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The Certified KPI Professional Training Course

Humans have always had a knack for measuring and heuristics. Our modern banking, commercial and trading system exists because of this instinct. Once a good idea gets rolling, we like to measure its output and analyze palpable results. Afterward, we tend to look for heuristic ways – or shortcuts, in which we can replicate that success.

However, given today’s complex business reality, with relationships between organizational entities rivaling matryoshka dolls, we’ve slowly started to drift away from heuristics and have resorted to standardization. While heuristics do have a place in the modern business world, we’ve gone from using them as primary error-fixing tools, to incorporating their underlying essence into current day solutions.

Complex challenges cannot be solved by just “winging things”. You need a logical, structured framework which allows you to quickly diagnose issues and act upon them. This is where heuristics have found a home, alongside measurements – from diagnosis tools to repair mechanisms.

In a way, we can see KPIs as modern business heuristic tools. They offer us clarity over an issue and allow us to focus on its roots, as well as provide a route for improvement. In addition, they represent a bridge between all of the individuals within an organizational entity, since it drives engagement, spurs communication and develops learning.

With these in mind, The KPI Institute has developed its Certified KPI Professional Training Course.

We draw attention to clarity and communication, by allowing attendees to share any of the challenges they’ve encountered whilst trying to implement KPIs or a Performance Management System altogether, as well as their most dire learning needs so that our trainers will always know how to approach each course and individual.

We emphasize the importance of focus and improvement, by sharing exercises, business simulations, group discussions and learning activities that challenge an individual’s thought process, so that instead of reverting to old habits, they’re presented with novel scenarios that require them to devise new pathways for solutions.

We discuss to great lengths the value that engagement and learning bring to an organization, for every single person that comprises a company’s organizational roster. An engaged workforce is more likely to be open-minded, and thus receptive to learning.

Practical benefits to joining the course

Whilst not a complete list of what our Certified KPI Professional Training Course has to offer – we can’t just spoil everything now, can we?, some of the topics you’ll be going through are the following: KPI typology, KPI taxonomy, KPI selection, KPI alignment, KPI documentation, data gathering, working with targets and data visualization.

Moreover, you’ll get to work with official TKI performance management templates, which have been used in companies worldwide to great success. In addition to this, you’ll receive customized feedback on any of your exercises, solutions or filled templates.

This is due to the fact that while it is of great importance to providing people with a means for improvement, we place an even greater value on offering them insight into the logic of certain decision-making processes or use cases, i.e. why one should or should not make use of a KPI in a given situation, or whether certain data is truly meaningful or just glorified bait.

So, if you believe our Certified KPI Professional Training Course is what you need to further develop as an individual, or your company needs to improve its results, you’re right either way. With 15 years of experience behind our brand and a team of equally experienced practitioners, we’re certain that we have a solution that’ll fit both your needs and professional requirements.

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