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Celebrating the month of women with passion and excellence: quotes from the women of TKI Research

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As we honor women worldwide throughout March, from International Women’s Day to Women’s History Month, we are inspired to recognize the remarkable women at The KPI Institute (TKI) for their exceptional contributions and steadfast commitment to succeeding in career and personal endeavors. They forge their paths and uniquely shape history, enriching our organization with intellect, passion, and resilience.

Within TKI Research, women occupy leadership roles, showcase creativity, and contribute their expertise, each adding a distinctive element to our organization’s achievements. The inclusive approach, collaborative mindset, and compassionate leadership style they possess strengthen the dynamics of our work environment. 

Welcome to the celebration of the women of TKI Research—where brilliance and inspiration know no bounds.


“In an era flooded with information, the true value lies in publications that filter and refine knowledge for their audience. We embrace this challenge with passion, professionalism, and dedication, enriching our readers’ world with essential insights.” — Daniela Vuta, Head of Publications


“Working in publishing as an editor demands more than just rearranging words; it requires continual learning and adaptability across various areas—from human relations to technology, design, legal, journalism, and business-related considerations. But similar to a mother juggling tasks for her child’s growth and exploration of the world, you find fulfillment in the outcome and the potential impact your team’s content could have on readers’ lives. Happy Women’s Month!” — Len Cristobal, Chief Editor



“Marketing isn’t just about selling products; it’s about telling stories that resonate with hearts and minds. Let’s craft narratives of empowerment that inspire action and change.” — Alaa Safwan, Marketing Manager




“In times obscured by uncertainty,  consulting guides individuals and organizations toward success with wisdom and profound insight. I am grateful for my colleagues, the harmonious and multicultural richness, and the multitude of learning experiences.” — Liana Paraschiv, Internal Consultant



“Through our insightful publications, we tackle the most pressing challenges of the business environment. Our aim is to transform data into actionable insights, helping businesses make informed decisions for sustainable growth in a constantly evolving landscape.” — Andra Rotar, Business Research Analyst



“Doing cross-departmental work and collaborating with multiple talented individuals contributed to my professional development. Each colleague uniquely enriched my perspective. I am proud of us and grateful for my journey of perpetual learning.” — Andreea Vintila, Business Research Analyst



“Doing research on different topics has added to my knowledge and widened my horizon. It was never about reading and taking what’s available online, it is about drawing conclusions, gaining insights, and going beyond the available information.” — Mai Ismail, Business Research Analyst


“Having once been told I didn’t fit into the journalism world, I have found my true calling at TKI Research. With determination and passion, I’ve carved my own path, using words to break barriers and amplify diverse voices. Through my work, I bring a fresh perspective and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every publication we produce is not only accurate but also engaging and impactful. As we celebrate Women’s Month, I’m proud to contribute my unique skills and passion to our team, proving that diversity and determination are essential ingredients for success in any field.” — Kimberly Tilar, Publishing and Editing Specialist



“Language has the power to perpetuate stereotypes and dismantle them. As a translator, I’m not only building bridges between linguistic gaps, but also reshaping narratives that challenge gender biases while promoting inclusivity and gender equality through fostering a dialogue that respects and empowers women. I’m proud of us and of our contributions.” — Maryan Hamadeh, Translator and Research Assistant  



“Sharing knowledge is the heartbeat of progress, knitting together the strands of our collective wisdom, and ensuring the enduring tapestry of humanity.” — Cani Saputra, Senior Instructional Designer




“Knowledge transcends mere learning; it’s about the strategic architecture of information, tailored to meet diverse learner needs and propel them toward their educational objectives. My work revolves around constructing pathways of knowledge that ignite personal growth and achievement.” — Israa Warrar, Instructional Designer



“Design is not just about making things look good; it is the art of turning imagination into reality, blending innovation with purpose to spark wonder and ignite change.” — Rean Alarcon, Graphic Design Specialist



Happy Women’s Month from all of us at TKI Research!

Performance Magazine: redefining employee performance management in the modern workplace

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Gone are the days when employee performance management simply meant annual reviews and rigid goal-setting processes. Today’s workplaces require a dynamic, agile approach that meets the diverse needs of employees. With remote work, the gig economy, and a focus on work-life balance and well-being, it is essential that leaders and employees hone their ability to demonstrate adaptability and operate within a tailored system that responds to the changing times.

With The KPI Insitute’s first release of the Performance Magazine – Print Edition in 2024, organizations can explore the newest advancements in employee performance management, discover how to harmonize individual objectives with organizational goals and use cutting-edge technologies to streamline relevant processes.

The cover story delves into the profound influence of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on performance assessment and talent management. DEI, which serves as a guiding framework advocating for equitable treatment and unbiased opportunities for all employees, is also recognized as key to better organizational performance and wider opportunities for innovation. 

Moreover, key topics shaping employee performance management were covered in the In-depth section, from democratizing strategy planning to optimizing employee engagement for effective strategy execution. The magazine also presents best practices for holistic performance management and implementing a hybrid performance management system.

