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The Certified Performance Management Live Online Course: 17 – 21 August

July 31st, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “The Certified Performance Management Live Online Course: 17 – 21 August”

Performance Management is a multi-faceted field of research & practice, which features several layers of complexity that relate to employee management, KPI management, data analysis, data gathering, and much

At The KPI Institute, we’ve developed a short accreditation course, the Certified Performance Management (PM) Live Online Course, which takes you through 6 core pillars that must become a part of your PM system, if you wish to maximize performance improvement.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the Performance Management System architecture;
  • How to rigorously conduct the data analysis process;
  • Get insights on best practices in reporting KPIs;
  • Practice performance review meetings;
  • Gain practical experience in recalibrating the Performance Management System;
  • How to build a performance culture;
  • Practice performance improvement in 12 different scenarios.

What’s in it for you? – Benefits

  • Manage performance at all levels, by identifying and addressing specific challenges;
  • Develop and maintain a functional Performance Improvement System;
  • Enhance the decision-making process, by using relevant data;
  • Nurture a performance culture.

Presenter profile

Andrea Minelli

Management Consultant

The KPI Institute

Andrea is a Certified KPI Professional, Certified KPI Practitioner and Certified Benchmarking Professional, and has delivered over 400 training and advisory workshop hours last year.

As a consultant, Andrea has gathered experience in guiding professionals, operating in different industries and sectors, in their journey of implementing Performance Management Systems, using solutions such as the Balanced Scorecard to aid them in the process.

Some of Andrea’s most significant consultancy projects are as follows: Performance Management System Implementations at the Corporate, Departmental, Function and Individual Level, and the implementation of Agile Employee Performance Appraisals.

In terms of training, some of the significant projects are the in-house training program for Qatar Foundation, The Certified KPI Professional training for Poivre Corporate Services (Mauritius), and the open-course training sessions in Algeria, Philippines, Serbia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Cambodia among others.


The Certified EPM Live Online Course: 10 – 14 August

July 30th, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “The Certified EPM Live Online Course: 10 – 14 August”

Employee management represents a core element of a sustainable, proficient, and efficient performance management system. All aspects, starting with onboarding, continuing with measuring results & obtaining buy-in, and ending with a fair severance package, require implementing a first-class EPM system.epm

That’s where we come into play, with our Certified Employee Performance Management System (EPM) Live Online Course, hosted between the 10th – 14th of August, 2020, at 18:00 GST Time and 09:00-13:00 CST (US).

What will you learn?

  • How to unravel performance management (PM) framework’s fundamentals
  • How to trace your employee’s accomplishments, per each performance management cycle
  • How to employ the right tools to gauge your employees’ results objectively
  • How to deliver a well-planned employee appraisal session
  • How to develop a Performance Management System business case

What’s in it for you? – Benefits

  • Foster fundamental competencies, which will help you design, implement, monitor and evaluate your performance management cycle successfully
  • Revamp how you approach visibility & transparency
  • Clarify expectations and accountability related to performance
  • Access some of the latest and most relevant PM tools, which will help you implement all of the knowledge gained during the course
  • Pinpoint core corporate competency and skill gaps, in order to engender sustainable growth

Presenter profile

Teodora Gorski
Managing Director MENA
The KPI Institute

Teodora Gorski is the Managing Director MENA at The KPI Institute, as well as a Project Management specialist with experience in Research, Organizational Development, and Human Resources. As a Managing Director, Teodora leads organizational development initiatives, to support and enhance the organization’s strategic plan, and manages the development & growth of The KPI Institute’s MENA branch.

Some of Teodora`s most significant projects include designing and implementing various corporate expansion projects, as well as implementing performance management systems & business development strategies for the Middle East.

She also has experience in working with organizational design, in relation to managing structural change and developing organizational capabilities. Teodora has also been involved in determining companies’ needs for human capital development and building a company’s stock of HR, to support organizational strategies.

face to face

We’re bringing in-person back: TKI’s face to face courses are resurging

July 29th, 2020 Posted by Events 0 thoughts on “We’re bringing in-person back: TKI’s face to face courses are resurging”

As countries and economies are recuperating from the unfortunate turn of events related to COVID-19, organizations have begun restarting their former modus operandi. For educational institutions like The KPI Institute, this entails bringing back face to face (F2F) courses.face to face

Whilst live online courses bring numerous advantages and have become one of our most popular methods of acquiring an internationally-recognized certification, we do miss the genuine human connection that stems from seeing one another live, in person.

