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The KPI Institute signs a new partnership with Strategic KPI Tunisia

June 11th, 2021 Posted by Press release 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute signs a new partnership with Strategic KPI Tunisia”

The KPI Institute is pleased to announce that Strategic KPI, headquartered in Tunisia, has signed a partnership agreement in order to become a Training Partner for the Certified KPI Professional course.strategic

Strategic KPI’s mission is to work together with professionals, consultants, and companies, in order to equip them with the necessary performance tools of management to reach true strategic progress.

They rely on their partners and a wide network of experts and interim managers, established through close cooperation on multiple projects and in different industries.

The company’s key competencies are emphasizing synergy in strategy execution, performance management, and KPIs.

By partnering with The KPI Institute, organizations from Tunisia will get access to international best practices in performance management, enabling them to improve their strategy execution & operations and learn how to better use their data, in order to achieve their business goals.

The partnership between The KPI Institute and Strategic KPI debuted with the first edition of our flagship course – The Certified KPI Professional, delivered live-online in French, for professionals in Tunisia, between the 24th – 28th of May, 2021.

During the 5-day learning experience, top-ranking executives from different organizations in Tunisia had the opportunity of being guided by one of our foremost consultants, Andrea Minelli.

The course had 12 participants, mostly Senior Managers, such as Control Managers, Internal Audit Managers, Finance Managers, Marketing Managers, and several other key governance figures.

The attendees, via a combination of theoretical notions, hands-on exercises, and case studies had the opportunity of better understanding and practicing the following concepts:

  • How to strategically select relevant KPIs and why that is important;
  • How to align strategic objectives and KPIs among different organizational layers;
  • How to benefit from a sound Performance Management Architecture and Framework;

If you would like to inquire or register for the upcoming courses, please contact our partner – Strategic KPI, via e-mail: [email protected] | phone number: +216 228 25857, or contact us directly at [email protected] | phone number: + 40 751 046 049

Launching our 1st grad & postgrad diploma course – the Executive Education Program experience

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Promoting excellence and improving performance happens at all levels. We oftentimes focus on employees, managers, and heads of departments, but we mustn’t forget about the upper echelon – directors, and executives. They represent the starting point for an organization’s vision, mission, and overarching goals.executive

If we were to take a look at many companies, a large percentage of the reason they became and remained successful is their leadership, specifically, the people positioned at the highest ranks 

However, a number of organizations also failed precisely because the individuals at the helm did not know how to steer them in the proper direction, oftentimes swaying too much to one side or going completely off-course. 

Here at The KPI Institute, our belief is that no business should ever fail or steer off-course if it benefits from proper management. Many of our courses focus on ensuring mid-tier level or intermediate-level leaders receive the knowledge they need in order to stabilize, improve, or maximize the performance of their organization. With that said, we felt it was high time we also focused on a business’s zenith, namely its uppermost executives. 

The Executive Program in Strategy and Performance 

The Executive Program in Strategy and Performance is the most complex educational program in The KPI Institute’s portfolio.

It is designed for business leaders who are interested in strengthening their skills in strategic planning, performance measurement based on Key Performance Indicators, data analysis, and reporting, strategy execution in dynamic markets. 

The Executive Education Program is split into two parts: a postgraduate diploma course and a graduate certificate course.  

  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Performance spans over the course of 3 semesters, or 18 months, and covers 8 specialized learning experiences. Once you’ve finished all your studies, you are required to put together a practitioner portfolio that will focus on 40 assignments. This course also awards you 280 CPD points, for your CPD development portfolio.

  • The Graduate Certificate in Strategy and Performance only lasts 2 semesters, over a period of 12 months, requiring its learners to complete 4 specialized courses and put together a practitioner portfolio that will focus on only 20 assignments. This course also awards you 140 CPD points, for your CPD development portfolio. 

Out of the 8 specialized learning experiences, 6 are mandatory, while 2 are elective. The 6 mandatory ones are Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, Performance Management, Strategy Execution, Performance Management System Audit, and Employee Performance Management. 

The final two are up to preference. You can choose whichever two options you wish, out of the following: the Balanced Scorecard, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Innovation Management Framework, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, or Benchmarking. 

