Free Webinar “Pakistan’s National Culture – the wheel of Work, Culture and Performance”

The purpose of this webinar is to highlight the importance of understanding how organizational culture applies in both Public and Private Sectors.

The core benefits of this webinar are addressing key points in nurturing a culture, such as role of ethics, leadership and strategy and highlighting the impact of national culture on organizational culture, with a case study on Pakistan’s National Culture and its impact on organizational culture.


Main topics covered

• Definitions and factors that influence culture in Public & Private Sectors;
• Culture: definitions, formation types and levels;
• Culture and performance management: how culture affects business and employees’ performance;
• Corporate culture – management’s responsibility;
• Work culture in Pakistan.

Key Learning Points

• Develop an understanding of public and private sector cultures and their dynamics;
• Understand how organizational culture is formed and how it’s applied at different levels;
• Gain insights about culture in business context and how it affects employees’ performance;
• Understand the role of management in shaping corporate culture;
• Develop an understanding of work culture in Pakistan.

Presenters’ profile

Sabeeh Faruqi is an Energy Specialist working for the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, within the Government of Pakistan, on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project. With an experience of over 23 years in the fields of Contracts and Project Management, Power Generation, Technical Due Diligence dovetailed with financial aspects, Sabeeh holds unique skills and key strengths that require creativity and innovation in working with top management on strategic initiatives.

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Webinar Recording

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The KPI Institute October 28th, 2016 E-learning