The KPI Institute – 20 years of success, growth, and performance

The KPI Institute (TKI) marks its 20th anniversary with innovation milestones, market reach growth, and network expansion. Founded in 2004 by its CEO, Dr. Aurel Brudan, TKI has evolved from being a global pioneer, advancing the field of strategy and performance management into a diversified ecosystem leveraging its research expertise, science, and technology for both business and societal progress.

From building the world’s largest database of documented KPIs to launching enterprises dedicated to various business and lifestyle solutions, TKI has set the standard for structuring knowledge and foundational principles to address a broad range of sectoral challenges.

TKI has delivered educational programs to over 29,000 participants across 60 countries. In addition to its 40 partner organizations across the globe, TKI has its own four offices established in Australia (headquarters), Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. TKI’s standards for performance excellence are best captured by the company’s accomplishments in various areas. Some of the highlights are:

Product and service innovation: Driven by a learner-centric philosophy, TKI started offering its courses in three formats from 2020: face-to-face, live-online, and self-paced. This move signifies the company’s commitment to its participants and their ever-changing needs and participants.

Global partnerships: To make world-class education accessible and impactful, TKI sets an industry standard for professional training organizations by offering the first global certification to validate performance and KPI management expertise.

Strong clientele worldwide: TKI’s multidisciplinary expertise has been sought by major brands, government institutions, and organizations worldwide.

Premium educational programs and certifications: The KPI Institute designed the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Performance to develop a new generation of executives armed with strategic mastery and agile leadership skills. TKI has also introduced alternative learning programs, such as microcredentials in various areas of expertise, to respond to the growing need for upskilling. See our latest release on AI for business productivity.

Research and publications:, a database featuring over 21,383 documented KPIs, results from an intensive, ongoing research endeavor by TKI. Another critical moment in this aspect is the release of The Government Service Index, which examines foundational elements that contribute to the success of government services and aligns them with globally recognized indicators.

Publishing: Performance Magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The number of downloads in 2023 compared to 2022 increased by 40%, and the magazine features interviews with experts from major brands such as Google, Microsoft, SAP, Global Reporting Initiative, and more.

Talent acquisition and growth: TKI has scaled its workforce to over 350 employees from different parts of the world and over 20 nationalities, reflecting its mission to leverage cultural diversity.

Community and Networking Prowess: The KPI Institute has reached a significant milestone, cultivating an online community with over 70,000 followers across social media and more than 50,000 LinkedIn group members, highlighting our emphasis on building strong networking links as a key component to improving knowledge flow. 

As TKI celebrates 20 years since its inception, our vision for the future is focused on exploring new horizons, empowering communities, and striving for excellence to achieve organizational success and contribute to the common good.

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