International Symposium on Collaborative Governance – Call for papers

Between the 25th and 26th of October, 2018, the University of Palermo will be hosting the International Symposium on Collaborative Governance, which will take an in-depth look at models, experiences and challenges to foster policy coordination, and to enhance sustainable community outcomes and public value generation.


Fragmentation in public policy design and implementation has been considered a major cause of inconsistency in the attempt to improve community outcomes and public value. Administration deficiencies in policy implementation (e.g. overlapping or unclear responsibility areas), and gaps between expected and achieved outcomes are often advocated as main factors leading to lack of management efficiency and effectiveness.

The symposium seeks to feature both theoretical and empirical research showing experiences and challenges of public sector organizations in their attempts to adopt innovative methods, models and tools, to foster policy coordination, to enhance sustainable community outcomes and public value generation.

Some of the possible topics and debating issues include, but are not limited to:

A) The development of networks

  • How to foster the development of networks of public sector organizations that may lead to sustainable community outcomes?
  • How to model such sustainability?
  • What are its key-components and drivers?
  • How to model, benchmark and assess the effects on social and financial outcomes of alternative organizational designs of networks and of other hybrid formulas for providing community support and generating public value?

B) Measuring and managing network performance

  • How to measure network performance?
  • What are its main outcomes and drivers?
  • How to assess the outcomes of collaborative governance?
  • How to model relational and social capital?
  • What are their drivers?

C) (Re)designing performance management systems to foster collaborative governance

  • How to measure and affect community outcomes?
  • How to set agency outcomes which are consistent with community outcomes?
  • What are the drivers and the behavioral implications associated with this process?

D) Implementing collaborative government

  • How to model the effects of leadership on cross-sector collaboration, and on the generation of community public value?
  • How to foster outcome-based accountability (at both a political and a managerial level) if a single agency can directly affect only a fraction of community outcomes?
  • What are the drivers of integrative leadership to foster collaborative governance?

Preliminary full papers are due by May 21st 2018, and must be submitted to [email protected]. By July 2nd, authors will be given notice on the acceptance of their submitted papers, reviewed by a double-blind refereeing process. By September 10th, accepted full papers will be resubmitted by the authors, based on the suggestions from the referees.

In order to facilitate the double-blind review process, abstracts must consist of two pages: in the first one, author(s) name(s), affiliations, email address(es) and paper title are listed; the second one includes the abstract text, together with the repetition of the paper title.

Best papers presented at the symposium, will be eligible possibly for publication in a special issue of the Public Management Review and of the Azienda Pubblica Journal. A number of papers will be also selected and proposed for submission to the Journal of Management and Governance by following a fast-track review process for publication.

Accepted papers will also be eligible for publication in a book planned in the series “System Dynamics for Performance Management”, by Springer  ( Enabling collaborative governance through systems modeling methods. Fostering coordination in public policy design and implementation.

Each participant may submit only one manuscript, as author or co-author.

Registration Fee

– Early registration by July 23rd, 2018: € 380,00

– Late registration after July 23rd until October 1st, 2018: € 450,00

Registration fee includes participation to the conference with a paper, gala dinner, lunch and coffee breaks.

Spouse/guest registration fee: € 100,00. This fee permits an individual to accompany a regular conference registrant to the gala dinner, lunch and coffee breaks.

On-site registration will not be possible.

Registration fees must be paid, starting from July 2nd 2018,

Please direct any questions regarding the symposium to: [email protected] (preferred email address) or [email protected], and if you wish to learn more about the symposium, feel free to visit the event’s website.

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