Take part in the State of Strategy Management Practice – 2024 survey

From geopolitical turmoil to technological innovation, the modern world is characterized by constant, rapid change. Thus, organizations must take regular stock of strategy management practices to determine whether they are adapting to the sudden dynamism. To aid in this endeavor, The KPI Institute is preparing the State of Strategy Management Practice – 2024, a comprehensive report that examines the most current issues, trends, and challenges affecting strategy planning,  strategy execution, and key performance indicator (KPI) implementation. 

The report gathers data through a survey that covers recent developments in strategy planning, performance measurement, and strategy execution within organizational contexts. Questions will delve into the latest worldwide viewpoints to highlight the varied strategies and performance management methodologies implemented across diverse industries around the globe. 

Professionals participating in strategy planning and execution are encouraged to answer the survey and share their pragmatic insights, recommendations, and best practices. Respondents will receive the following rewards for their participation:

If you are interested, click here to answer the survey. 


About The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute is a leading global research institute specializing in business performance. It operates research programs in practice domains revolving around strategy and performance management in various contexts such as organizational, governmental, global, or at the personal level.

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