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Back-to-back releases for 2024: Performance Magazine highlights strategy, performance excellence

April 2nd, 2024 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “Back-to-back releases for 2024: Performance Magazine highlights strategy, performance excellence”

What distinguishes a successful company in today’s business environment is its capacity to adapt, innovate, and strategically tackle emerging challenges and opportunities. With change being constant and disruption becoming the norm, organizations must equip themselves with the right knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the curve. This is where Performance Magazine’s back-to-back releases for the first quarter of 2024 come into play: the Employee Performance Edition and the Strategy Management Edition.

The Employee Performance Edition delves deep into redefining employee performance management in the modern workplace. At the heart of this edition lies the cover story, which discusses the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in talent management. It recognizes that equitable treatment and unbiased opportunities not only drive individual performance but also foster a culture of innovation and organizational excellence. Other key topics include democratizing strategy planning, optimizing employee engagement for effective strategy execution, implementing a hybrid performance management system, and nurturing holistic performance management. Download the digital copy from TKI Marketplace or purchase the printed edition on Amazon.

Complementing that focus on employee performance, the Strategy Management Edition offers insights into strategic leadership in disruptive times. Interventions aligned with executing accessible strategies, particularly those that support an adaptive organizational culture and address change resistance, can be found in the cover story. Readers will also learn how to incorporate diverse viewpoints into strategy implementation, empower employees for effective change management, and ensure data accuracy for informed decision-making. Drawing on global insights and innovative approaches to strategy planning and execution, this edition provides organizations with the principles and frameworks necessary to navigate uncertainty and seize opportunities for growth and success. Get the digital copy from TKI Marketplace or order the printed edition on Amazon.

With actionable insights, best practices, and global analyses from industry leaders and experts, Performance Magazine’s back-to-back releases for 2024 provide businesses and professionals with the information and insights they need to stay competitive, resilient, and future-ready. 

Take part in the State of Strategy Management Practice – 2024 survey

April 2nd, 2024 Posted by Press release 0 thoughts on “Take part in the State of Strategy Management Practice – 2024 survey”

From geopolitical turmoil to technological innovation, the modern world is characterized by constant, rapid change. Thus, organizations must take regular stock of strategy management practices to determine whether they are adapting to the sudden dynamism. To aid in this endeavor, The KPI Institute is preparing the State of Strategy Management Practice – 2024, a comprehensive report that examines the most current issues, trends, and challenges affecting strategy planning,  strategy execution, and key performance indicator (KPI) implementation. 

The report gathers data through a survey that covers recent developments in strategy planning, performance measurement, and strategy execution within organizational contexts. Questions will delve into the latest worldwide viewpoints to highlight the varied strategies and performance management methodologies implemented across diverse industries around the globe. 

Professionals participating in strategy planning and execution are encouraged to answer the survey and share their pragmatic insights, recommendations, and best practices. Respondents will receive the following rewards for their participation:

If you are interested, click here to answer the survey. 


About The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute is a leading global research institute specializing in business performance. It operates research programs in practice domains revolving around strategy and performance management in various contexts such as organizational, governmental, global, or at the personal level.

Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications and subscription services as well as a knowledge platform available to registered members. The KPI Institute generates genuine, forward-thinking ideas to address modern business challenges while promoting best practices and structural and strategic approaches.

Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition unveils global insights, innovative approaches

April 1st, 2024 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition unveils global insights, innovative approaches”

According to The KPI Institute’s State of Strategy Management Practice Global Report – 2023, 34% of professionals believe that ineffective change management is a major factor in strategic failure. As the world undergoes dramatic transformations and disruptions, underestimating impactful strategic leadership is no longer an option.

The latest issue of Performance Magazine – Print Edition reveals what lies beneath strategic success in disruptive times, from managing stakeholder engagement to adopting breakthrough technologies to cultivating strategic foresight. To navigate new paradigms of work, organizations delve deep, exploring various perspectives, scrutinizing data, and analyzing risks while taking into account the influence of culture and communication.

As emphasized by one of the experts interviewed in this edition, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink of Strategy Inc., executing a strategy requires organizations to consistently manage relevance, progress, and morale “so that the strategy remains up to date, implementation stays on track, and people remain on board.” Interventions aligned with this approach, particularly those that support an adaptive organizational culture and address change resistance, can be found in the cover story.