As a result, starting with August, our live, face to face courses will experience a resurgence, in Malaysia.

face to face

However, with great burden comes great responsibility. In order to shoulder the efforts of the Malaysian government, healthcare system and all of its citizens, there are certain rules of conduct that must be respected, if you wish to join one of our F2F courses:

  • There are no restrictions regarding the total number of participants, however, each table will only feature 3 participants
  • All participants will be seated at least 1m apart from each other
  • Table rows will be spaced at least 2.5m apart
  • The KPI Institute will prepare temperature scans, contact tracing, masks, hand sanitizer, and other required consumables
  • The maximum number of trainees allowed in a face to face training session is as detailed in the Allowable Cost Matrix (ACM), depending on the size of the training space and social distancing rules: max no. of participants = training space (in m2)/4
  • Meals, including refreshments, must be pre-packed and eaten at the participant’s individual seating, in the training facility
  • All the participants need to follow the Standard Operating Procedure

If you are interested in experiencing the live, F2F version of our popular online courses, consider going over our list of upcoming learning experiences and join whichever TKI certification opportunity you believe best fits your needs. Get in touch with any of our consultants for more information!


The C-KPI Live Online Course is steamrolling through August & September

July 24th, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “The C-KPI Live Online Course is steamrolling through August & September”

Online learning has been around for quite some time, however, 2020 has made it a mainstay of the educational industry. People need information & knowledge, and with the advent of greater and more advanced technology, companies flocked to the online environment in order to meet this demand.c-kpi

We, at The KPI Institute, have been delivering a series of online courses, for many years now. Nevertheless, when we saw the disruption caused by this year’s unfortunate events, we knew we had to step up our game and embrace the newfound reality of online learning. As we stepped deeper and deeper into this world, we found a great number of people, ready to join us in this journey.

As a result, we have increased our live online course offer fourfold and began localizing several of them in Arabic, French or Spanish, with a few other languages to follow.

However, even though we’ve noticed a substantial increase in interest for our courses in general, one of them stands taller than the rest – the Certified Key Performance Indicator Professional (C-KPI) course.

If you’re someone that in any way has to deal with KPIs or performance measurement indicators, as some people call them, and you’re uncertain how to go about managing this process, we’d be delighted to help you out. Our C-KPI course is designed to help you understand KPI measurement challenges and provide the most appropriate ways of addressing them.

Did you know?

The KPI management process includes actions such as: selecting KPIs, documenting them in a standardized template, optimizing their activation and data gathering process, embedding them into scorecards & dashboards, crafting a KPI implementation plan, creating a value driver concept map and KPI reports.

That’s not even all of it, but we can go further in-depth during the course!

As companies look to attain a more structured approach to managing their processes and performance, KPIs offer that opportunity, provided they are managed properly.

Are KPIs really booming?

Short answer – yes. Long answer? Well, we’d rather show you. Here’s our C-KPI calendar for the next upcoming weeks:


Even though we’ve got quite a busy schedule ahead of us, our doors will always be open to anyone who wants to join. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power, but not the sorcery kind of power. What we endow our attendees with is the magical ability to bring improvement into existence, by virtue of skill, focus, the power of will (and information, sprinkled all over).

Managing a business is not an easy feat. We understand this, which is why we’ve made it our mission to help those who want to see their organization succeed against any challenges, whether internal or external.

If there’s any doubt in your mind about the utility of a process, the reasoning behind a decision, or the fairness of a choice, join us, so that we may provide an answer to your queries.

Don’t forget – improvement is just one step in front of us; why not tread forward?


Multiple TKI Live Online certification courses now available in Arabic

July 23rd, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Multiple TKI Live Online certification courses now available in Arabic”

Excellence is a product of knowledge that has been molded and adapted as each situation saw fit. We at The KPI Institute pride ourselves on delivering excellence with each of our courses. online

Since our transition into the online environment, we have seen growing interest in our Arabic-delivered courses. We used to only feature one of our courses in Arabic, namely the Certified KPI Professional course, but now we have decided to increase the roster of certification opportunities available in Arabic.

As a result, all of the following live online courses now feature a standalone version, in Arabic:

  • Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional
  • Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional
  • Certified Performance Management Professional
  • Certified Data Analysis Professional
  • Certified Data Visualization Professional
  • Certified KPI Professional

You can become a certified Performance Management practitioner, from the comfort of your home. Excellence and improvement know no boundaries, no restraints and no barriers.

In the pursuit of greatness, we have to overcome all of the challenges laid before us. We have decided to meet our attendees half-way and provide a customized, tailored learning experience, which answers their needs to a tee. Meet attractive and sexy yerevan escort girls who can make your stay in the city unforgettably perfect.

If you are located in the Arab world, and wish to add your name to the ranks of all those holding a worldwide recognized certification from The KPI Institute, consider joining any of our live online courses. Excellence is just a click away!

price reduction

The KPI Institute Live Online Courses Price Reduction

July 22nd, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute Live Online Courses Price Reduction”

Since our online courses have seen a surge in demand from professionals coming from numerous backgrounds, we at The KPI Institute have decided to try and accommodate as many attendees as possible. price reduction

Given that our courses are oftentimes used as a networking source, we want to ensure we keep the current pace going, and make room for everyone who wants to meet experts and practitioners from all over the globe, whilst obtaining a worldwide renown professional certification.