Admission process 

The admission process for Executive Education Program is straightforward and only has 4 steps: 

  1. You schedule an initial discussion with us, expressing your interest in this program 
  2. You submit an admission file, which will contain your letter of intent (200-500 word), your CV, and all diplomas that reflect your educational background 
  3. We will review your admission file 
  4. We will schedule an interview with you 

After the interview is concluded, we’ll look to submit a final answer on your application process in up to 3 days’ time. 

Participant profile 

This course is primarily aimed at mid-tier and high-level leaders, from sales managers, chief accountants, production supervisors, and facilities managers, to directors, presidents, vice-presidents, and CEOs.  

Our intention is to focus on business leaders who wish to better their ability to plan ahead and strategize for the future, based on present data. We cover all aspects related to business improvement, from strategy execution, data analysis, and KPI measurement, to systems thinking, project management, and performance reporting. 

Competency framework 

Each of the courses covered in this program is intended to help you expand your competencies and capabilities so that you will become an integrated strategy and performance executive. The core of our Executive Education Program courses focus on the following:  

  • The Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional will augment your strategic planning capability, whilst improving your strategic thinking, stakeholders’ engagement, and communication competencies.

  • The Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional will advance your strategy execution capability, whilst refining your systems thinking, project management, and leadership competencies.

  • The Certified KPI Professional will amplify your performance measurement capability, whilst developing your KPI selection, data collection, and data visualization competencies.

  • The Certified Performance Management Professional will elevate your performance improvement capability, whilst enhancing your data analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making competencies.

  • The Certified Employee Performance Management Professional will supplement and boost your knowledge on employee performance management capability, whilst progressing your employee performance planning, employee evaluation, and feedback sessions competencies.

  •  The Certified Performance Management Systems Auditor will evolve your Performance Management System maturity model based-assessment capability, whilst intensifying your examination, analytical thinking, and solutions design competencies.

Through the Executive Education Program, we aim to build a new generation of executives, one that is ready to surmount any business trials or obstacles, much like a seasoned general.

In the 21st century, it is unacceptable for a business leader to falter in the face of adversity when in this day and age, there are more tools and tricks available than ever before. 

At The KPI Institute, we believe that through knowledge, dedication, and hard work, any challenge can be overcome. Even though some hurdles are greater than others and may cause setbacks, many of the greatest success stories in history came from failure. 

It is high time we addressed the high rates of failure in strategy execution so often encountered in organizations. It is time you shape the future, by knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to generate changes in the strategy and performance management practices of your organization.

It is time to become the best version of your professional self that you can be. 


Raluca Vintilă – Educator, Consultant, and Facilitator

March 31st, 2021 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Raluca Vintilă – Educator, Consultant, and Facilitator”

In today’s expert faculty member spotlight, we’re highlighting our resident education specialist, Raluca Vintilă!raluca

Raluca holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in International Relations and European Studies and the other in Public Administration, and two master’s degrees, the first being the Train the Trainers Professional Master’s, whilst the second is a Research Master’s in Administration and Public Management.

Complementing her educational background is a series of certification and training courses that she has attended over the years:

  • Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional, The KPI Institute
  • Certified KPI Practitioner, The KPI Institute
  • Certified Benchmarking Professional, The KPI Institute
  • Certified Performance Improvement Professional, The KPI Institute
  • Certified KPI Professional, The KPI Institute
  • Trainer Accreditation, National Authority of Qualifications, Romania

Raluca’s passion and drive for education began at an early point in her career, specifically throughout the course of 4 internships: The Green Project (AIESEC Vilnius), Europharm, Instituto Complutense de Ciencia de la Administracion, and Competition Council.

Having been noticed as a young educational prodigy, Raluca was given the opportunity to become a trainer for the Youth Academy NGO in Romania, a position she held for 4 years. Whilst training youth at the Academy, Raluca also took up the position of Business Research Analyst at The KPI Institute.

After a year in research, given her impressive education-related knowledge and expertise, she took up the role of Instructional Design & E-learning Coordinator. During her 3-year long journey as the Head of ID, she designed and delivered learning solutions and more than 12 educational programs related to business performance and performance management.

In addition to this, she coordinated the expansion of educational content by promoting the use of online training courses (she knew about online courses before it was 2020-cool!). Furthermore, Raluca conducted periodic learning needs assessments for key markets, and systematically developed curricula and training materials.

In 2017 and up until the present day, Raluca embarked on a new journey – that of a fully-fledged PM consultant, following her many years delivering certification courses, training sessions, and instructional design meetings.

