Meet Doina, Our January Employee of the Month!

At The KPI Institute, our mission is to pursue performance, in all its facets, and bring this knowledge to others who wish to improve both on an individual level and an organizational one. Outstanding employees that strive to lift their company to new heights, maximize its potential and strengthen its development, so that it becomes the best of the best, all the while harnessing this knowledge to better themselves as professionals – these are the people that inspire us.

Employee Doina

Join us in our journey of interviewing some of the most extraordinary individuals that continue to make The KPI Institute a role-model for others to follow. In today’s edition, we will be featuring January’s Employee of the Month, Doina Malțev.

1. What is your role at The KPI Institute and what makes it special?

I am a Partnership Manager at The KPI Institute and since I joined the team, I met very talented people, committed to their work and full of joy.

My job is to find training and consultancy companies interested in developing their knowledge and competencies in working with KPIs and implementing a performance management system within their organizations. I give them the opportunity to do this by signing partnership agreements and therefore, offering them access to our know-how and resources, to our educational programs and encouraging them to deliver training courses and advisory services on our behalf, which of course meet The KPI Institute standards.

2. How did it feel to be nominated and selected as Employee of the Month?

I was very happy when Aurel Brudan, our CEO, pronounced my name. This has only served to motivate me to continue working with great passion and dedication and gave me the certainty that what I do is important and valuable.

3. What do you find most challenging at The KPI Institute?

The most challenging aspect in working at The KPI Institute is realizing that you never know enough, that you have to learn every day something new and you discover that there are always things to improve.

4. What would be the three main career lessons that you have learnt thus far?

The first thing would be modesty. I believe that only someone who is aware of his limits will be able to overcome and reach the intended results.

The second one is to try to work with joy, pleasure and passion, so that you can compensate those difficult and stressful moments we all have.

The third career lesson would be having a vision of the future, a desire for self-improvement and for which you have to work constantly to fulfill your dreams.

5. If you could interview one person, either from the past or present, who would it be and why?

I was always attracted by historical personalities, people who have managed to change their destiny and influence history. Some names that come to mind are Isabel de Castilla, Jeanne d’Arc, but also Queen Mary of Romania – strong women, who were unwavering in their ideals.

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