For this reason, all of our Live Online courses will now be available for the investment price of only $1,250 dollars. As we see matters, the more attendees, the merrier.

From Performance Management, KPIs, the BSC, OKRs, Strategy Management and Innovation Management, to Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Employee Performance, Supplier Performance and Audit Performance, if you are looking to improve your knowledge in the grand field of business management & administration, look no further than our Live Online Courses.

Featuring several modules, hours worth of video presentations and exercises, in addition to live chats on topics of interest that may arise during the certification process, you can become a worldwide renowned certified practitioner for just $1,250!

We’re registering more & more participants each day, so do not miss your chance to gain this opportunity early on, at a one-of-a-kind price, lest you have to wait until our next session.

data analysis

TKI is launching the new & improved Certified Data Analysis course

July 21st, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “TKI is launching the new & improved Certified Data Analysis course”

Since working from home has become the norm around the world, we believe it is a prime time to delve deeper into acquiring new professional knowledge. Learning new skills may come in handy once we reach the time of the great workplace journey, where we’ve all ventured before, but had to put on pause for a analysis

With more and more individuals forming a demand for online training, we thought it would be best if we shifted our efforts towards this new endeavour. As a result, an increasing number of our world class professionalization courses can be found online. One such learning opportunity is our newly launched Live Online Certified Data Analysis (CDA) Professional course.

It provides you with the knowledge required for understanding distinct methods used in analyzing data, statistical interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data, and becoming proficient in using key Microsoft Excel features. The course manages to accomplish this by teaching you how to build frequency and conditional tables, create different types of charts, find correlations and relationships between variables, test hypothesis and engage in statistical modeling.

“The course was very comprehensive, systematic and featured a step-by-step detailing. The materials were structured and arranged in an organized flow, to enable a better learning process.” – Yuvarajah S.Thiagarajah, Specific Resources Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur

For only $1,250, our Live Online CDA course provides you with 15 modules, 3 hours worth of video presentations and 13 hours of practical assignments. At the end of it all, you will undergo a 2 hour evaluation session, which will test all of your newly-acquired knowledge.

What are the benefits?

  • You learn how to set up a customized data analysis process and aggregate only the most important data
  • You learn how to approach the data analysis process, how to apply the correct methodology and make use of a logical framework
  • You learn how to analyze complex data, interpret results and improve your organization’s overall decision-making process
  • You learn how to share the utility of your data with your team, thus receiving the buy-in of both managers and fellow co-workers.

This course is designed for anyone who has basic mathematical training and basic competences in using Microsoft Excel, from managers, HR representatives and analysts, to auditors, acquisition specialists and logistics experts.

Statistical knowledge, intermediate or advanced knowledge of Excel, practical experience with data analysis and related duties are not necessary.

If you have ever pursued a career in data analysis, modelling or any other adjoining activities – campaign management, data mining, statistics, risk management, reporting, data processing for survey analysis, consider this course open for you as well.

What will you learn during this live online certification?

The first 5 modules mainly deal with going over the basics of data collection, data aggregation, data cleaning and understanding the various types of charts (quantitative, qualitative, structural) and analyses (univariate, bivariate) that you will employ, by the end of the course.

The following 5 modules address sampling techniques and all of the information that come with sampling, from distribution & sample sizes, to interval estimations. In addition to this, it will go over hypothesis testing and several types of tests that pertain to this, such as the Z-Test, ANOVA Test, one sample hypothesis test or the paired samples hypothesis test, among others.

The last 5 modules cover the more in-depth operations of data analysis, from chi-square tests, linear regression models, homogeneity tests, coefficient of determination and correlation, to multiple regression, multicollinearity and trend analysis.

Who will be your trainer?

Ágnes Ilyés, Subject Matter Expert at The KPI Institute, holds valuable experience in data analysis, as during both her university and working years she had participated in numerous marketing related research projects where survey based primary researches were conducted and a lot of data were evaluated.

She mainly uses SPSS statistical program to analyze data. She has experience with the following analyses: Chi2 analysis, Variance analysis, Correlation analysis, t-test, factor- and cluster analysis.

Ágnes also deepened her knowledge by teaching inferential statistics as an external lecturer on the university, on economics and business administration faculty, marketing specialization.

As a Business Research Analyst at the KPI Institute she also has numerous possibilities to capitalize her experience in this field.

Final thoughts

The Data Analysis Professional is the first level of our Data Analysis Program. It is a hands-on training course aimed at equipping you with the necessary concepts and tools needed to perform basic statistical and analytical reporting activities, in order to generate value out of the existing data.

In a world of unknowns, data is more important than ever. Understanding what to make of it, and how to separate the wheat from the chaff goes a long way in providing accurate, clear answers. Our Live Online Certified Data Analysis course can help you achieve that objective.

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