For those who want to dive deep into the intricate processes of organizational strategy, this special edition offers nuanced perspectives on planning, development, and execution, all woven with best practices, case analyses, and data-driven discussions. Specifically, readers will find the knowledge and tools necessary to incorporate diverse viewpoints into strategy implementation, empower employees for effective change management, and ensure data accuracy for informed decision-making. Moreover, readers can access a curated collection of multimedia resources tailored for professionals specializing in strategy.

Featuring contributions from expert voices representing diverse backgrounds, including the Netherlands, England, Hungary, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Performance Magazine’s Strategy Management Edition provides unparalleled insights into modern strategic management challenges. These experts not only offer their unique thoughts but also present actionable recommendations and solutions grounded in their specialized knowledge, extensive experiences, and notable achievements in the field.

Unlock the strategies for success in uncertain times with Performance Magazine Issue No. 29, 2024 – Strategy Management Edition. Grab a digital copy from TKI Marketplace or order the printed edition on Amazon.

Performance Magazine: government strategy and performance management in focus

December 12th, 2023 Posted by Publications 0 thoughts on “Performance Magazine: government strategy and performance management in focus”

Effective governance not only sets rules but also steers a nation toward a shared vision.  This is accomplished by creating a strategy aligned with citizens’ welfare and aspirations and ensuring progress at every step. Therefore, performance management plays a crucial role in measuring, evaluating, and improving the effectiveness of government initiatives and policies. 

The latest PERFORMANCE Magazine Print Edition, published by The KPI Institute (TKI), explores innovative ideas, best practices, case studies, agile approaches, and viewpoints about the use of key performance indicators, benchmarking, strategic planning and execution, and data analysis in the government sector. 

The magazine offers exclusive insights from interviews with performance management practitioners and experts in the government, addressing issues affecting government employees and citizens, like job loss and digital inequality. TKI’s consultants also share their perspectives on other performance management challenges, data empowerment, and digitalization. 

In the cover story, Michael Jacobson, the Deputy Director for Performance and Strategy at the King County Office of Performance, Strategy, and Budget in the United States, dives deeper into government strategy and performance management, highlighting the roles of people, processes, and leadership in ensuring efficient and successful public service.

Furthermore, the In-depth section of the magazine delves into crucial aspects of organizational management, covering the newest trends and practices in how organizations formulate and execute strategies, enhance workforce performance, and leverage data for informed decision-making.

One of the edition’s highlights is the coverage of the performance management system maturity assessment conducted by the Global Performance Audit (GPA) Unit of The KPI Institute for the Talent and Performance Management Department of Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Development Fund (TDF).

PERFORMANCE Magazine’s Career Insights section presents stories and insights from seasoned performance management professionals in the government who shared their experiences in pursuing careers in public service. Additionally, the magazine shares valuable resources such as statistics, books, software, podcasts, and webinars.

Seize this opportunity to understand how strategy and performance management work in the government sector and gain lessons on leadership, strategic thinking, and adaptability. Grab a digital copy today of the PERFORMANCE Magazine Issue No. 27, 2023 – Government Edition through TKI Marketplace. You can also purchase the printed edition via Amazon


Succeed in strategy and performance management: practical applications from TKI’s 2023 research study

November 8th, 2023 Posted by Events, Webinar 0 thoughts on “Succeed in strategy and performance management: practical applications from TKI’s 2023 research study”

Amidst a sea of strategic frameworks and performance modulations, aligning your organizational strategies with validated, global insights is akin to following a lighthouse that guides you toward informed, impactful decision-making. With that in mind, The KPI Institute (TKI) invites you to join our exclusive webinar meticulously crafted for leaders, strategists, and innovators like you. 

The webinar will be held on Nov. 14, 2023, at 7:00 PM (KSA) and is designed to give participants the tools they need to navigate through the crucial findings of TKI’s “State of Strategy Management Practice Report 2023.” The report is a comprehensive research study conducted by TKI, which echoes the current state, challenges, and tactics of organizations across the globe. This webinar will not merely present data, but it will also help you understand how to weave these insights into the very fabric of your strategic endeavors.

What can you expect?

  • In-depth insights: Discover key findings from the research report that unveil current and future trends in strategic planning, measurement, and execution.
  • Expert narratives: Engage with our seasoned strategy and performance management expert who offers actionable advice to overcome challenges and bolster organizational practices.
  • Interactive dialogue: Participate in a rich, collaborative Q&A session, and glean insights from our expert on your topics of interest.

Who is this for?

