The KPI Institute Releases “Performance Management in 2016: GCC Special Edition”

The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education, announces the launch of ”Performance Management in 2016: GCC Special Edition”, its the second edition, in a series of annual publications that provide an overview on the state of the discipline.

As Performance Management is continuously growing in popularity and maturity, measuring and assessing yearly developments in the field is quintessential.

PM in 2016

This new age in Performance Management is what we celebrate through Performance Management in 2016: GCC Special Edition. This year, the success of the previous reports developed by The KPI Institute has highlighted the need for a more introspective look into this specific field, on certain areas across the globe. Thus, the three special editions of Performance Management in 2016, namely the GCC, the ASEAN and the North America ones accompany the Global edition.

The report covers a wide array of topics, which are meant to offer an overview on the discipline. These are as follows:

  • Perspectives: see what the Performance Management academics, practitioners and consultants from the GCC have to say regarding this field;
  • Legislation: The main concern regarded changes that 2016 might have brought to each country’s legislation on performance management systems, their implementation process and immediate outcomes. Sources considered for this were governmental websites, strategic development plans and official reports.;
  • Trends in search: Google Trends, and a new one – Mangools, to obtain graphic data regarding keyword search operations performed last year, worldwide;
  • Education: The Education section reveals the complete range of universities across the GCC area that have at least one degree dedicated to Performance Management;
  • Careers: The section provides an overview of the job and salaries trends, as they evolved in 2016, in the GCC area;
  • Communities: What online community can one visit in order to grasp the most valuable Performance Management insights? This section of the report was compiled with the intention of answering this question;
  • Software: This section presents the results of the Gartner study, which aims to rank software solutions providers according to a set of unique variables.

The content which ensues aims to bring forth the specificity of Performance Management within the GCC, among others. The two paths followed are defined by what sets GCC practices apart, but also what aligns them with the rest of the world.

Extensive and exhaustive analysis has stood at the base of each section of the report, from insights into each of the six country-specific Performance Management systems, to the interviews given by experts in this discipline, to the complete range to educational programs which incorporate Performance related courses within their curriculum.

The report is available in two formats:

Contact: Andrei Costea – Head of Publishing, E-mail: [email protected]

The KPI Institute September 19th, 2017 Research