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Performance Magazine: data analytics for strategy and performance management

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Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have profoundly impacted data analytics, allowing for informed, real-time decision-making and improved strategy execution. As interest in data analytics among C-suite executives increases, it is crucial to understand how it can be used to empower strategy and performance management.

The KPI Institute, a leading global research institute specialized in business performance, is proud to announce the publication of the 26th issue of Performance Magazine, which goes on a deep dive into how data analytics is being used to transform the way companies operate, develop business strategies, and manage performance. This issue also includes best practices and case studies on integrating innovative technologies such as AI and ML into an organization’s operations. 

Our cover story features insights from Madhur Mayank Sharma, senior director and head of AI development at SAP Asia PTE LTD, who shared his thoughts on how to develop a forward-thinking, dynamic data strategy. In addition, we also feature a plethora of experts in the field of data analytics, each of whom has provided a unique perspective on how organizations can create a data strategy and establish a data-driven culture.

Furthermore, our very own experts from The KPI Institute provided answers to questions on data analytics, such as:

  • How can organizations bridge the knowledge gap between data analysts and nontechnical stakeholders and decision-makers?
  • How can managers and executives stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in data analytics?
  • What are the most important KPIs for measuring the ROI of data analytics initiatives?

This issue also includes in-depth articles on topics such as how to leverage data for sustainability strategies, how to use business simulations to practice decision-making and problem-solving skills, how to identify whether or not the data gathered is of “good” quality, and how businesses can avoid falling prey to hype by adopting technologies that actually matter. 

Aspiring data analytics professionals will also learn a lot from our Career Insights section, which features an article detailing the importance of building a strong statistical foundation. Readers can also peruse our recommended resources, which include books, podcasts, webinars, and more.

Ensure your organization doesn’t fall behind on the latest data analytics trends impacting business, strategy, and performance management by checking out the latest issue of Performance Magazine today! You can get a digital version via the TKI Marketplace or order a printed copy from Amazon.

Inside the Top 10 Key Performance Indicators 2023: Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Metrics

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Key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics that gauge how effectively a business meets its goals. They have diverse applications, including monitoring performance, evaluating employees, improving processes, managing projects, and ensuring compliance. 

Moreover, KPIs provide an unbiased assessment, leading to informed decision-making and a better understanding of business dynamics. Regardless of their specific use, KPIs are essential for effective business management. 

The KPI Institute analyzed the most viewed KPIs in the first quarter of 2023 on, the largest database of documented KPIs (+21,300 KPI examples) with 75,000 community members, in their most recently published whitepaper, “TOP 10 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 2023: Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Metrics.” These KPIs reflect key metrics that provide insights into various aspects of business performance. Analyzing these metrics helps organizations understand their operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, financial health, and employee performance. 

However, choosing the right KPIs continues to be a challenge as they should match the company’s strategy and targets. Based on findings from The KPI Institute’s 2022 State of Strategy and Performance Management Practice Report, KPI selection ranks among the top three most challenging processes for businesses globally, regardless of industry. KPI selection requires meticulous planning, analysis, and cooperation among different departments and stakeholders. 

Thus, the TOP 10 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 2023: Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Metrics delves into the KPI selection process developed by The KPI Institute. It primarily involves scope clarification, selection criteria and techniques, leading up to the initial performance review meeting.

To discover the top 10 KPIs for 2023 and gain deeper insights into the best practices for KPI selection, download the TOP 10 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 2023: Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Metrics for free on the TKI Marketplace


TKI People Awards: teamwork makes the dream work

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Teamwork is indispensable in the workplace as it enhances workflow efficiency, drives creativity and innovation, and boosts employee productivity. Working as part of a team while executing ideas and delivering results has always been at the core of the Publishing Team, which was named The KPI Institute’s (TKI) first Team of the Quarter awardee for 2023.

The TKI People Awards series features the employees and teams recognized by TKI for going above and beyond expectations, excelling as team players, and creating a tremendous impact on the company.

The Publishing Team is responsible for content planning, strategy, creation, management, and publishing for TKI News and Performance Magazine, both online and in print, as well as their supplementary monthly newsletters. They work in close collaboration with stakeholders and subject matter experts to identify trending topics, industry insights, and emerging themes, producing relevant and engaging articles, interviews, case studies, and analyses. 

Additionally, the team provides support to other entities in the TKI ecosystem by editing various documents and ensuring that they adhere to editorial standards, such as research reports, whitepapers, course syllabi, and marketing materials. 

To gain deeper insights into how they work together to help uphold the company’s reputation as a reliable source of information and thought leadership in strategy and performance management, here is an interview with the three members of the Publishing Team.




Len Cristobal 

Chief Editor


TKI: What was the biggest accomplishment of your team this quarter?

Len: The team was able to conduct a writer training program while streamlining our operations, revamping our magazine, and preparing our first issue all at the same time. This is in addition to consistently producing content for other platforms.

TKI: What do you like most about your team?

Len: We have established systems and guidelines for most aspects of our work. But what I appreciate about our team is that even when we find ourselves realizing we do not have a protocol for a certain task yet, we are still able to accomplish things because we communicate and are always willing to help and support each other.

TKI: Describe one of the challenges you were able to overcome this quarter. How were you able to overcome it as a team?

Len: There are times when we have to juggle various tasks but by keeping the lines of communication open and being as proactive as possible, we are able to effectively work together, set priorities, and accomplish tasks on time.





Paolo Orduña

Senior Editor


TKI: What was the biggest accomplishment of your team this quarter?

Paolo: We successfully launched a training program to improve the written communication skills of our writers and researchers.

TKI: What do you like most about your team?

Paolo: I love our team’s collaborative culture.

TKI: Describe one of the challenges you were able to overcome this quarter. How were you able to overcome it as a team?

Paolo: The writer training program was quite challenging because of the short timeline. But we managed to work through it by spreading the workload.





Kimberly Tilar

Publisher and Editor Specialist


TKI: What was the biggest accomplishment of your team this quarter?

Kim: It would be the Writer Training Program. This program was conducted in March for 9 days and aimed to hone the participants’ fundamental, intermediate, and advanced writing skills to improve their output in every project that involves writing, such as creating a report, research, online and print content creation, and designing a course guide. We were able to pull it off, given the short period to prepare and while in the middle of other projects.

TKI: What do you like most about your team?

Kim: What I like the most about our team is the excellent communication. It fosters collaboration, builds strong relationships, and helps us overcome challenges, leading to collective growth and success. Moreover, my two seniors welcome my suggestions, opinions and ideas, as much as I learn significantly from them. This dynamic exchange creates a collaborative environment, yielding remarkable results. 

TKI: Describe one of the challenges you were able to overcome this quarter. How were you able to overcome it as a team?

Kim: Experiencing imposter syndrome has made me sometimes question my abilities, feeling inadequate in my work. However, with the support and encouragement of my team, I am gradually gaining confidence and overcoming these doubts. Moreover, slot thailand I appreciate the generosity of Len and Paolo in offering compliments, feedback, and constructive criticism, which has been immensely helpful.

Join the growing team of TKI! Check out the following professionals that TKI is looking for that might match your interests and areas of expertise:

  • Business Development/Sales Managers
  • Edutech Business Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager & Head of Marketing
  • Community Manager
  • Graphic Designer

Should you be interested, submit your CV to [email protected]

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