Free Webinar “Managing KPIs in a Balanced Scorecard Framework”

This educational webinar provides insights into an improved KPI management process through the usage of a Balanced Scorecard System. The four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard inflict a decisive perspective on KPIs management. A Balanced Scorecard Framework is essential to measure performance in an evened, accurate manner.

Manage KPIs with the Balanced Scorecard and you will be able to add structure and composition to your entire performance measurement and management process.

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Key Learning Points

  • Grasp the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard: Financial, Customer, Internal Processes and People, Learning & Growth
  • Maximize the value of your KPIs with the use of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Choose the right KPIs for each of the Balanced Scorecard perspectives
  • Align your strategic direction to specific and relevant objectives
  • Understand the need for a well-structured performance measurement process

Speakers’ profiles:

Marius Boghian is a Management Consultant and Certified KPI Professional working within the Professional Services team of The KPI Institute.

Marius has over 9 years of experience in working within diverse organizations across Europe and Latin America.
He acquired valuable cross-functional expertise in investment and strategic expansion consultancy by working within the Capital Markets, Retail and Advisory teams of Cushman & Wakefield (2008 – 2011).

Marius is a certified professional trainer since 2006. He developed and delivered certified training programs for a wide range of companies and public institutions. He delivered programs such as Project Management, Leadership, Organizational Communication, Training of Trainers for clients as: Dalkia, Telekom, NETOP, Vodafone, Bucharest City Hall, and ISCA Denmark.

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The KPI Institute November 19th, 2015 E-learning