Ms. Vintilă has been one of TKI’s most versatile faculty members. With over 1,300 hours of training, more than 3,500 clients, and upwards of 400 organizations serviced, Raluca has been an educational powerhouse, undertaking any opportunity that came her way, from workshops and training courses, to business simulations, webinars, and conferences.

As an educator and consultant, she has focused on 4 subjects: KPIs (research, documentation, analysis), Performance Management and Measurement (system design, implementation, monitoring), Audit Management (strategic planning, performance measurement, performance management, performance culture), and Project Management (planning, implementation, follow-up). These have represented the bulk of her training and certification deliveries.

When it comes to her most outstanding projects, Raluca’s portfolio contains the following:


  • Certified KPI Professional training courses:
  • Valeo (Egypt)
  • Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (Mozambique)
  • Elsaco Energy Infrastructure (Romania)
  • Royal Court Affairs (Oman)
  • Saudi Aramco MSSD (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner training course:
  • Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
  • KPI and Performance Management training courses:
  • European Parliament – IT Division (Luxembourg)
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance (Cambodia)
  • National Passengers Railway Transportation Company (Romania)
  • Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority – BOCRA (Botswana)
  • Mitsubishi Corporation (Pakistan)
  • Central Procurement and Technical Unit, Ministry of Planning (Bangladesh)
  • Employee Performance Management training course:
  • Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission – MCMC (Malaysia)
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance (Cambodia)
  • Asian Productivity Organization:
  • In-country training program for Productivity & Quality Practitioners (Mongolia)
  • Multi-country training program on Performance Management for the Public Sector (Philippines)
  • KPI Training for Vietnam National Productivity Institute – VNPI (Vietnam)

On-site Consulting

  • Performance Management System – Organizational, Divisional, Individual Architecture:
  • PetroVietnam Insurance – PVI (Vietnam)
  • Performance Management System – Organizational Architecture:
  • PetroVietnam Group – PVN (Vietnam)
  • Romanian Railway Group (Romania)
  • LEMET Furniture Manufacturing (Romania)
  • Organizational KPI Selection for Riphah International University (Pakistan)

If you’re interested in joining any of Raluca Vintilă’s courses, feel free to access the following LINK, and browse through our list of certifications. We’re certain you’ll find something that matches your needs!


Teodora Gorski – Managing Director, PM Expert, Consultant, and Facilitator

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In today’s expert faculty member spotlight, we’re featuring one of our longest-standing members and facilitators, Teodora Gorski!teodora

Teodora holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in International Business Administration and the other in Law, alongside a Master’s Degree in Project Management and a Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation.

Her professional knowledge is further strengthened by the numerous professionalization courses she has attended and certification titles she has earned:

  • The ATD Master Trainer Course and the Consulting Skills Certification;
  • The Romanian National Authority of Qualifications Trainer Accreditation and the HR Manager Certification;
  • The KPI Institute’s C-PI, C-KPI, C-EPM, or C-B courses.

She is currently in the process of obtaining her 9th certificate, as part of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Process Course, in the Netherlands.

Given her penchant for business administration, it was no coincidence that Teodora’s first professional undertaking was Vice President of AIESEC’s Sibiu branch – an international youth-run NGO, managing the branch’s financial team. Under her tutelage, AIESEC won the National Prize for Best Projects, received 3 funding grants, saw 75% growth, participated in 3 international conferences, and implemented 10 national projects.

That being said, much like juggling 2 bachelor’s degrees at the same time, Teodora decided to manage 2 organizations at the same time. During her time at AIESEC, she also handled the financial management and organizational development of Diamond SA, a fiber optic interconnection solutions company.

In 2013, she took a greater interest in the minutiae of managing performance, performance indicators, and data analysis, which lead her to join The KPI Institute’s team, as an Integrated Technology and Business Analyst. During her first year on-board, she documented and researched over 150 KPIs.

At the start of 2014, she took on a new role, as an Organizational Development Specialist, which solidified her HR-related acumen. By the time we reached October that year, Teodora became the Managing Director for the MENA region – which she is her current position, as a culmination of her efforts, prowess, and expertise.

As an educator, she has delivered over 120 courses and workshops in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the USA, Romania, Germany, and Slovakia, training over 1,500 attendees.

Given Mrs. Gorski’s eclectic professional background, it comes as no surprise that her courses revolved around a wide array of topics, from organizational performance management, employee performance management, and employee appraisal, to KPIs, the BSC, and strategy and leadership.

