reporting. 

Competency framework 

Each of the courses covered in this program is intended to help you expand your competencies and capabilities so that you will become an integrated strategy and performance executive. The core of our Executive Education Program courses focus on the following:  

  • The Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional will augment your strategic planning capability, whilst improving your strategic thinking, stakeholders’ engagement, and communication competencies.

  • The Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional will advance your strategy execution capability, whilst refining your systems thinking, project management, and leadership competencies.

  • The Certified KPI Professional will amplify your performance measurement capability, whilst developing your KPI selection, data collection, and data visualization competencies.

  • The Certified Performance Management Professional will elevate your performance improvement capability, whilst enhancing your data analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making competencies.

  • The Certified Employee Performance Management Professional will supplement and boost your knowledge on employee performance management capability, whilst progressing your employee performance planning, employee evaluation, and feedback sessions competencies.

  •  The Certified Performance Management Systems Auditor will evolve your Performance Management System maturity model based-assessment capability, whilst intensifying your examination, analytical thinking, and solutions design competencies.

Through the Executive Education Program, we aim to build a new generation of executives, one that is ready to surmount any business trials or obstacles, much like a seasoned general.

In the 21st century, it is unacceptable for a business leader to falter in the face of adversity when in this day and age, there are more tools and tricks available than ever before. 

At The KPI Institute, we believe that through knowledge, dedication, and hard work, any challenge can be overcome. Even though some hurdles are greater than others and may cause setbacks, many of the greatest success stories in history came from failure. 

It is high time we addressed the high rates of failure in strategy execution so often encountered in organizations. It is time you shape the future, by knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to generate changes in the strategy and performance management practices of your organization.

It is time to become the best version of your professional self that you can be. 


The Certified Performance Management Live Online Course: 17 – 21 August

July 31st, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “The Certified Performance Management Live Online Course: 17 – 21 August”

Performance Management is a multi-faceted field of research & practice, which features several layers of complexity that relate to employee management, KPI management, data analysis, data gathering, and much

At The KPI Institute, we’ve developed a short accreditation course, the Certified Performance Management (PM) Live Online Course, which takes you through 6 core pillars that must become a part of your PM system, if you wish to maximize performance improvement.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the Performance Management System architecture;
  • How to rigorously conduct the data analysis process;
  • Get insights on best practices in reporting KPIs;
  • Practice performance review meetings;
  • Gain practical experience in recalibrating the Performance Management System;
  • How to build a performance culture;
  • Practice performance improvement in 12 different scenarios.

What’s in it for you? – Benefits

  • Manage performance at all levels, by identifying and addressing specific challenges;
  • Develop and maintain a functional Performance Improvement System;
  • Enhance the decision-making process, by using relevant data;
  • Nurture a performance culture.

Presenter profile

Andrea Minelli

Management Consultant

The KPI Institute

Andrea is a Certified KPI Professional, Certified KPI Practitioner and Certified Benchmarking Professional, and has delivered over 400 training and advisory workshop hours last year.

As a consultant, Andrea has gathered experience in guiding professionals, operating in different industries and sectors, in their journey of implementing Performance Management Systems, using solutions such as the Balanced Scorecard to aid them in the process.

Some of Andrea’s most significant consultancy projects are as follows: Performance Management System Implementations at the Corporate, Departmental, Function and Individual Level, and the implementation of Agile Employee Performance Appraisals.

In terms of training, some of the significant projects are the in-house training program for Qatar Foundation, The Certified KPI Professional training for Poivre Corporate Services (Mauritius), and the open-course training sessions in Algeria, Philippines, Serbia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Cambodia among others.


Multiple TKI Live Online certification courses now available in Arabic

July 23rd, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Multiple TKI Live Online certification courses now available in Arabic”

Excellence is a product of knowledge that has been molded and adapted as each situation saw fit. We at The KPI Institute pride ourselves on delivering excellence with each of our courses. online

Since our transition into the online environment, we have seen growing interest in our Arabic-delivered courses. We used to only feature one of our courses in Arabic, namely the Certified KPI Professional course, but now we have decided to increase the roster of certification opportunities available in Arabic.

As a result, all of the following live online courses now feature a standalone version, in Arabic:

  • Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional
  • Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional
  • Certified Performance Management Professional
  • Certified Data Analysis Professional
  • Certified Data Visualization Professional
  • Certified KPI Professional

You can become a certified Performance Management practitioner, from the comfort of your home. Excellence and improvement know no boundaries, no restraints and no barriers.

