KPI Essentials & Masterclass

KPI Essentials & Masterclass – the Inception of KPIs

Our flagship courses, the Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner, represent the first step into entering the world of KPIs, performance measurement, management and ultimately, improvement. They are a stepping stone for individuals looking to gain a better grasp over the knowledge needed to carry their organization forward.

That being said, many managers, team leaders, heads of departments, directors, consultants and academics are already well-versed in the art of administering operations & people for better results. For this very reason, we have developed two courses to complement our flagship ones, the KPI Essentials and KPI Masterclass.


KPI Essentials

This course represents a step up from our standard C-KPI one, focusing on 5 main learning objectives:

  • Applying best practice techniques to KPI selection
  • Documenting KPIs
  • Structuring the data gathering process
  • Practicing decision-making based on data
  • Linking KPIs to incentive systems


It is designed to support you in developing key competencies in performance management, with the aim of improving processes such as KPI selection, KPI documentation, KPI data gathering and reporting. During the 3 days of training, you will become familiar with the most important tools and techniques in working with KPIs, and you will learn how to build a performance management culture.

We have structured this course so that once your training is done, you will have gained a higher degree of understanding surrounding the most essential aspects of working with KPIs.

If you wish to have access to international best practices for developing a KPI Performance Management Architecture and learn how to effectively measure performance through a variety of methods, so that your KPI selection process is fully optimized, this is the course to attend.

We will showcase how to enhance your PM framework, by successfully gathering, aggregating, curating and integrating data into your decision-making process. Moreover, during this course, we’ll be sharing over 10 templates used in working with KPIs, with our attendees, in order for them to get a better grasp over how they should go about designing and implementing their very own KPI Management Framework.

The KPI Essentials course represents our 3rd most popular certification, with over 60 editions and 1,100 participants over the past couple of years, having delivered editions all over the world. Even when it came to single editions, we still registered outstanding results, as can be seen from the following figures: Saudi Arabia – 20 editions/353 participants, UAE – 12/227, Mongolia – 5/90, Bahrain – 1/20, Ghana 1/27, Mongolia 5/90, Pakistan – 4/53, Nigeria 1/46, Qatar – 5/115, Vietnam – 3/33, Luxembourg – 2/50.


KPI Masterclass

The final iteration of KPI knowledge, the KPI Masterclass training course represents an in-depth synthesis of key performance management trends and practices. It focuses on the essential tools and techniques that must be implemented for a comprehensive, successful performance management architecture.

The masterclass deals chiefly with 4 priority objectives:

  • Understanding advanced KPI selection methods and how they interact with the various organizational levels present within a company
  • Identifying solutions for overcoming the main hurdles in setting targets
  • Designing a detailed framework for your data gathering process
  • Performing in-depth KPI results analyses


This course only lasts for 2 days, as it takes into account the fact that most participants already possess a certain degree of knowledge when it comes to key performance indicators. As a result, instead of going over the basics of KPI selection, you will go through more advanced knowledge, pertaining to KPI balancing, practicing the KPI clustering process and developing a thorough KPI implementation project plan.

You’ll also be going over the usability of KPIs as part of certain activities, such as KPIs as part of process management, KPIs for Service Level Agreements or for Supplier Performance. In addition, another key point of interest for our KPI Masterclass is its emphasis on practicality. During the course, you’ll be practicing KPI selection in functional areas, industries, according to timeliness, quality and effectiveness.

Furthermore, the masterclass features many open interactions between participants and facilitator, such as discussions on the importance of setting objectives in KPI selection, debates on the best practices in data visualization or the role of scorecards, dashboards and healthograms.

As a final point, you’ll have the chance to interpret KPI results analyses – as mentioned previously, but also make decisions regarding KPI renewal, compare KPIs through benchmarking and practice KPI modelling.

All of these features are the reason why the KPI Masterclass is our 2nd most sought-after course, with over 70 editions and 1,300 participants. Just as it was with our KPI Essentials course, this one also generates outstanding registration even on single editions: 3 editions in Pakistan, 70 participants, Qatar – 3/68, Saudi Arabia – 26/640, Cambodia – 1/32, Bangladesh – 2/62, Australia 1/62.

If you’re someone interested in mastering all there is about KPIs, it’d be a real shame if you missed out on either of these two opportunities, given the high attendance we register on each edition. You’d be able to network with some of the world’s most elite organizational or departmental leaders, find out how they manage performance, all the while sharing a learning experience with everyone present. In addition to this, since we open our doors to all industries and functional areas, you might just find a solution to your challenge from an industry you’ve never even thought might hold the answer.

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