Up to this point, Teodora has provided advisory services and facilitated training sessions to the following clients:

  • The United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions Fund, Dubai Electricity, and Water Authority, Dubai Ambulance, Dubai Municipality, Balmer Lawrie, Boehringer Ingelheim, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Al Falah Holding, Lloyd Register
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Advanced Electronics Company, Takamol, Al Moosa Specialist Hospital, Al Kifah Holding, Tamweel Al Oula, HubTech, Al Quwa, Port State Control Authority, Saudi Information Technology Company, SATORP (Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical)
  • Bahrain: Ministry of Education
  • Oman: Oman LNG
  • Qatar: Abdudllah Abdulghani & Bros
  • Brunei: Brunei Investment Authority
  • Malaysia: MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

As one of our most senior and experienced facilitators, Mrs. Gorski is in charge of delivering a broad selection of courses, as follows:

  • Employee Performance Management Training Course
  • Certified KPI Professional
  • Certified KPI Practitioner
  • Certified Performance Improvement Professional
  • KPI Essentials
  • KPI Performance Architecture
  • Certified Employee Performance Management Professional
  • Certified Performance Management Professional
  • KPI Masterclass
  • Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional
  • Applied Key Performance Indicators Training

If you’re interested in joining any of Teodora Gorski’s courses, feel free to access the following LINK, and browse through our list of certifications. We’re certain you’ll find something that matches your needs!


Ahmed Alzahrani – Director, Faculty Member, and Facilitator

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Companies only stay competitive if they can refresh themselves somehow. Whether that means making a new strategy, creating a new product, developing new services, or hiring new blood, something has to breathe in fresh air.ahmed

For us at The KPI Institute, we went with the final option – we decided it was time to expand our team of facilitators, both internally and externally, ensuring we can handle the demand for online learning that surged last year. This article is the first of many to come, in which we give you a glimpse of our roster so that you know who our faculty members are when you join any of our courses.

Ahmed Alzahrani – EMBA, Assoc. CIPD, MPM, HRPM, CBP-HRM, CBP-TOT, PMP, C-EPMP, SHRM-SCP, C-KPI Practitioner

In today’s article, we’ll be spotlighting a member of our external faculty of collaborators.

A systems engineer bachelor (King Fahad University) and a business administration master (King Abdulaziz University), Ahmed began his specialization in HR management by undergoing the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) course, earning him the title of HR Practitioner.

However, his experience with management and KPIs began long before that, with his first professional forays, as a Quality Engineer Trainer at Siemens Ltd. and a Recruitment Manager at Saudi Binladin Group, where he amassed 11 years of experience in this role.

Once he began his studies, he became an HR Operations Manager, having held that position for 3 years, until he finished his master’s degree, which enabled him to advance as a Talent Acquisition Director in the same company, which is also his current position.

After picking up the mantle of Talent Acquisition Director, Ahmed’s foray into the world of HR unfolded in front of him, as over the course of 4 years, he attended over 60 HR-related courses.

Some of his most notable ones would be the following: Human Resources Project Manager – AAPM 2016, Master Project Manager – AAPM 2016, TOT – International Business Training Association (IBTA), HRM – International Business Training Association (IBTA), HR Practitioner – CIPD 2017, Certified KPI Professional – KPI Institute 2020, PMP – PMI 2020.

Having mastered his professional passion, it was only natural that Ahmed turned to teaching others the ways of his trade. As a result, he began facilitating courses and seminars on HR or employee performance-related topics. He has so far delivered over 30 courses with several providers, both on-site and online. Here are some of the most significant events he has either delivered or participated in:

  • KPIs in HR – King Abdulaziz University (Trainer)
  • HR Management – Princess Nora University (Trainer)
  • Advanced Skills in HR – Princess Nora University (Trainer)
  • KPIs in HR – Ministry of Health (Trainer)
  • Career Path and Succession Planning – Ministry of Health (Trainer)
  • Training Needs Analysis – Ministry of Health (Trainer)
  • HR Management – King Abdulaziz University (Trainer)
  • Job Analysis and Job Description – Ministry of Health (Trainer)
  • Work Consciously (Seminar) – King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (Speaker).
  • Tips for Successful Employment (Seminar) – Effat University (Speaker).
  • Work Consciously (Seminar) – Princess Nora University (Speaker).

