Development of Public & Service Measurement System, Thailand 2014

We are pleased to announce the debut of an important new project, in partnership with the Asian Productivity Organization. The KPI Institute is currently involved in a major performance measurement project, within the Technical Expert Service Program on Development of Public & Service Measurement System, held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 6 to 17 October 2014.


In a collaborative endeavor, between the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and the Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI), a program has been conceived, with the main purpose of helping Thailand increase its productivity in all societal levels. Drafting on the FTPI’s fundamental belief, that a “systematic productivity enhancement will lead to Thailand’s sustainable development”, combined with the APO’s commitment to aid developing countries in achieving sustainable socio-economic growth, comes the current project, aimed to promote productivity and enhance performance, throughout the Thai society.

Attracting The KPI Institute’s expertise for this project, the APO has assigned Mr. Aurel Brudan to work closely towards fulfilling the mission.

The main objectives of the program are developing a robust performance measurement capability among the staff of FTPI, Children Hospital and East Water and providing them with training and consultancy services to solve productivity and efficiency related issues.

The KPI Institute’s involvement consists in:

  1. Conducting the preparatory meeting of the Productivity Measurement System (PMS) project with the FTPI counterparts;
  2. Conducting the training and workshop on PMS for FTPI consultants;
  3. Holding a lecture at the public seminar;
  4. Conducting a wrap up meeting with the FTPI counterparts.

The project follows a structured approach, from general presentations with the FTPI, Children Hospital and East Water departmental staff up to meetings with management teams.

The expected outcome is to strengthen their performance measurement capabilities and upgrade their structural thinking and analytical competencies in line with the country’s need for productivity improvement.

These KPI architects that will represent the basis of the organizational performance measurement capability, becoming the go-to place for advice around understanding, establishing, activating, reporting and generating value by using KPI across their organizations.

About our partners

The Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) is under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry. As a leading organization with a reputation for conducting activities to improve productivity and competitiveness, the FTPI provides a wide range of services such as consultation, training, and R&D, as well as schemes to promote productivity in every aspect of Thai society.

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) was established on 11 May 1961 as a regional intergovernmental organization. APO promotes productivity because it is one of the keys to achieving sustainable socioeconomic development. In line with its organizational mission, since 2007 APO has conducted productivity measurement projects that provide a comparative analysis of the productivity and economic growth of APO member economies.

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