Development of Public & Service Measurement System – Program Retrospective

The KPI Institute is pleased to announce the successful completion of another complex project and collaboration. Starting from a common resolution, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) outlined a program aiming every societal level that could potentially increase productivity and further on enhance overall performance throughout the Indonesian society.

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Objectives and approach

The broad purpose of this project was increasing productivity in Indonesia, and this is where The KPI Institute’s expertise intervened.  Within the Technical Expert Service (TES) Program on Development of Public & Service Measurement Systems, we developed a dual approach. Our objective was to strengthen the capability of NPO Indonesia in consulting KPIs to all stakeholders and to train the participants how to set up their performance management.

The KPI Institute’s CEO himself, Mr. Aurel Brudan, worked with APO towards fulfilling these objectives. Our approach was providing our partners with the foundation of the organizational performance measurement system and guiding them toward understanding, establishing, activating, reporting and generating value by implementing KPIs in their organizations.

Project insights

NPO Indonesia, Ministry of Manpower RI and Ministry of Bureaucracy Reforms staff members participated in The KPI Institute’s training sessions, beneficial to improving productivity and efficiency related issues. We aimed to upgrade their structural thinking and analytical competencies in alignment with the country’s need for productivity improvement.

Over the last years, due to its involvement in numerous such projects of a great amplitude, The KPI Institute has become highly trusted by worldwide organizations, regardless of their industry or activity field, when it comes to their performance related issues.

Should you be interested in discussing with us about your performance system and receiving guidance from our Research Analysts, feel free to contact us!

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