Can Your Business Adapt to Change? TKI’s Strategy Management Expert Shares How

From shifting business priorities to emerging tech trends, uncertainties penetrate organizations and economies of all sizes. This is why building adaptable strategies is at the core of the The KPI Institute’s Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional (C-SBP) Live Online training course.

“Nowadays, businesses are appreciating more and more the need to do a full analysis of developing the right strategy that can drive their growth to the future,” Malek Ghazo, TKI’s strategy management consultant and C-SBP course facilitator, said.

Malek is an experienced excellence specialist who has developed a comprehensive knowledge of customer service frameworks. He has trained 600 Jordanian governmental sector employees on running benchmarking projects according to the full cycle of benchmarking to achieve excellence in their processes and outstanding results.

In the C-SBP Live Online session, Malek teaches professionals how to design an organizational, operational, or departmental strategy from the ground up. He shows how to implement internal and external environment scanning and provides insights on innovative solutions to strategy planning dilemmas.

“The most common question I get is how they can cascade their strategy across their organization and make sure that all levels in the organization are fully aligned towards a clear direction,” Malek said.

Course participants will learn about key strategy planning concepts and use strategy planning tools that will allow them to revisit and update their respective strategies. They will also discover the best practices in the field to help them achieve their desired outcomes for their organizations.

If you’re up for the challenge, it is time to supercharge your core capabilities and make your strategy future-ready.

Secure your slot for the Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional (C-SBP) Live Online training course today. For inquiries, email Teodora Gorski, Managing Director MENA, at [email protected] or call +971 55 787 6427.

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