In the pursuit of greatness, we have to overcome all of the challenges laid before us. We have decided to meet our attendees half-way and provide a customized, tailored learning experience, which answers their needs to a tee.

If you are located in the Arab world, and wish to add your name to the ranks of all those holding a worldwide recognized certification from The KPI Institute, consider joining any of our live online courses. Excellence is just a click away!


Course Stories: Ending the year with our C-PM Course, in Cambodia

January 4th, 2020 Posted by Events 0 thoughts on “Course Stories: Ending the year with our C-PM Course, in Cambodia”

Our last project back in 2019 was absolutely astonishing – it united no less than the forces of 3 facilitators and 110 participants, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The KPI Institute proudly supports Cambodia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) in streamlining its organizational processes, pertaining to performance measurement and management, by nurturing a performance-oriented mindset.cambodia

This was our third project with MEF; our Cambodia learning journey started with a Performance Management training course and it continued with an emphasis on individuals, through our Employee Performance Management training session.

Monitoring and evaluating performance results in the public sector is always particularly challenging, due to its stakeholders’ complex configuration. We trained MEF staff members in the use of Key Performance Indicators and Performance Management best practices for 2 days.

Course Journal

Day I

On the first day, we mostly dedicated our time to creating a common learning foundation, by understanding the Performance Measurement Framework components and tools, differentiating between performance measurement and management concepts, and applying KPI selection principles.

Ultimately, we addressed the Performance Management System Activation process, as it is not enough to have a super-design unless it is activated.

Day II

On the second day, more practical knowledge was acquired, as we started working with data analysis techniques, in order to enable a decision-making process based on performance data.

Therefore, all the participants were engaged in different exercises for KPI analysis and renewal, as well as modelling and developing a portfolio of initiatives.


The Performance Measurement and Management In Industry 4.0 Symposium

November 27th, 2019 Posted by Events 1 thought on “The Performance Measurement and Management In Industry 4.0 Symposium”

Between the 18th – 19th of November, 2019, the University of Padua, Italy, co-hosted in partnership with the Performance Management Association (PMA), the Performance Measurement and Management In Industry 4.0 Symposium. The KPI Institute was honoured to be invited and participate in the event, having been represented by Adrian Brudan, General Manager for the EMEA Region.symposium

The symposium gathered scholars, consultants and practitioners from all over the globe, to focus their discussion, share their experiences and research findings on all of the upcoming industry challenges faced by the 21st century’s companies, as they delve deeper in what is known today as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For the past years, the business world has seen the rise of numerous new technological developments: Advanced Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Cyber Security, Horizontal and Vertical integration, Industrial Internet of Things, Simulations. Organizations around the world are trying to keep up with these trends and it is becoming painstakingly clear that many are faltering in their performance measurement and management practices.

The KPI Institute, represented by Adrian Brudan, GM of the company and Ph.D. student at The West University, in Timisoara, contributed to the discussions with two research studies:

  • Performance Management & Measurement Challenges at the Dawn of a New Technological (R)Evolution and
  • Performance Management Maturity Model: Role for Improving Decision-Making in a Digitized World.

The first research study conducted by Adrian – Performance Management & Measurement Challenges at the Dawn of a New Technological (R)Evolution, features research carried out over a period of 5 years, with inputs received from participants that attended 199 certification programs in the field of performance management and measurement organized by The KPI Institute, in both open and in-house formats.

The programs were delivered in 48 cities, from 34 countries, on 6 continents. There were 3112 participants who took part in discussions which generated all of the data collected, representing 741 organizations, from 29 diverse industries, with an average of 16 participants per program/discussion.

The study’s central premise revolved around the main challenges that organizations highlight as being key underperformance factors when it comes to performance measurement & management. Each of these main factors represents a compilation of several sub-factors, which together end up resulting in an overarching issue for the company.


The findings reflect that organizations encounter as many challenges as per the number of categories of sub-clusters identified in the study, which led to the development of its main categories. The challenges reflect both technical issues with the concepts of KPI selection, standardization and activation, as well as more generic challenges that pertain to matters such as system deployment, maintenance and maturity due to lack of proper buy-in and nurturing of a performance-driven culture.

