We’re bringing in-person back: TKI’s face to face courses are resurging

As countries and economies are recuperating from the unfortunate turn of events related to COVID-19, organizations have begun restarting their former modus operandi. For educational institutions like The KPI Institute, this entails bringing back face to face (F2F) courses.face to face

Whilst live online courses bring numerous advantages and have become one of our most popular methods of acquiring an internationally-recognized certification, we do miss the genuine human connection that stems from seeing one another live, in person.

As a result, starting with August, our live, face to face courses will experience a resurgence, in Malaysia.

face to face

However, with great burden comes great responsibility. In order to shoulder the efforts of the Malaysian government, healthcare system and all of its citizens, there are certain rules of conduct that must be respected, if you wish to join one of our F2F courses:

  • There are no restrictions regarding the total number of participants, however, each table will only feature 3 participants
  • All participants will be seated at least 1m apart from each other
  • Table rows will be spaced at least 2.5m apart
  • The KPI Institute will prepare temperature scans, contact tracing, masks, hand sanitizer, and other required consumables
  • The maximum number of trainees allowed in a face to face training session is as detailed in the Allowable Cost Matrix (ACM), depending on the size of the training space and social distancing rules: max no. of participants = training space (in m2)/4
  • Meals, including refreshments, must be pre-packed and eaten at the participant’s individual seating, in the training facility
  • All the participants need to follow the Standard Operating Procedure

If you are interested in experiencing the live, F2F version of our popular online courses, consider going over our list of upcoming learning experiences and join whichever TKI certification opportunity you believe best fits your needs. Get in touch with any of our consultants for more information!

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