Bringing Systems, People and Innovation together, for outstanding performance! Free new webinar by Aurel Brudan!

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Get access to prime-hand insights on performance improvement and boost your knowledge on the topic by attending the webinar 3 key pillars in Performance Improvement, delivered by The KPI Institute’s founder and CEO himself, Aurel Brudan!


The webinar will provide you with the information and best practices needed to improve overall performance by bringing together the 3 main pillars of an organization: Systems, People and Innovation.

Outstanding results can be achieved by implementing a Performance Management System, aligning employees to the organizational strategy and making sure they are engaged in their activities and constantly generating innovative ideas. Building on this sequence, the webinar offers guidance and practical pieces of advice for integrating all 3 pillars in one sound framework!

The webinar is part of The KPI Institutes New Webinar Season, which will provide you with 22 free webinars, held by 13 facilitators, on topics that range from Strategy to KPIs and from Balanced Scorecard Systems to Benchmarking.

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The KPI Institute July 24th, 2015 E-learning