The KPI Institute’s Partners All Set for Face-to-Face Course Delivery in 2022

As the world opens up, companies are trying to find their pace and place in an economy that is different from what it was two years ago. While the global health crisis changed the way organizations work, connect, and learn, it has not deterred everyone from seeking growth, connection, and new possibilities.

The KPI Institute, having conducted hundreds of training programs on strategy and performance management worldwide, remains committed to providing online and face-to-face learning opportunities that promote open communication, shared expectations, and productive interactions while aiming for safety and ease for everyone.

Together with its partners, The KPI Institute is bringing back the face-to-face delivery of its select courses in 2022. The partners that will make this possible are Vision Strategy Management, Soft Skills Consultants, and FIG Polska.

Participants will get to physically participate in the following courses:

Here are the dates for the face-to-face and live online courses to be delivered by The KPI Institute’s partners in 2022:

For more information on The KPI Institute’s partnerships and the courses to be delivered by partners for 2022, contact Cosmin Chindris, Director of Global Partnerships at The KPI Institute, via email [email protected] or mobile (WhatsApp) +40 740 963 913.

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