  • Executives and managers who are navigating through the complex webs of decision-making and organizational leadership
  • Strategy planning professionals who seek to enhance the depth and impact of their strategy management tools and practices
  • Corporate performance management managers who are looking to align organizational performance measurement with emerging global trends and insights
  • Business consultants who aim to provide their clientele with informed, data-backed guidance that elevates the effectiveness of performance management systems

Participant gift bag

What’s in the bag? Participants will receive the following gifts:

  • State of Strategy Management Practice Report 2023: Access the full report including practical recommendations.
  • The Human Resources Performance Scorecard Template: Benefit from a pre-populated performance scorecard that can be populated with other functional area examples or corporate-level objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).

About the speaker

The webinar will be presented by Cristina Mihăiloaie, a Strategy and Performance Management Expert and the Business Unit Manager of Research Programs at TKI.

Her professional experience embeds research skills with performance management consulting and practical strategy development and execution for TKI’s research division.

In the last 10 years, Cristina has contributed to the development of best practices and standards for using and leveraging KPIs that are taught in the premium certifications of TKI worldwide. She has assisted large organizations in industries like oil and gas, the financial sector, telecommunications, manufacturing, and utilities.

She conducts maturity assessments for strategy and performance management systems and has trained over 500 professionals, gaining first-hand experience on the most stringent issues that organizations are facing.

Join the webinar

Embark on a journey of strategic elevation, where your actions and decisions are not just informed but transformed by a reservoir of global insights and trends. Click the link below to secure your spot in a webinar that promises to reshape your strategic outlook and empower your forward trajectory.

Secure my spot.

The KPI Institute recognizes Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Development Fund for corporate performance practices

October 17th, 2023 Posted by Press release 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute recognizes Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Development Fund for corporate performance practices”

Excellence meets expertise. The KPI Institute (TKI), leveraging decades of experience and capabilities through its Global Performance Audit (GPA) Unit, has presented the Tourism Development Fund (TDF) of Saudi Arabia with an Excellence Award. This award acknowledges the organization’s high-level strategy and performance management practices.

The KPI Institute, a globally trusted reference for organizational performance standards, along with a team of experts from the GPA Unit, conducted the maturity assessment for TDF. The process covers five key organizational capabilities: strategic planning, performance measurement, performance improvement, employee performance management, and organizational culture.

The Integrated Performance Maturity Model is a proprietary evaluation framework that relies on a sound collection of information through client documentation review, survey insights, and brief interviews with key internal stakeholders. All findings are rated against best practices using a scoring methodology. The evaluation of TDF concluded with a final score that positions the Fund on maturity level IV out of V.

”The level of maturity encountered in Tourism Development Fund regarding researching and involving stakeholders in strategy formulation and planning, as well as their ability to convey effectively the essence of corporate strategy and KPIs, prove that advanced performance management systems can be built in the early years of an organization. More than that, they are fostering a sustained growth and evolution of the business,” said Cristina Mihăiloaie, Lead Consultant on the maturity assessment project for TDF.

Qusay bin Abdullah Al Fakhri, the Fund’s Chief Executive Officer, views the award as an achievement for the tourism system and commends the unwavering team spirit that has enabled the office to attain the highest quality standards in organizational performance. “This achievement is a direct result of the unwavering dedication of our team, led by the Strategy and Organizational Excellence team, in addition to the Performance and Talent Management team of the Fund. It emphasizes the significance of our ongoing efforts and determination to fulfill our promises and goals.”


About the Tourism Development Fund (

The Tourism Development Fund was established to empower and develop one of the Kingdom’s most rapidly growing industries. As tourism is a key driver to achieving the 2030 Saudi vision, the Fund plays an important role in attracting and supporting investments and providing support for the private sector to incentivize the development of the tourism ecosystem.

Contact: +966-11-920011552

Email: [email protected]

About The KPI Institute (

The KPI Institute is a worldwide leader in performance management and KPIs training and certification. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, disseminates industry insights through publications and knowledge platforms, and provides support in deploying those insights through training and advisory services.

Improve your organization’s performance management architecture with the maturity assessment services offered by The Global Performance Audit Unit, the strategy and performance audit division of The KPI Institute. Explore additional offerings at

Contact: Adrian Brudan, General Manager EMEA, The KPI Institute

Email: [email protected] | Mobile/WhatsApp: +40 721 233 084

Performance Magazine: data analytics for strategy and performance management

August 23rd, 2023 Posted by Press release, Publications 0 thoughts on “Performance Magazine: data analytics for strategy and performance management”

Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have profoundly impacted data analytics, allowing for informed, real-time decision-making and improved strategy execution. As interest in data analytics among C-suite executives increases, it is crucial to understand how it can be used to empower strategy and performance management.

