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Data Visualization: Definition, Trends, Tools, and Learning Opportunities

January 8th, 2022 Posted by Certification, Courses, E-learning 0 thoughts on “Data Visualization: Definition, Trends, Tools, and Learning Opportunities”

The global data visualization market size hit USD 9.48 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 20.16 Billion by 2028. What is data visualization, and why is it so important?

Emergen Research attributes its optimistic forecast to the “generation of large data volumes and the rising need for multi-device access facilities.” It added that cloud computing and the need for fast decision-making, particularly during volatile times, are also accelerating the adoption of data visualization.

The rise of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) that help companies process data in 3D formats pushes the demand for cloud computing in data visualization, according to Emergen Research. These are further driving the market revenue growth.

The KPI Institute defines data visualization as “the visual representation of data, in order to better understand information and present it in a clear and effective manner.” Data visualization can help detect and analyze patterns, trends, and correlations.

According to the report “TDWI best practices report: Data visualization and discovery for better business decisions,” some of the benefits of data visualization are the improvement of operational efficiency, better response to business changes, identification of new business opportunities, and higher employee and partner productivity. 

Based on Emergen Research’s findings, the software segment revenue would increase steadily during the firm’s forecast period. Moreover, the standalone visualization software segment revenue is soaring due to the need to produce useful information from huge volumes of data. Such data usually comes nowadays from social media and other online platforms. “Use of data visualization software such as Oracle, tableau, and SAP made this approach feasible,” the forecast report states.

Developing and designing a visual representation is not a walk in the park. To communicate data visually and effectively, you need the right tools, knowledge, and expert guidance. 

The KPI Institute’s Certified Data Visualization Professional course teaches participants how to create better and more relevant reports and present intelligible data sets to decision-makers. If you would like to improve the visual communication within your organization, secure your slot on 21 – 25 February 2022 (EMEA: 09:00 – 13:00 GST and ASEAN: 13:00 – 17:00 GMT +8) by signing up here.


Multiple TKI Live Online certification courses now available in Arabic

July 23rd, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Multiple TKI Live Online certification courses now available in Arabic”

Excellence is a product of knowledge that has been molded and adapted as each situation saw fit. We at The KPI Institute pride ourselves on delivering excellence with each of our courses. online

Since our transition into the online environment, we have seen growing interest in our Arabic-delivered courses. We used to only feature one of our courses in Arabic, namely the Certified KPI Professional course, but now we have decided to increase the roster of certification opportunities available in Arabic.

As a result, all of the following live online courses now feature a standalone version, in Arabic:

  • Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional
  • Certified Balanced Scorecard Management System Professional
  • Certified Performance Management Professional
  • Certified Data Analysis Professional
  • Certified Data Visualization Professional
  • Certified KPI Professional

You can become a certified Performance Management practitioner, from the comfort of your home. Excellence and improvement know no boundaries, no restraints and no barriers.

In the pursuit of greatness, we have to overcome all of the challenges laid before us. We have decided to meet our attendees half-way and provide a customized, tailored learning experience, which answers their needs to a tee.

If you are located in the Arab world, and wish to add your name to the ranks of all those holding a worldwide recognized certification from The KPI Institute, consider joining any of our live online courses. Excellence is just a click away!

visualization professional

Certified Data Visualization Professional – 20 – 24 July

June 30th, 2020 Posted by E-learning 0 thoughts on “Certified Data Visualization Professional – 20 – 24 July”

Visual communication is effective only when it is aligned with the way people see and think. The course provides insights on the importance of data visualization, its fundamental principles, as well as the means to increase non-verbal communication skills through effective visualizations.visualization professional

A visualization professional improves the overall communication level within their company, through the use of smart & intuitive visual displays. As a future visualization professional, you will learn, through practical applications, how to communicate visually in an effective manner, and how to increase reporting efficiency, which will lead to a better understanding of the presented data, and thus, to smarter and quicker strategic decisions.

This 40-hour learning experience spans over 5 days and ends in a 1-hour certification exam.

What will you learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of creating and designing a visual representation for your intended users;
  • Select the right communication channel in accordance with the target audience;

What’s in it for you – Benefits

  • Receive relevant guidance for developing visual representations, in order to discover, understand and communicate information;
  • Create better and more relevant reports, by understanding the fundamental concepts of data visualization;
  • Offer intelligible data sets to decision-making parties, by creating excellent graphical representations;
  • Improve your performance in presenting data and enhance the overall viewer experience.

Presenter profile

Fadi Fuad Al-Jafari is a Management Consultant at The KPI Institute, specialized in Data Analysis and Visualization.

Fadi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Engineering from Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the German Jordanian University in Jordan.

Fadi is a Certified Project Manager Professional, has several certifications in Statistics Foundation, Data Analysis using Excel, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel, Working with Real-Time Data in Excel, Excel Macros in Depth, Predictive Analytics using BigML, Train the Trainers, and has been part of several Data Analysis-related projects in the last years.

He has worked on a wide array of projects, such as Network Statistics Reporting Tool, Network Operation Center Balanced Scorecard, Business Specification Documents for Network Operations Center, Zain’s Procedures Alignment with APQC’s PCF, Robotic Process Automation for Network Operation.

The KPI Institute’s coverage of PMA 2014 Conference

July 22nd, 2014 Posted by Events 0 thoughts on “The KPI Institute’s coverage of PMA 2014 Conference”

The KPI Institute’s participation at the PMA 2014 Conference, held in Aarhus, Denmark had as a main outcome the achievement of a full and comprehensive conference cover. PERFORMANCE Magazine, The KPI Institute’s magazine dedicated to performance and strategy, provides an extensive database that comprises 11 interviews with professionals, as well as coverage from roughly over 80 presentations delivered by speakers all throughout the 3 days of conference.



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