Readers can access first-hand insights from top leaders of major organizations. One of them is Dr. Malika Viltz-Emerson, Senior Global Human Resource Leader at Microsoft, who discussed the advantages of involving employees in managing and improving their performance. 

Additionally, seasoned experts from The KPI Institute provided valuable insights regarding principles governing performance evaluation, the importance of employee experience in driving performance, and employee well-being and mental health.

Stay ahead of the game in the realm of employee performance management. Get a copy of the Performance Magazine Issue No. 28 – Employee Performance Edition. The magazine is available for digital download via the TKI Marketplace and a print copy can be purchased through Amazon

The KPI Institute’s latest Government Services Index is here!

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The KPI Institute (TKI) released the Government Services Index (GSI) 2023, a comprehensive compilation of indicators designed to evaluate government service performance based on five key dimensions: Future Readiness, Digitalization, Governance, Society Welfare, and Citizen Experience, which are aligned with the collected data from 30 indicators.

The GSI 2023 report is the result of extensive research and analysis, drawing upon a diverse array of sources. Over 100 scholarly articles and 40 global indexes were reviewed to identify pertinent areas for assessing government service quality and the availability of global data. This rigorous process ensured that the report reflects the most relevant and up-to-date insights into the state of government services across different regions and sectors.

The GSI 2023 report has major implications for governance stakeholders worldwide. Policymakers can get insights into service delivery strengths and weaknesses, guiding them to better decision-making, while researchers may benefit from comprehensive data for further studies. Moreover, citizens might gain a better understanding of government service quality, empowering advocacy for positive change.

By examining data from 107 countries and five world regions, this report has identified the top performers in each dimension, shedding light on best practices and areas for improvement. In the GSI 2022, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) dominated the overall GSI ranking. The country placed first in Adaptability and Talent, third in Impact, and fourth in Governance and Digitalization. 

Has the UAE been able to maintain its position in 2023? Which countries are currently leading in each dimension?  Grab a copy now of the Government Services Index 2023 report and find out. For more information, visit

Certified Performance Management Professional: performance growth through transformation

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Today’s dynamic corporate world always seeks value-rich opportunities, the most effective management style, and the best way to achieve exceptional performance. Hence, practical knowledge and expertise in managing and improving organizational results are invaluable assets for sustaining a competitive advantage.

Embracing the power of change and achieving high performance with experts’ guidance is crucial to unlocking the full potential of your business. 

Course overview

The Certified Performance Management Professional course of The KPI Institute equips professionals with the skills needed to improve performance across all organizational levels. The training curriculum focuses on designing processes that foster a performance culture, aligning with the course’s learning objectives:

  • Identify key competencies for developing internal performance management capability
  • Design the main tools for a performance management architecture
  • Utilize performance data for informed decision-making and strategic execution
  • Enhance organizational performance reporting process
  • Cultivate enablers for result-oriented organizational culture growth

Benefits and importance

While delving into the six pillars of a successful Performance Improvement System, you gain access to numerous benefits, including:

  • Build a strong case highlighting the importance of a sound Performance Management System for organizational growth
  • Discover the key enablers for creating a performance-oriented culture
  • Reflect on organizational practices and identify necessary improvements for a more mature Performance Management System
  • Access ready-to-use Performance Scorecard, Performance Dashboard, and Portfolio of Initiatives in Microsoft Excel format
  • Free access to assess your organization’s performance improvement system maturity

Course structure and methodology

The Certified Performance Management Professional course encompasses a three-stage educational process with an expected total duration of 40 hours:

  1. Pre-course stage: Participants will assess their skills, engage in online discussions, and establish a collaborative learning journey—setting expectations for the training course.
  2. Core-course stage: Participants can select the live online or face-to-face sessions— any option facilitates experiential learning and fosters human interaction. In this phase, they will also fill in the Individual Learning Map and take the certification exam. 
  3. After-course stage: Here, participants will engage in forum discussions and peruse additional readings. Moreover, they will be able to create an actionable plan for implementing post-training actions and initiatives at this stage.

Course syllabus

The core course comprises 10 learning modules:

  1. Introduction to performance management
  2. Trends shaping performance management practices
  3. Performance management system governance
  4. The performance management process
  5. Performance management tools
  6. Performance enablers
  7. Learning and improvement
  8. Corporate performance management
  9. Departmental performance management
  10. Individual performance management 

Flexible learning options

The course is delivered in various languages and locations, catering to diverse schedules and preferences.

Certification and recognition

Participants will obtain the following certificates (soft copy) upon completion:

  • Certificate of Attendance: after participating in the five-day on-site training course
  • Certificate of Completion: after completing pre-course activities and passing the Certification Exam
  • Certified Performance Management Professional Diploma: awarded upon completing all three-course stages and making full payment
  • CPD Certificate of Attendance: provided once participants achieve the Certified Professional Status

Don’t stop now, your time has come. Enroll today in The KPI Institute’s Certified Performance Management Professional course and propel your business to the next level! 

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