The KPI Institute, a leading global research institute specialized in business performance, is proud to announce the publication of the 26th issue of Performance Magazine, which goes on a deep dive into how data analytics is being used to transform the way companies operate, develop business strategies, and manage performance. This issue also includes best practices and case studies on integrating innovative technologies such as AI and ML into an organization’s operations. 

Our cover story features insights from Madhur Mayank Sharma, senior director and head of AI development at SAP Asia PTE LTD, who shared his thoughts on how to develop a forward-thinking, dynamic data strategy. In addition, we also feature a plethora of experts in the field of data analytics, each of whom has provided a unique perspective on how organizations can create a data strategy and establish a data-driven culture.

Furthermore, our very own experts from The KPI Institute provided answers to questions on data analytics, such as:

  • How can organizations bridge the knowledge gap between data analysts and nontechnical stakeholders and decision-makers?
  • How can managers and executives stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in data analytics?
  • What are the most important KPIs for measuring the ROI of data analytics initiatives?

This issue also includes in-depth articles on topics such as how to leverage data for sustainability strategies, how to use business simulations to practice decision-making and problem-solving skills, how to identify whether or not the data gathered is of “good” quality, and how businesses can avoid falling prey to hype by adopting technologies that actually matter. 

Aspiring data analytics professionals will also learn a lot from our Career Insights section, which features an article detailing the importance of building a strong statistical foundation. Readers can also peruse our recommended resources, which include books, podcasts, webinars, and more.

Ensure your organization doesn’t fall behind on the latest data analytics trends impacting business, strategy, and performance management by checking out the latest issue of Performance Magazine today! You can get a digital version via the TKI Marketplace or order a printed copy from Amazon.

The KPI Institute reports sustained growth in course participation

June 21st, 2023 Posted by Certification, Courses, Partnerships 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute reports sustained growth in course participation”

Editor’s Note: This article is authored by Islam Salahuddin, a Business Research Analyst, and Len Cristobal, the Chief Editor at The KPI Institute and originally published in the 25th printed edition of PERFORMANCE Magazine.

The KPI Institute achieved another year of record-breaking success in 2022, with 5,553 individuals participating in 336 course deliveries. This marks the seventh consecutive year of growth for the global research organization dedicated to setting standards in strategy and performance management-related professions. Compared to 2016, the number of participants in The KPI Institute’s Premium Certifications grew fivefold, up from 898.

With 19 years of experience providing performance solutions, The KPI Institute has successfully trained thousands of professionals in strategy and performance management-related disciplines with the support of its 40 partner organizations worldwide. The organization offers a variety of course delivery options, including virtual classrooms, face-to-face groups, and self-paced eLearning classes.

Live online courses remain the most popular delivery method, chosen by 3,664 participants. This trend has continued for the third year in a row since the launch of live online courses in 2020, far surpassing the number of participants who opted for in-person sessions, totaling 1,889. 

“We are thrilled to report another year of exceptional growth. This success can be attributed, in part, to the organization’s expansion of course offerings. With this, we remain committed to providing top-quality training and insights through our research programs and publications. In addition, I would like to thank our partner organizations that are contributing to fulfilling our vision,” Cristina Mihăiloaie, business unit manager of The KPI Institute’s Research Division, said.

The courses offered by The KPI Institute are designed to enable professionals and organizations to adapt and succeed in today’s business environment. Some of the certifications are Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner, Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional, and Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional. 

Check our partner organizations here, or apply to become a partner organization of The KPI Institute.

Navigating global trends: approaches to strengthen performance management in Southeast Asia

May 24th, 2023 Posted by Certification, Courses 0 thoughts on “Navigating global trends: approaches to strengthen performance management in Southeast Asia”

In the previous article, Linh Do,  Head of Professional Services at The KPI Institute Vietnam, highlights the geopolitical, environmental, and economic challenges that impact Southeast Asia. Understanding these factors is crucial for grasping the local dynamics and uncovering regional growth opportunities. In this article, Linh will delve into potential measures that can be implemented to enhance performance management in the region. 

Improving performance management in Southeast Asia involves diversifying their supplier base, investing in innovation, enforcing sustainable practices, leveraging AI technologies, and upskilling employees.

