Free Webinar “Get the most out of your data by using Business Intelligence Software”

Do you like the idea of having smooth access to various data, that is divided and spread across your organization in local files, databases, various software or cloud systems? Getting all that data together is easier than never before with Power BI. Power BI’s rich features allow you to analyze and visualize data by performing simple drag and drop actions, with no code needed.

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This webinar provides a great opportunity for professionals to better understand the value brought by this Business Intelligence Software, and to see firsthand how a business can get “in control” of its data. Learn through a live, practical demonstration, how to leverage this powerful and still affordable solution and get your decision-making to the next level.

Main topics covered

  • Why would you need a Business Intelligence software?
  • Best practices in developing data visualization reports;
  • Preparing data for Power BI analysis (practical demonstration);
  • Tips and tricks when using Power BI (practical demonstration).

Key Learning Points

  • Identify the benefits that a Business Intelligence solution can bring to organizations;
  • Learn about some of the best practices in developing data visualizations;
  • Understand how to mash-up (combine) data from multiple sources;
  • Learn to create dynamic reports, which adapt as the source data is modified.

Speaker’s profile

Adrian Șuteu is the Software Integration Manager at TKI Solutions. He is focused on helping organizations identify and implement efficient software solutions, automate processes, get a clear and transparent view over their data and improve collaboration. In general, he helps them achieve true performance by leveraging technology. Adrian is passionate about business software and has a natural talent for data and data analytics software.

Free Registration

It’s easy to join in – access the registration page and don’t forget to tune in on August 23rd, at 10:00 AM GMT.  Can’t make it on time? Let us know and we are going to provide you with the full webinar recording, free of charge!

Webinar Recording

The webinar recording will be available on our eLearning platform.

The KPI Institute August 16th, 2017 E-learning