Free webinar “Excellence Journey Fundamentals, KPIs & Benchmarking”

— This webinar will be delivered in Arabic —
Excellence Models are widely used around the world. Many countries still prefer using existing models, while others invest in developing their own models, so that it best fits their purposes and context.
In this webinar, we will look over a series of excellence fundamentals, while understanding the characteristics and details of Key Performance Indicators, in addition to explaining and analyzing the readiness to conduct benchmarking in a business context.

Main topics covered

• The Business Excellence Fundamentals and European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model;
• Excellence KPIs: Definition and Characteristics;
• The readiness to conduct Benchmarking.

Key Learning Points
• Understand how the Business Excellence Fundamentals relate to the EFQM excellence model;
• Understand how Key performance indicators relate to the EFQM excellence model;
• Identify Benchmarking execution needs;

Presenters’ profile

Malek Ghazo joined The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in their excellence journey by training public sector employees on excellence models, criteria and assessment tools, KPIs, BSC, benchmarking and by managing different excellence awards targeting governmental excellence, excellence in the public service and innovation in the public sector.

Malek has different excellence related publications registered at Jordan National Library. One of his most informative writings is “Data Driven Excellence Manager”, a book that provides a detailed & continuous improvement framework that covers various chapters which are a mandatory read for any manager or organization as a whole, from any industry or sector, in order to ensure a successful and sustainable business development path.

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Webinar Recording

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The KPI Institute November 21st, 2016 E-learning