Free Webinar “Adopting Business Excellence for Achieving Outstanding Results”

Research across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand indicates that organizations with a business excellence approach obtain significant and sustainable business improvement benefits beyond financial success, such as enhanced innovation, increased customer satisfaction, organizational growth, increased employee engagement, improved efficiency and effectiveness and product/service reliability.

Adopting the business excellence model provides a balanced approach on criteria and measures against which organizations can objectively assess their management, operational, value chain systems and performance, and compare their processes’ performance with world standard benchmark levels, or with the performance of other organizations.


Main topics covered

• Business Excellence Fundamentals
• EFQM Excellence Model
• Importance and relevance of KPIs in achieving outstanding performance results
• Benchmarking of processes and results

Key Learning Points

• Gain an overview on Excellence Fundamentals, EFQM Excellence Model and EFQM Excellence Criteria;
• Discover the RADAR assessment tool used to assess organizational maturity;
• Understand how to synchronize the organizational efforts between enablers, processes, results, learning, creativity, innovation, and improvements towards a balanced and sustainable success;
• Acknowledge the importance of KPIs and measurements for achieving the Desired State of Evolution;
• How to make use of performance comparisons by linking benchmarking with excellence towards building an overall learning organization.

Presenters’ profile

Malek Ghazo has joined The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in their excellence journey by training public sector employees on excellence models, criteria and assessment tools, KPIs, BSC, benchmarking and by managing different excellence awards targeting governmental excellence, excellence in the public service and innovation in the public sector.

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The KPI Institute August 1st, 2016 E-learning