Performance Magazine: government strategy and performance management in focus

Effective governance not only sets rules but also steers a nation toward a shared vision.  This is accomplished by creating a strategy aligned with citizens’ welfare and aspirations and ensuring progress at every step. Therefore, performance management plays a crucial role in measuring, evaluating, and improving the effectiveness of government initiatives and policies. 

The latest PERFORMANCE Magazine Print Edition, published by The KPI Institute (TKI), explores innovative ideas, best practices, case studies, agile approaches, and viewpoints about the use of key performance indicators, benchmarking, strategic planning and execution, and data analysis in the government sector. 

The magazine offers exclusive insights from interviews with performance management practitioners and experts in the government, addressing issues affecting government employees and citizens, like job loss and digital inequality. TKI’s consultants also share their perspectives on other performance management challenges, data empowerment, and digitalization. 

In the cover story, Michael Jacobson, the Deputy Director for Performance and Strategy at the King County Office of Performance, Strategy, and Budget in the United States, dives deeper into government strategy and performance management, highlighting the roles of people, processes, and leadership in ensuring efficient and successful public service.

Furthermore, the In-depth section of the magazine delves into crucial aspects of organizational management, covering the newest trends and practices in how organizations formulate and execute strategies, enhance workforce performance, and leverage data for informed decision-making.

One of the edition’s highlights is the coverage of the performance management system maturity assessment conducted by the Global Performance Audit (GPA) Unit of The KPI Institute for the Talent and Performance Management Department of Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Development Fund (TDF).

PERFORMANCE Magazine’s Career Insights section presents stories and insights from seasoned performance management professionals in the government who shared their experiences in pursuing careers in public service. Additionally, the magazine shares valuable resources such as statistics, books, software, podcasts, and webinars.

Seize this opportunity to understand how strategy and performance management work in the government sector and gain lessons on leadership, strategic thinking, and adaptability. Grab a digital copy today of the PERFORMANCE Magazine Issue No. 27, 2023 – Government Edition through TKI Marketplace. You can also purchase the printed edition via Amazon


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