Free webinar “Designing and implementing a Balanced Scorecard System: Project planning best practices”

The Balanced Scorecard was developed as a tool for measuring the performance of an organization, in a balanced manner. This was based on understanding the interdependencies between four key perspectives of a business: Financial, Customer, Internal Processes and People, Learning & Growth. In time, this tool was improved and refined, and an entire performance management system was created around it, in order to maximize its benefits.

This webinar outlines the best practices in designing and implementing a Balanced Scorecard based performance management system, guidelines which can be applied in any organization, regardless of its industry or functional area.

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Main topics covered

  • Balanced Scorecard Architecture;
  • Balanced Scorecard System project plan;
  • Objective formulation;
  • Relevant KPI selection;
  • Importance of communication.

Key Learning Points

  • Discover the Balanced Scorecard approach;
  • Understand the value added by using the Balanced Scorecard;
  • Learn best practices in designing a Balanced Scorecard System;
  • Learn how to develop a project plan for implementing a Balanced Scorecard System;
  • Review recommendations for a successful Balanced Scorecard implementation.

Trainer’s profile

Andreea Vecerdea is the Head of Strategy and Performance at The KPI Institute. She is responsible with supervising and maintaining the company’s Performance Management System functional at organizational, departmental and individual levels.

As a consultant, Andreea holds valuable experience in performance management, as she was in charge of implementing and reviewing Performance Management architectures for numerous international clients.

As a trainer, Andreea facilitated different training courses in the performance management field, and she participated in both national and international conferences. She is also certified as a Master Trainer, by the Association for Talent Development (USA).

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The KPI Institute September 14th, 2015 E-learning