TKI is launching the new & improved Certified Data Analysis course

Since working from home has become the norm around the world, we believe it is a prime time to delve deeper into acquiring new professional knowledge. Learning new skills may come in handy once we reach the time of the great workplace journey, where we’ve all ventured before, but had to put on pause for a analysis

With more and more individuals forming a demand for online training, we thought it would be best if we shifted our efforts towards this new endeavour. As a result, an increasing number of our world class professionalization courses can be found online. One such learning opportunity is our newly launched Live Online Certified Data Analysis (CDA) Professional course.

It provides you with the knowledge required for understanding distinct methods used in analyzing data, statistical interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data, and becoming proficient in using key Microsoft Excel features. The course manages to accomplish this by teaching you how to build frequency and conditional tables, create different types of charts, find correlations and relationships between variables, test hypothesis and engage in statistical modeling.

“The course was very comprehensive, systematic and featured a step-by-step detailing. The materials were structured and arranged in an organized flow, to enable a better learning process.” – Yuvarajah S.Thiagarajah, Specific Resources Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur

For only $1,250, our Live Online CDA course provides you with 15 modules, 3 hours worth of video presentations and 13 hours of practical assignments. At the end of it all, you will undergo a 2 hour evaluation session, which will test all of your newly-acquired knowledge.

What are the benefits?

  • You learn how to set up a customized data analysis process and aggregate only the most important data
  • You learn how to approach the data analysis process, how to apply the correct methodology and make use of a logical framework
  • You learn how to analyze complex data, interpret results and improve your organization’s overall decision-making process
  • You learn how to share the utility of your data with your team, thus receiving the buy-in of both managers and fellow co-workers.

This course is designed for anyone who has basic mathematical training and basic competences in using Microsoft Excel, from managers, HR representatives and analysts, to auditors, acquisition specialists and logistics experts.

Statistical knowledge, intermediate or advanced knowledge of Excel, practical experience with data analysis and related duties are not necessary.

If you have ever pursued a career in data analysis, modelling or any other adjoining activities – campaign management, data mining, statistics, risk management, reporting, data processing for survey analysis, consider this course open for you as well.

What will you learn during this live online certification?

The first 5 modules mainly deal with going over the basics of data collection, data aggregation, data cleaning and understanding the various types of charts (quantitative, qualitative, structural) and analyses (univariate, bivariate) that you will employ, by the end of the course.

The following 5 modules address sampling techniques and all of the information that come with sampling, from distribution & sample sizes, to interval estimations. In addition to this, it will go over hypothesis testing and several types of tests that pertain to this, such as the Z-Test, ANOVA Test, one sample hypothesis test or the paired samples hypothesis test, among others.

The last 5 modules cover the more in-depth operations of data analysis, from chi-square tests, linear regression models, homogeneity tests, coefficient of determination and correlation, to multiple regression, multicollinearity and trend analysis.

Who will be your trainer?

Ágnes Ilyés, Subject Matter Expert at The KPI Institute, holds valuable experience in data analysis, as during both her university and working years she had participated in numerous marketing related research projects where survey based primary researches were conducted and a lot of data were evaluated.

She mainly uses SPSS statistical program to analyze data. She has experience with the following analyses: Chi2 analysis, Variance analysis, Correlation analysis, t-test, factor- and cluster analysis.

Ágnes also deepened her knowledge by teaching inferential statistics as an external lecturer on the university, on economics and business administration faculty, marketing specialization.

As a Business Research Analyst at the KPI Institute she also has numerous possibilities to capitalize her experience in this field.

Final thoughts

The Data Analysis Professional is the first level of our Data Analysis Program. It is a hands-on training course aimed at equipping you with the necessary concepts and tools needed to perform basic statistical and analytical reporting activities, in order to generate value out of the existing data.

In a world of unknowns, data is more important than ever. Understanding what to make of it, and how to separate the wheat from the chaff goes a long way in providing accurate, clear answers. Our Live Online Certified Data Analysis course can help you achieve that objective.

The KPI Institute July 21st, 2020 E-learning
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