Free webinar “The KPI Selection Process”

Your organization is planning to develop effective Performance Scorecards, with the right KPIs but there is no structured process to follow. As such, it is crucial when starting the KPIs selection process to plan it out ahead, by clarifying the scope and having the list of relevant and clustered KPIs. In addition to these, facilitation of selection could be performed by taking into account various other processes, like Value Flow Analysis and KPIs Balancing, followed by KPI Documentation and Performance review meetings, which enhance and strengthen the core selection process.
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The KPI selection process does not only guide you through the selection steps you need to follow in order to have a rigorous Performance Scorecard, it also ensures the selection of the right KPIs, which brings value to the Performance Management System and organization in general.

Main topics covered
• Preparation for KPI Selection
– Scope clarification
– KPI expo
– KPI clustering
• Facilitate KPI Selection
– KPI selection workshop
– Relevant questions framing
– Value flow analysis
– KPI balancing
• Follow up on KPI selection
– KPI Documentation
– First Performance Review Meeting

Key Learning Points: 
• Design a well-structured KPI selection process;
• Recognize useful KPI selection sources;
• Deploy KPI selection techniques.
• Understand the Value Flow Analysis
• Perform KPI Clustering & Balancing

Presenter’s profile

Alfarazdag Abdallah is the Business Planning Manager of White Nile Company. As a professional, he gained solid background regarding Performance Management Systems, due to facilitating the implementation of a Performance Measurement System and the cascading of KPIs from the organizational level to the departmental & sectional levels for the ASAWER Oil & Gas Services, part of the National Upstream Solutions Oil Services Company.

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Webinar Recording

The webinar recording will be available on our eLearning platform.

The KPI Institute February 17th, 2017 E-learning