Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional

The business world is rapidly changing – creating short-span windows of opportunities and unexpected threats. To adapt and adjust to this dynamic environment, organizations seek planning tools that would allow them to build strategies that are both flexible and shock-absorbent.

Getting the strategy right is also a big challenge. As per a 2009-10 Strategy Execution Research Report, from The Performance Factory, we know that around 15% of managers believe their organizations’ strategies are unsatisfactory. In addition to this, 1 out of 3 managers receive no information on how to execute their strategy.

Moreover, according to Harvard Business review, less than 15% of companies compare their actual business results with the performance forecasted in each unit, in its prior year’s strategic plans.

So we know that businesses look at strategy as a complicating step and try to avoid it. This is why we at TKI have set up a course, the Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional course, in order to aid managers who want to sail the company on the right course, through this vast ocean that is the business world.


Learning objectives

  • Comprehend the fundamentals of the strategic planning process
  • Learn to coordinate your teams, in order to design the most appropriate strategies
  • Set clear strategic objectives, find out how to evaluate strategies and suggest adjustments
  • Understand the key areas of a business model

Having delivered the course over 30 times, with more than 420 participants all over the globe, it’s safe to say that strategy and business planning are in demand: 5 editions and 46 participants in Malaysia, 11 editions and over 240 participants in Saudi Arabia and 9 editions with over 100 attendees in the UAE.

Systematic strategic thinking should form the basis of every business decision. Our C-SBP course will provide insights into the fundamental principles and methods for communicating a strategy across the entire organization, throughout all of its levels.


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Given the somewhat recondite knowledge required to attend our course, it is mainly open to specific professional categories:

  • business owners and top management – who will find this information useful for designing their own corporate level strategy
  • middle management professionals – who can make use of the knowledge shared during this course to build strategies for their departments
  • consultants or members of the academic world – by attending this course, they will be able to provide better support to the organizations they’re currently assisting.

Moreover, in order to provide a lasting, insightful and smooth learning experience, as is the rule with all of our courses, we’ve divided the Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional course into 5 modules:

1.Strategic horizons

  • Organizational and business dimension of strategic planning
  • Develop vision, mission, values and goals

2.External and internal analysis

  • An algorithm of early warning systems
  • To work with external and internal analysis tools and structure the information in a relevant manner

3.Setting objectives and initiatives

  • Formulate objectives based on the triangulation method
  • Develop initiative based on the objectives set

4.Business plan

  • The main elements of a business plan
  • Relate the business plan to the strategy of the company

5.Strategy communication

  • Techniques used in strategy communication
  • How to monitor organizational and departmental strategy


It’s becoming increasingly clear that it is important to have a clear vision over the mission, values and impact of your business’s strategy, in order to improve its overall management, operations and communication levels. If you wish to receive guidance on business aspects such as organizational identity, internal & external environmental scanning, strategic options, business planning and implementing & recalibrating your strategy, look no further.

The C-SBP 3-day course is a comprehensive learning experience that will endow you with all the knowledge needed to return as a true pillar of knowledge, on which your company can build its future development.

Want to learn more about how your business can incorporate elements like the Blue Ocean strategy, or set up proper competitive, growth strategies, which allow you to cascade objectives and KPIs, all the while identifying and documenting risks through KRIs? The KPI Institute is here to help you on your learning journey.

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