Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner Training Course in Brunei

The Certified KPI Professional Training Course in Brunei is an in-house course organised by Civil Service Institute and facilitated by Aurel Brudan, CEO of The KPI Institute.

This course was held in Brunei Darussalam, on July 2015 and it was a part of a series of certification courses dedicated to rigorous usage of KPIs in practice.


In order to enable both the theoretical understanding and practical experience of using a variety performance management tools and techniques for deploying KPIs correctly across the government and functional areas, some of the methods used throughout the course were:

  • Group discussions, exercises, simulations and case studies;
  • Explanation of the theory regarding performance measurement;
  • Presentation of the performance management templates as tools to support the integration of performance management practices in organizations;
  • Customized feedback regarding the present use and the future plans for implementing performance management systems;
  • Active involvement of all the participants in a collaborative learning environment where opinions and experiences are shared.

The course was attended by 25 civil service professionals from various agencies under the Prime Minister’s Office.

Before beginning the course, sharing challenges of previous experience in working with KPIs was encouraged and some of them were:

  • How to work with KPIs in various areas of expertise
  • The resources that must be met to achieve the desired achievement
  • How to take appropriate decisions
  • How to choose the right indicators

Participants were invited to express some learning needs and they communicated the following expectations from the course:

  • KPI selection
  • KPI review and update
  • KPI data gathering
  • KPI data analysis
  • KPI cascading and alignment
  • KPI understanding
  • KPI documentation (calculation formulas)
  • Working with indexes
  • Getting the buy in
  • Deploying a culture based on performance
  • Quality of data gathered
  • Linking rewards with performance
  • Setting the right targets
  • Setting KPIs at employee level
  • Pass the exam
  • Challenges for PMS implementation
  • Timeliness of data gathering
  • Accuracy of data gathered
  • Working with cross functional KPI targets

In addition to the training sessions, on the third day of the course, participants completed a certification test for obtaining the Certified KPI Professional status. The certification recognizes the professionals’ ability to deploy and use KPIs in accordance with The KPI Institute’s Key Performance Indicators Management Framework, the main body of knowledge on the rigorous use of KPIs in business.

The second course was the Certified KPI Practitioner which focused on practical exercises, accounted for 90 percent of the course’s time, the remaining time being dedicated to review relevant theoretical concepts. Independent from the course, participants can in the future to opt in to obtain their KPI Practitioner Certification by following the steps highlighted on The KPI Institute’s website.

To find out what others wrote about the course, please visit Borneo Bulletin, the independent newspaper in Brunei Darussalam.

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