KPI Essentials Training Course in Riyadh

Facilitated by Mihai Toma, Head of Professional Practice MENA, this in-house training course was delivered for three groups of participants on 26th , 27th  and 28th of February 2017, in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main organization involved is a private sector company specialized in advanced electronics research, defense manufacturing, and communication, among others. They are a major regional player renowned for innovation, serving clients in the Defence, ICT, Energy, and Manufacturing industries across local, national, regional and international levels.

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It is very useful for those who are not familiar with the subject of KPIs”, said Suliman Mohammed Algublan, Operations Support Director.

The KPI Essentials Training Course is part of a series dedicated to the rigorous use of KPIs.

The training course was attended by professionals from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise in Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing.

We approached the following key topics:

  • Understanding Performance Management System Architecture and KPIs
  • Making the right KPI Selection
  • Objectives setting process

Very good course and it was useful and I hope that we can implement the course in my organization“, remarked Mr. Raef Khaled Aljubair, HR Development Specialist.

To enable the theoretical understanding and practical experience of using the performance management tools and techniques, we integrated group discussions, exercises, simulations and case studies.

Participants were actively engaged in the collaborative learning environment, readily sharing opinions and experiences.

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