The KPI Institute Live Online Courses Price Reduction

Since our online courses have seen a surge in demand from professionals coming from numerous backgrounds, we at The KPI Institute have decided to try and accommodate as many attendees as possible. price reduction

Given that our courses are oftentimes used as a networking source, we want to ensure we keep the current pace going, and make room for everyone who wants to meet experts and practitioners from all over the globe, whilst obtaining a worldwide renown professional certification.

For this reason, all of our Live Online courses will now be available for the investment price of only $1,250 dollars. As we see matters, the more attendees, the merrier.

From Performance Management, KPIs, the BSC, OKRs, Strategy Management and Innovation Management, to Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Employee Performance, Supplier Performance and Audit Performance, if you are looking to improve your knowledge in the grand field of business management & administration, look no further than our Live Online Courses.

Featuring several modules, hours worth of video presentations and exercises, in addition to live chats on topics of interest that may arise during the certification process, you can become a worldwide renowned certified practitioner for just $1,250!

We’re registering more & more participants each day, so do not miss your chance to gain this opportunity early on, at a one-of-a-kind price, lest you have to wait until our next session.

The KPI Institute July 22nd, 2020 E-learning
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