Implement risk management strategies. To mitigate the further impact of global recession and trade disruption, companies should pay attention to risk management in planning their strategy and manage them accordingly. This begins with implementing proactive risk assessment measures to identify potential threats that might negatively affect their business and the weaknesses within their operation that might strengthen those impacts. Subsequently, companies can employ various remedies to address these vulnerabilities. Organizations can secure a steady supply of raw materials by evaluating alternative sourcing options, establishing backup suppliers, and exploring local or regional partnerships while mitigating the risks associated with production delays and cost fluctuations.

Capture and manage the impacts on ESG-related matters. Businesses will need to manage this aspect through effective strategy planning associated with performance management practices, such as setting objectives to identify opportunities for sustainable business growth, reduce carbon footprints, and implement sustainable supply chain practices. Some KPIs to consider may include # Initiatives to promote environmental responsibility,  % Current production lines that are environmentally friendly, and % Energy produced from renewable sources.

Adjust performance management practices to stay productive in the new work arrangement. To ensure remote workers remain engaged and productive while maintaining a sense of connectedness and collaboration with colleagues, companies like Lazada have implemented remote work policies, providing online training programs and running digital Employees Net Promoter Score surveys to support their engagement and professional development. In addition, companies should move the focus from measuring process KPIs such as # Work hour to finish a task to more output and value-oriented KPIs such as # Tasks done on time that meet the requirements.

Utilize new technologies effectively. An excellent example of this is companies like Grab and DBS Bank have implemented AI technologies to streamline operations and improve customer experiences. To succeed in AI implementation, companies need clear performance metrics. Depending on their goals, such as cost reduction or lead time improvement, relevant KPIs can be used, like % cost saved or # lead time using AI technology.

Identifying the optimal approach to maintain resilience in this highly dynamic environment is challenging, yet managing them to ensure relevancy and effectiveness is even more arduous. Therefore, it is important to equip yourself with comprehensive knowledge and skills to facilitate these processes. 

Elevate your competitive edge by enrolling in The KPI Institute’s Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional and Certified Performance Management Professional courses, allowing you to gain insights into these subjects and maintain a leading position in your field.

Navigating global trends: impact on performance management practices in Southeast Asia’s businesses

May 17th, 2023 Posted by Certification, Courses 0 thoughts on “Navigating global trends: impact on performance management practices in Southeast Asia’s businesses”

Linh Do, Head of Professional Services at The KPI Institute Vietnam, shared insights regarding macroeconomic trends and their worldwide influence on performance management practices in the 2023 Business Pulse: 5 Trends Impacting Strategy and Performance Management webinar. In a two-part series of articles, she delves into the trends impacting Southeast Asia and explores potential measures to strengthen performance management in the region.

Identifying the economic, environmental and geopolitical issues affecting Southeast Asia is crucial for understanding its local dynamics and opportunities for growth. Here are some of the emerging trends affecting the region’s landscape.

The global recession.  The ongoing trade crisis between the US and China has led to disruptions in the supply chain: delayed production, longer delivery times, and a lack or excess of stock of specific materials. The region’s trade is correlated with industrial production cycles and any downturn or recession in the global economy, which will affect the market. 

The role of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in strategy planning. ESG is another point worth mentioning and has received a lot of attention lately. In 2023, 30% of companies in ASIA-based 2000 (A2000) capture ESG-related goals in their strategy, and this figure is expected to rise to 40% in 2024. Moreover, third-party assessments will heavily consider ESG factors, with approximately 20% of A2000 companies prioritizing these risks over security, financial, and operational risks. This change is driven by the transition of sustainability performance disclosure regulations from voluntary to mandatory, demonstrating the region’s strong commitment to fulfilling the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The shift in work culture. This shift impacts performance management practices in SEA. Traditionally, the region has been characterized by a culture of long working hours and a focus on face-to-face interactions. However, as work culture continues to shift towards remote work and flexible working arrangements, this could significantly change how businesses operate and manage performance in the region. 

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This is another trend impacting performance management practices in SEA as companies in the region started utilizing AI to reduce heavy labor costs and stay up-to-date with market developments. However, this will also require upskilling employees to utilize these technologies effectively. 

Adapting to changes and emerging trends in managing performance will be challenging, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, some techniques can fast-track and make the process easier for organizations. If you would like to learn about them, join The KPI Institute’s Certified Performance Management Professional course to stay ahead in the race!

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