Certified Performance Management Professional and Practitioner

By looking at human behaviour over the centuries, one may infer that we have always had a propensity for competitiveness, always striving to better ourselves and best each other. Whether we look at a junior high marathon, high school grades, or move forward towards adulthood, we always want to perfect whatever endeavour we’re up to.

It has become so synonymous with human life that we’ve developed entire specializations around the concept of continous measurement, management and improvement of our performance.

Now, if we were to take a look at one of the definitions of Performance Management, we find that it is just such an activity – an overarching discipline that deals with ensuring desired results are achieved, through a set of ongoing activities, ranging from planning, implementation and measurement, to review and corrective decision-making.

For this very reason, we at The KPI Institute have developed two unique, global accreditations centered around this very concept. Our Certified Performance Management Professional and Practitioner training courses provide a strong foundation towards managing performance in different scenarios, by presenting relevant tools, processes and techniques meant at closing the performance gap between your current state and your desired state of evolution.

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Having delivered over 24 of these two courses, with more than 350 participants, we can truly state that performance management is currently experiencing a demand at a worldwide level. Even recently, we’ve been in Indonesia 4 times, having had 87 participants; 8 times in the UAE, with a resounding 102 attendees and twice in Mongolia & Oman, with 37 and 50 participants respectively.

Moreover, our courses are open to individuals of many specializations, from PM experts – Strategy Managers, PM Managers, Performance Architects, to top/middle/lower management employees or generally any individual interested in performance management, whether they are an entrepreneur, analyst or professional not from explicitly business-related fields.


Why would you join?

Ask yourself the following 4 questions:

  1. Would you like to know how to manage performance at all levels, by identifying and addressing the true underlying issue that’s plaguing your company?
  2. Do you want to develop and maintain a functional Performance Improvement System?
  3. Are you someone who believes that you can enhance the decision-making process by including relevant data?
  4. Do you agree with that idea that a healthy, results-oriented workplace culture leads to better performance?

If the answer to all of those is yes, then you’ve gone ahead and provided yourself with 4 good reasons to become a member of our exclusive, global certification community.

The Certified Performance Management Professional and Practitioner Certifications are a unique accreditation that endorse you both for your knowledge and skills in improving performance, across a variety of scenarios.

The two certifications are the result of a complex learning process, based on experiential learning that has 3 parts: pre-course activities, 3 days core-course and post-course tasks. The C-PM Professional is divided into 6 modules, with the C-PM Practitioner being divided into 4.


Certified Performance Management Professional

1.Data analysis

  • What you should pay attention to when you receive KPI results from data custodians, to ensure data quality
  • How to employ different business analysis techniques


  • How to prepare a proper performance review report
  • Get insights from practice, based on several performance reports examples


  • How to conduct effective performance review meetings
  • How to take decisions based on data

4.Initiative management

  • How to develop the Portfolio of Initiatives
  • How to document initiatives

5.Learning and improvement

  • How to recalibrate the Performance Management System
  • How to assess the maturity of the Performance Management capability

6.Building a performance culture

  • How to deploy a performance culture acorss the organization
  • How to properly manage employees’ performance


Certified Performance Management Practitioner

1.Analyzing and reporting data in practice

  • Analyze a set of performance data in order to obtain relevant insights
  • Compose a performance review report

2.Making decisions and managing projects

  • Map the steps of the decision making process
  • Better keep track of your running projects across the organization

3.Performance Management capability maturity level

  • Develop a survey to assess the maturity level of the organization in respect to performance management capability

4.Employee performance evaluation

  • Develop a survey to assess the extent to which employees understand and belong to the organizational performance culture
  • Develop a template to evaluate performance at employee level


If you’re someone who wants to better understand all of the mystique behind a Performance Management system architecture – how it is built, what are its constituting elements, in what manner do they relate to your purpose, this is the place to be, as far as knowledge-sharing is concerned when it comes to Performance Management.

During the Certified Performance Management Professional and Practitioner courses, you will learn how to conduct a rigorous data analysis process, get insights on the best practices in reporting KPIs and be able to practice mock performance review meetings.

Moreover, through our in-practice case studies, you will have the opportunity of gaining practical experience in recalibrating a Performance Management System that has either been mismanaged or become defunct altogether.

Discover how to build your own authentic, all-encompassing performance culture, whilst practicing performance improvement in 12 different scenarios.

Become the person that drives your company forward to new heights. Don’t be a passive actor in an otherwise very active business environment. If you’re aware that your company needs that extra edge to push it into contenders territory or assert dominance even more so than it currently does, be the person to seek knowledge and help it go even further beyond.

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