Year-end Recap: The KPI Institute Identifies the Most Popular KPIs in 2021

most popular KPIs

The wave of changes in the past two years has compelled businesses to review their performance and realign their strategies to the times. The losses, leaps, and lessons vary in different industries, but organizations, from multinational companies to brick-and-mortar stores, have to answer the same question: What is the best “new normal” for us?

As businesses adapt to a rapidly changing environment and figure out what works for them, key performance indicators (KPIs) are more important than ever. KPIs can serve as the order beneath the chaos, helping organizations achieve and monitor a desired level of results for their activities.

The KPI Institute, carrying over 17 years of experience in the field, continues to share its expertise and knowledge on KPI best practices through the Top KPI reports. As the year comes to a close, we’ve bundled up the most popular KPIs released in 2021. The results are based on the data from, the world’s largest database of documented KPIs. 

This series of reports provides companies, practitioners, consultants, and professionals with updates and resources on how to select and use KPIs in their respective industries or functional areas. Each report features the profile of every KPI, analysis, notes on KPI reporting, and other information related to the performance management discipline.

2021 Top 25 KPIs

The Top 25 KPI reports present the most popular KPIs in various industries and functional areas, such as procurement/purchasing, marketing, production, human resources, customer service, hotels, restaurants, finance, and real estate development and transactions.

2021 Top 10 KPIs

Download the Top 10 KPI reports for different industries for a more compact version of the KPIs’ profiles, analysis, and in practice recommendations.

2021 KPI of the Month

Discover the most popular KPIs in their respective industries or areas through the KPI of the Month poster collection.

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