For The KPI Institute, Ahmed Alzahrani will be one of the faculty members facilitating our C-KPI Professional course that is held in Arabic.

When he is not being a miracle worker in HR, our proficient talent acquisition director is also a writer in his free time, being an active contributor to the Maaal electronic newspaper.

If you want to see Ahmed in practice AND learn more about KPIs & how they interact with your organization’s strategy, goals, as well as how to get buy-in from your employees, sign up for any of our C-KPI Arabic-held courses and get ready for a one-of-a-kind learning experience!


It’s time for literal FaceTime – Relaunching our on-site certification courses!

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Last year’s unfortunate turn of events certainly distanced us from one another, however, it did not manage to divide and conquer. Organizations around the globe managed to improvise, adapt, and overcome, turning a new page in their book.on-site courses

Some channeled their energy into the online environment, either creating e-shops or simply delivering their services through the Internet. Others invested in delivery services and partnerships, ensuring their products reach consumers anywhere they may be.

For us, at The KPI Institute, this meant completely rehauling the way we deliver courses. We focused on building new foundations, new processes, new tasks, goals, and objectives. The end result was a roaring success, as even with the outside world being battered, people in the safety of their abode joined our courses left, right, and center.

In 2020, we registered some of the highest numbers attendance-wise, a fact for which we are grateful to our amazing participants and partners, who continued to focus on their professional development with even more poise and focus.

We’re back in (on-site) business!

However, there’s still something missing. We miss that genuine human connection you get with someone when you can work on a project face to face. There’s nothing like the feeling of joy you get when you’re together with a group of people who share your values, passion, drive, and interests. Therefore, in 2021, we’re relaunching our face-to-face, on-site certification courses, in Malaysia only, for the moment.

This decision came as a result of Malaysia experiencing less duress under the COVID-19 pandemic and relaxing its regulatory measures, allowing for greater engagement and interaction between individuals.

That being said, it goes without saying that we’ll take all the precautionary measures we have to for each course we organize, in order to ensure our participants are kept in utmost safety. When you join a TKI course, you have nothing to worry for, as we will take care of all aspects that pertain to personal safety and health.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of certification courses you will be able to sign up for:

  • Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional
  • Certified OKR Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Performance Management Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Employee Performance Management Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Innovation Performance Professional
  • Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional
  • Certified Data Analysis Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Data Visualization Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Benchmarking Professional (CPD eligible)
  • Certified Supplier Performance Professional
  • Certified Performance Audit Professional (CPD eligible)

All of these Malaysia-based courses are 100% HRDF-deductible! Furthermore, by completing many of our courses, you will be able to earn 40 CPD credits, for your CPD record, per course!

Our face to face, on-site courses were always vibrant and full of energy. The level of emotion, passion, and dedication that people exhibited was wonderful. We’re hyped for this relaunch, and we hope you’ll be as well, bringing the same degree of enthusiasm and spirit that we know and love to see from every single one of you!


Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! – The TKI Professional Certification Calendar

December 10th, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! – The TKI Professional Certification Calendar”

2020 was a wild ride. It was probably, barring 2008, the most rollercoaster year in the recent 20 years. Most organizations had to completely overhaul and rethink their strategies, operations, corporate culture, management style, logistics, and the way they interact with employees and customers alike. In recent history, this has been one of the most uniquely-challenging years for businesses and institutions.2021 training calendar

Even for us, at The KPI Institute, 2020 proved to be quite an interesting experience, as we revamped our entire course offer, from the face-to-face format, to the live online format. However, this turned out to be a roaring success, given that we’ve had to organize additional sessions upon the already-planned ones, as participants kept coming in droves. This December alone we’ve scheduled over 4 extra sessions, on top of the 4 we already had planned!

Taking performance to a new level

In addition to all of this, we have added three new courses to our list of certifications – the Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional, the Certified Strategy Development & Execution Professional, and the Certified Governance and Compliance Audit Professional.


The Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional course reflects on the best methodologies to leverage the benefits of deploying an integrated strategy and performance management framework within organizational settings.


During this three-day course, participants will learn all there is about the strategic planning cycle, from development to execution, monitoring, and review, to building a strategic mind-frame.


This course is a great opportunity to access the best practices in the field of Governance & Compliance, and to gain the necessary knowledge & skills to diagnose and audit the maturity of such a system. Moreover, our course enables you to find the best solutions for your company to evolve beyond its current state and reach a higher maturity level.

