Certified Performance Audit Professional

The KPI Institute has developed many courses over the years, most of which handle specific areas of improvement within a company, from employee performance, to organizational culture, KPIs, business strategy and performance measurement and many more. However, it has become clear to us that some organizations require a more specialized intervention that takes a comprehensive look over multiple elements at once.

This is why we’ve created the Global Performance Audit Unit – GPA Unit for short, whose experts can deliver the Certified Performance Audit Professional course. At its core, the C-PA course is designed around the Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework, a 5-point structure that measures the maturity of your strategic planning, performance measurement, performance management, performance culture and employee performance management capabilities.


One framework to rule them all

As mentioned, the C-PA course rests on a 5-point integrated framework. When we first thought about this possibility, we realized it was imperative that we design this as rigidly as possible, in order to smoothly take into account several layers of organizational challenges at once. These are as follows:


Strategic Planning – define the long-term strategy and optimize resource allocation to achieve your organization’s vision. Articulate your strategic plan and focus your strategy towards organizational alignment.


Performance Measurement – look into the use, documentation and visualization of KPIs, to analyze how a strategy is executed, how to establish effective targets and collect KPI results.


Performance Management – optimize your performance management system through efficient decision-making and project implementation. Develop and change based on current results to improve performance.


Performance Culture – create the necessary conditions for your Performance Management System to become functional, to operate efficiently and be integrated into the overall organizational culture.


Employee Performance Management – measure, evaluate and reward individual performance to achieve your overall business strategy. Support learning and development to create a high-performance workforce.

Once we adjoined all of these aspects into one whole framework, we looked for ways in which we can assess a company’s performance based on this structure. This is where maturity levels come into play. When talking about PM maturity levels, we mean the adoption level of dedicated performance management tools, the shaping of internal performance management processes, the mechanisms, processes and relations through which performance management systems are run and administered.

 Your maturity level can be anywhere between 1 and 5:

  • Initial
  • Emergent
  • Structured
  • Integrated
  • Optimized

Each of these levels gauges a company’s approach towards its core operational elements: tools, processes, governance, architecture and integration.

The Certified Performance Audit Professional course represents an educational program which embeds as a critical component the direct application of all these aspects, into a 3-day in-depth learning experience.


If you’re someone familiar with auditing processes or you simply feel that your company needs an auditor, who can provide a detailed roadmap for improvement through a thorough inspection process, this might be just the thing your organization needs to bump it up to the next level. Consider the following question series – would you like to:

  • Receive relevant guidance on how to assess the maturity of a performance management system?
  • Learn how to use the Performance Maturity Model Framework as part of your audit methodology?
  • Understand the value added by a PMS audit and improve your PM capability?
  • Develop the ability to interpret data and perform statistical analysis?
  • Gain a better grasp over reviewing performance management documents, produced by the organization you’re assessing?
  • Be able to interview key stakeholders, through a non-primed, objective survey?
  • Learn to assemble a Performance Audit Project Plan?

Assuming your answer is affirmative, we’re more than happy to provide you with all the necessary knowledge so that you can become that auditing specialist that your company sorely needs!

By measuring your organization against our state-of-the-art maturity model, you’ll be able to find out where your organizational, operational and individual strengthens and weaknesses lie. Moreover, you’ll be more than capable to provide a pathway for consolidating the former and solving the latter, so that all your weaknesses become strengths.

All organizational challenges have a solution. There is no such thing as “cannot do”, there is only “will not do”. Knowing this, the question then becomes – do you want to want to do what it takes to improve your company’s results?

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