ZATCA hits new milestone with TKI’s performance management system maturity assessment 

The Global Performance Audit (GPA) Unit, the division at The KPI Institute (TKI) that specializes in strategy and performance management audits, has propelled Saudi Arabia’s Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) to new heights through a comprehensive performance management system maturity assessment. The review highlights ZATCA’s capabilities in terms of strategic planning, performance measurement, performance improvement, performance culture, and employee performance management.

The Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework applied by the GPA Unit involves a thorough approach, incorporating more than 300 assessment items aligned with industry best practices. This rigorous methodology includes assessments based on evidence, perception, and interviews, resulting in a detailed examination of ZATCA’s performance management capabilities.

As per the evaluation undertaken, ZATCA demonstrated advanced strategy and performance management practices, reaching the maturity level “IV – Integrated,” out of a five-level scale. The result obtained, positions the organization among the top governmental entities assessed by the GPA Unit in the past years, with sophisticated strategy planning, corporate reporting, and performance improvement practices.

ZATCA’s achievement underscores TKI’s staunch commitment to empowering professionals and organizations in their pursuit of globally competitive performance management systems and practices.


About the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA)

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority was established under the Council of Ministers Decision to merge “the General Authority of Zakat and Tax” and “the General Customs Authority” into one Authority. The Authority undertakes to collect zakat, taxes and customs duties while achieving the highest level of taxpayer compliance possible in accordance with best practices. The Authority is also responsible for organizing and managing all activities connected to ports and customs operations in order to achieve the highest level of compliance, productivity and competitiveness. This aims to assist the Kingdom in developing into a significant global logistics hub by promoting trade and maintaining national security. For more information, visit their website at

About The KPI Institute & the GPA Unit 

The KPI Institute (TKI) is a worldwide leader in performance management and KPIs training and certification. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, disseminates industry insights through publications and knowledge platforms, and provides support in deploying those insights through training and advisory services.

The Global Performance Audit Unit (GPA Unit) is the strategy and performance audit division of The KPI Institute. Its purpose is to provide integrated strategy and performance assessment solutions through rigorous research, education and analysis.

Based on over 15 years of experience and a combination of academic and practitioner research in the field of strategy and performance, we have developed a unique set of frameworks for assessing the maturity level of organizational performance management systems.

The concept and services of the GPA Unit are available worldwide, as it is supported by a dedicated online platform and a global network of collaborators,

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