We believe these new certifications are an exciting excursion into the world of auditing, governance, strategy crafting, and agile execution. While they are aimed primarily at advanced knowledge users, those who may not be the most proficient on these topics can still find valuable information, as we’ll look to facilitate an in-depth coverage of these subjects.

Therefore, even if you are not at peak knowledge performance, we’ll help you through these certification journeys, so that you’ll always feel a true sense of accomplishment upon graduating from one of our courses!

The full 2021 training calendar course offer

For those interested to see our full offer of learning experiences, here’s a brief rundown, as well as the calendar for the upcoming year:


This certification program is meant to improve your practical skills in working with KPIs and developing instruments like scorecards & dashboards. Participants will acquire a sound understanding of measuring KPIs, starting from the moment they are selected, until results are collected in performance reports.

Learn more about our C-KPIPP course here.


This five-day certification course teaches participants how to set and work with OKRs, and offers them the opportunity to get certified on their ability to deploy and use OKRs in accordance with The KPI Institute’s standards, developed through extensive research and practical knowledge in the field of Performance Management and Objective Setting.

Learn more about our C-OKR course here.


This certification course will help improve your business’s planning process and long-term organizational performance, through the use of strategic planning tools that will ultimately lead to smarter and quicker strategic decisions.

Learn more about our C-SBP course here.


This certification course offers insights and best practices for improving the overall level of performance in different scenarios, from data analysis and reporting, decision-making, and initiative management, to building a comprehensive performance culture.

Learn more about our C-PM course here.


Attendees will gain exposure to best practices and key concepts, learning how to establish and use objective criteria for performance evaluations, from the implementation, to the improvement and maintenance of the company’s employee performance management system.

Learn more about our C-EPM course here.


This certification course focuses on delivering all the information needed to fully comprehend the value & benefits of the Balanced Scorecard, as well as developing the necessary skills for its successful implementation in any company.

Learn more about our C-BSC course here.


Attendants will understand through practical learning how to effectively collect, analyze and interpret data, by enabling managers & analysts to draw insights, from both quantitative and qualitative data, based on historical statistics and trend analysis.

Learn more about our C-DA course here.


This certification course represents an exclusive framework that provides insights on effective visual communication. This is done through a rigorous approach to creating visual representations of vast amounts of information, by way of using several standardization techniques and tailored data visualization tools.

Learn more about our C-DV course here.


Benchmarking’s methodological uniqueness lies in the identification & analysis of the processes that lead to a superior company performance level, offering the opportunity to compare an organization’s performance against industry competitors.

Learn more about our C-B course here.


This certification course will develop participants’ skills in managing supplier performance and developing a strategic approach to procurement, by enabling the identification of performance gaps and implementing action agreements with suppliers.

Learn more about our C-SP course here.


During this certification course, participants will not only understand the importance of and implementation phases for the Customer Service Excellence Standards, but they will be given the necessary tools to implement them internally and measure their impact externally.

Learn more about our C-CSP course here.


This educational certification program presents a rigorous approach to diagnosing & auditing the maturity of a company’s performance architecture for 5 capabilities: strategic planning, performance measurement, performance management, performance culture, and employee performance management.

Learn more about our C-PA course here.


This certification course provides an interactive practice-based learning environment, focused on best practices for developing and maintaining an innovation-oriented organizational culture, within organizations.

Learn more about our C-I course here.


5 more weeks to register for The KPI Institute’s Live Online 2020 Courses

November 18th, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “5 more weeks to register for The KPI Institute’s Live Online 2020 Courses”

2020 is slowly, but surely, coming to a close. We are already halfway through November, with December creeping up on us. We can almost hear a distant, faint Mariah Carey, singing ”All I want for Christmas is You”.the kpi institute live online courses

We have had an extraordinary year, completely revamping our certifications and moving them into the online environment. What followed was simply astounding.

Our attendance numbers went through the roof. We began delivering around 6-10 courses a week, instead of our regular 3-4, and participants flooded our events, which was direct feedback that our mission was a success.

Whilst there are still a few weeks left in 2020 – 5 to be specific, we will continue to deliver the same level of quality content in all of our certifications, so if you have not had the chance to sign up for any of the courses, we highly recommend you give them a look-see HERE.

