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The KPI Institute analysts are now available to support you in finding the best solutions to the challenges encountered on the way to performance improvement, by accessing relevant insights, essential for success!

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The KPI Institute has been investing substantial resources for the past eleven years, in order to deliver the latest methodologies and means for building up a performance management culture within companies of any size and provide worldwide professionals with the finest acumen in 12 practice domains.

Focused on achieving outstanding results, our team of analysts is constantly seeking new ways of foreseeing business development solutions and avoiding any misinterpretation of relevant data. Helping experts and newcomers alike, is the main goal of The KPI Institute’s team, specialized in research and educational programs, through Key Performance Indicators. Over time, our team has managed to develop numerous resources to keep professionals informed and updated, as well as to offer customized solutions for business improvement.

Aurel Brudan, CEO at The KPI Institute explains “We are now opening the doors to our knowledge and expertise wider and invite you to become a part of us as a member of The KPI Institute and embark on our journey to performance integration in everyday life. Our two membership options offer access to both published content and analyst insights, fueled by the original research work which has been, and still is, developed by more than 25 analysts.”

Browsing through an ample collection of publications, dictionaries, toolkits, templates, webinars, training and certification courses might seem hard at first, but The KPI Institute has developed an exclusive membership program to meet your compelling needs. Offering you event discounts, free access to cutting-edge information and unique networking opportunities, the benefits of this knowledge base represent the ground foundation for any innovative leader!

Oftentimes receiving expert advice is a prerequisite for making the right decisions. Yet accessing this expert advice has its obstacles in terms of availability, cost and timeliness. Through our Insight+ Membership option, we will put our research analysts at your disposal, by providing on-demand phone or video consultations when needed and as needed.

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