The second research study – Performance Management Maturity Model: Role for Improving Decision-Making in a Digitized World, focused on bringing to the fore all of the field-related research work and knowledge, gathered in the last 10 years, under the coordination of Adrian Brudan, GM of the Global Performance Audit Unit – GPA Unit, the strategy and performance audit division of The KPI Institute. Its purpose is to provide integrated strategy and performance management systems assessment solutions through rigorous research, education and analysis.

The GPA Unit developed the Performance Maturity Model Framework, in order to assess the complexity of an institution’s organizational capabilities. The framework relies on approximately 300 assessment parameters, grouped under 5 major areas of organizational performance improvement that reflect best practices in the field.

The Performance Measurement and Management In Industry 4.0 Symposium was a most insightful and inspiring experience. With each year, every new edition brings forth greater and more novel ideas, signaling that the way to deal with today’s recurrent performance challenges does have a one-size fits all solution, but multiple ways to reach the end goal. The symposium acts as a platform for establishing links between research groups with complementary activities, and an opportunity to share experiences with the business world.

We are honoured and proud to have been a part of this event and look forward to its future editions!

kuala lumpur

Performance Management for the Public Sector in Kuala Lumpur

October 17th, 2019 Posted by Events 2 thoughts on “Performance Management for the Public Sector in Kuala Lumpur”

Fast forward after Egypt, Raluca landed in Kuala Lumpur, where a team of 20 delegates, part of Kuala Lumpur’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, dedicated to the Public Financial Management Reform Program, had the chance to explore The KPI Institute’s Performance Management training course, between the 12th – 14th of August, 2019. The training session included public sector examples, best practices and case studies.kuala lumpur

During the 3-day session, there were a ton of interesting debates and discussions around the various elements covered in our course, however here is a quick top 3 of the most appreciated training sections:

  • Performance management concepts: 13 popular concepts were differentiated; this section was particularly useful, as people tended to interpret matters in very different ways from the concepts;
  • The Balanced Scorecard being the main tool to operate a PMS based on KPIs;
  • Performance Management Simulation: collected data for KPIs results, compiled the performance scorecard, conducted the meeting to enable the decision-making process around KPI results and addressed initiatives to improve performance results, after which we documented the initiatives agreed upon during the meeting. WOW!

Our target during this learning experience in Kuala Lumpur was to ensure that all of the information shared with our attendees would provide them with meaningful methods of dealing with their daily challenges. We never aim to provide a theoretical response to a theoretical issue. Therefore, whenever we receive feedback like the following, it truly warms our hearts because we know we’re helping in making a difference:

  • “These sessions are very useful and interesting because I can apply all of this information to my current job.”
  • “I have gained a lot of input and experience from the “Performance Management” course, enough to be confident to apply at my work. Good course outline, straightforward and practical case studies and exercises.”

The KPI Institute’s coverage of PMA 2014 Conference

July 22nd, 2014 Posted by Events 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute’s coverage of PMA 2014 Conference”

The KPI Institute’s participation at the PMA 2014 Conference, held in Aarhus, Denmark had as a main outcome the achievement of a full and comprehensive conference cover. PERFORMANCE Magazine, The KPI Institute’s magazine dedicated to performance and strategy, provides an extensive database that comprises 11 interviews with professionals, as well as coverage from roughly over 80 presentations delivered by speakers all throughout the 3 days of conference.



Why choose a KPI Institute certification?

February 27th, 2014 Posted by Broad Topics 0 thoughts on “Why choose a KPI Institute certification?”

As performance management tools and processes are gaining more attention, due to the benefits they’ve brought to organizations worldwide, a KPI certification can bring added value to your company and career.

The KPI Institute’s certifications provide you with the opportunity to increase your value in the job market and to gain a strong theoretical and practice-based experience in applying Performance Management frameworks.

KPI Institute certification


The KPI Institute launches “Performance Management in 2013”

February 18th, 2014 Posted by Research 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute launches “Performance Management in 2013””

February 18th, 2014, Melbourne, Australia – The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education, announces the launch of “Performance Management in 2013”, the second from a series of annual publications which provides an overview on the state of the discipline.

Performance Management is continuously growing in popularity and maturity, assessing the exact position and development of the discipline each year is essential. The report Performance Management in 2013 is the result of a qualitative research study conducted in the period of September 2013 – January 2014, by The KPI Institute. The research study used both primary and secondary sources.

Performance Management in 2013