Up until the 14th of December, we’ll still be going strong with numerous events, focusing on a wide variety of topics, from KPIs, OKRs, performance management, and supplier performance, to strategy and business planning, innovation performance, data analysis, and employee performance management.

Keep a lookout on our social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to always be updated on which courses are next, and how can you sign up for them, in the remaining 5 weeks.

Whilst 2020 has been a challenging year, we know we can finish strong, and look forward to a much brighter and better 2021.

certified innovation

Delivering innovation, through our Certified Innovation Professional Course

November 13th, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Delivering innovation, through our Certified Innovation Professional Course”

Innovative thinking has always been the hallmark of great minds. The saying “think outside the box” may have become overused in recent years, but there is still quite a bit of truth to it, as nowadays we see some of the biggest players on the globe – from Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft, to Samsung, Tesla, and Apple, step up their innovation game day in ‘n’ day out.certified innovation

We, at The KPI Institute, have recognized that not everyone manages to experience that Eureka! moment as easily as others. Therefore, this year, in order to give a helping hand to those organizations or professionals in need, we’ve put together a brand new course, which has already become quite popular – the Certified Innovation Performance Professional.

Innovation Performance offers the opportunity to enhance an organization’s performance through creativity, idea management, and a complex innovation framework.

What are the benefits of enrolling in this course?

  • Develop and maintain an innovation-oriented organizational culture, by applying innovation best practices;
  • Improve internal processes and initiatives by managing the organizational innovation capability;
  • Receiving guidance and international innovation expertise on developing and implementing a successful innovation plan;
  • Gain strong competitive insights from innovation specialists’ experience and best practices examples that suit your organization’s needs;
  • Access professional recognition of innovation performance knowledge and capabilities, by obtaining the certification granted by The KPI Institute.

What will you learn, as part of this certification?

  • Understand the fundamentals of innovation performance measurement;
  • Associate innovation objectives with the organizational strategy;
  • Learn how to design an organizational innovation framework;
  • Select the relevant KPIs and establish a monitoring process of your innovation performance;
  • Integrate innovation to other existing organizational systems;
  • Address initiatives to support innovation culture development.

As successful businesses constantly focus on innovative thinking, innovation performance comes as one of the best approaches in achieving highly qualitative procedures and in generating superior ideas, within the organization.

Enroll today and don’t miss out on the opportunity to forge a new path forward, by building and embedding a culture of innovation in your company!

Find out more details about the Certified Innovation Performance Professional course HERE.


The KPI Institute’s Live Online Courses – Performance in numbers

November 9th, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute’s Live Online Courses – Performance in numbers”

Starting with the middle of April, we completely revamped our courses and certifications, moving all of them into the online environment. This change brought just as many challenges, as it did

On the one hand, we had to rethink our course delivery, how we interacted with attendees, what format was the best to ensure each learning experience matches the same level of information as our former, face-to-face courses.

On the other hand, our course output increased in volume, as we were able to dish out many more editions than we previously did, since organizing an online learning experience is more time- and resource-effective than a face-to-face one.

As of right now, all of our certifications can be completed in the Live Online format, and we even managed to develop new ones, such as the Certified Innovation Professional course.

So, how does The KPI Institute look in numbers? Well, since we first began delivering Live Online courses, 6 months ago, we have managed to:

  • Organize 65 editions, which is roughly equivalent to almost 11 certification sessions per month
  • Enlist a little under 1,000 participants (950, to be more specific)

Our most sought-after course is, as most people would guess, the Certified KPI Professional, with 18 editions.

Moreover, we have hosted 10 courses in Arabic and 2 in French. In addition to this, one interesting little tidbit is the fact that at the start of our Live Online experience, when most people worked from home, the average attendee tuned in for our morning courses. Ever since restrictions and regulations have eased around the globe in the past months, and many more people have begun working from their offices again, we’ve seen a shift in attendance, whereby most of our sessions now occur in the afternoon.

This comes as a big step up in performance for us, given that in the past years, we usually managed to only organize around 5-6 editions per month, due to the logistics of hosting face-to-face events. Now, unchained from the burden of logistics, we are now able to better service all those in need of knowledge and information.

As 2020 is slowly coming to a close, we’re not stopping the hype train whatsoever. This is just the beginning for us. With learning sessions happening both in the morning, afternoon, and new courses in the making, The KPI Institute is ready to take 2021 by storm. Be sure to follow our social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and soon-to-be Instagram, for more updates on our certification courses and other services.

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